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Hetalia germany last name Videos

[MMD] Bo Peep Bo Peep - Hetalia Fem!Prussia and Fem!Germany

Hi: D I would like to introduce you to my first good project. Models: FEM! PrussiyaFem! Germany Name of dance: Bo Peep Bo Peep Happy viewing:)

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Who ever made that germany model needs to work on her a bit her boobs are too jiggly and take the veiwers attention away from the actual dance plus they look deformed and unnatural... =_=
Hey, Love the vid But were can i get these two?
Love fem germanys cape :3
This needs more viewS

Hetalia - The End of Gilbert [BETA]

Title of the song and the name of the artist are written in the -end- of the video!! As usual...turn Annotation On/Off for lyrics and translation :] Pictures are not mine, ...

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@TahGizmo It actually has been stated that when a country is dissolved it's personification is retired. They only die when their country's culture dies and is forgotten. So as long as the people who live in East Germany (which was Prussia) still have part of their Prussian culture, Gilbert is alive and well (if not a little bored...)
@mangahawk92 You're quite right with that :] My dictionary says "Exitus - Ending, Exit, Death, (...)", and for "Exitium" it says "Ending, Downfall, Death,(...)". Latin words have more meanings than just one :] I chose "The Death", because I think it fits better to the content of the song.
Your videos are always awesome~ "To show Gilberts feelings as he realizes that he will vanish from this world." I think you could see 【APH】普で ワ ン ダ ー ラ ス ト(改) for reference. : ) That is what I think to conform Gilbert's action style. Thank you. : )
@MangaNotMango Ah, yes...That was from deviantart, but the artist deleted the account herself some months ago :[ You still can find it on zerochan if you enter the tag "Farah" (the artist name). The picture is only a part of a big picture so you have to look closely :]
I hate to say this...but it kinda made me depressed. TT.TT I mean...I guess just over the fact of Gilbert...but still. Then again, I'm not fit to be listening to dark music at this point in time...*marks page to come back later when happier*
I cried a little. Prussia is the only character that can really do that. However, in the video, you captured these really dark emotions - pain, sacrifice, despair - and it fit the song perfectly. How do you make such amazing videos?
@SkadiPirate I think...You just made my day....:D Izaya is one of my favorite characters along with Prussia. The idea of prussia dying always makes me sad :( and the thought that he became Izaya Orihara.... I love you XD
man i dont see how some people say the German language sounds like somebody chocking. yeah it has a couple of different sounds in it, but to me i think its one of the most beautiful sounding languages out there
@SkadiPirate Agreed. Death is propably the word E Nomine (I'll adress them like that) wanted it to be... :) But like I said, it really doesn't matter. This is still one hell of a vid. One of my favourites.
:o *awe* I'm like, so flailing here! Just ... wow. I'm sad at his 'death', but in awe at his dedication to give his life for those that scorn him. I can so see a fic in the works for this one
words cannot describe how utterly.... AWESOME this is! me and gilbert approve!! you never fail when it comes to epicness, perfectness, or anything-ness in your videos!! hetalia forever!
es lebe mein lieber preußischen Vorfahren und hier bin ich einer seiner hier, weil er mein Land hatte counquered einmal! and im rpoud goooooooooo PRUSSSSSSIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
@pokemonkidize 0.04 zerochan(dot)net (you could try the tags: "Prussia, cross"), 0.20 Photobucket (I think with "Hetalia Allies"), and 0.57 on zerochan (Tags: "Prussia, Snow") :]
Jeg vil.. og kan ikke mere... Ich will.. und kann nicht mehr... Not hard to see that Danish is hugely influenced by german ^^ Silly german ruling class in Denmark for 600 years.
@FloorAvenueDiary actually, that was a cropped version of a wonderful work by cretica on deviantart. the title of the work is aph melody of light. :D
I think that the best part is from 0:50 The way he says/screams that line compose sooooo well with the picture. it's sad but I love the way it looks.
@FloorAvenueDiary You can probably find it on zerochan :] BTW, the artist is Farah, you can also find her on dA, though there her name is Cretica :]
@Nymphadana The whole video, with all the pictures was amazing. Along with your comment, it made me cry. It's simply so wonderful, don't you think?
@4Marcy4 Sorry, which one exactly? That one were Prussia is lying in the snow!? I'm sure I got it on zerochan...wait...yep~ Try "Prussia, Snow" :]
@TekunikuraKaze You mean that one with the flowers!? It should be on zerochan(dot)net, just try the tags "Prussia, flower", maybe it's there ;]
Prussia will never die as long as Germany lives on. "considering that a reasonable chunk of him lives there still" (most of nothern germany.)
@ShortGunWedding I think you could find it on zerochan(dot)net...but atm I'm not sure which tags I used D: You could also try Photobucket :]
The one dislike is only because someone was so busy crying their eyes out they couldn't see and thought they pressed 'like' :'( so amazing!
E Nomine and Prussia!!! That is realy epic!! and AWESOME :) You have my respect for all of your work!! (sorry for my horrible english)^^
Whenever I think of Prussia losing his nation I want to punch through a wall and table flip. >.< GOOODDD I LOVE PRUSSIA!!!
@Yindygo@SkadiPirate A friend of mine has a theory Prussia just retired xD She didn't told me where he lived or what he did
apparentl i have a very prussian name O_o so technically this video has 2 do with extermination of part of my history....

Baby I Love You, Will You Smile For Me? Hetalia Day

You probably aren't able to here most of them talking but the name of the game is what they are saying. I'm the Germany at 5:25.

Axis Powers Hetalia: Allies: Remember The Name

So heres this video. I finished it like a week ago, but haven't had the chance or the internet connection to put it up. But I finally did it!!! *punches fist in air and ...

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ok i dont really understand, isnt Canada a part of the allies?
+xo1love1hope1dreamxo its so much like me doe
+xo1love1hope1dreamxo that so sad ;-;
Yes. In hetalia, however, he's rarely there or noticed.
how does the song legit fit the allies nearly exactly?! it's almost like it was written for them, lol
+Epic Gamerz  maybe it was...maybe it's maybelline
Me and Australia were also part of the allies... But no one seems to remember that... 
Oh course the commonwealth will defend its motherland, and the U.K. protects them in turn. Many countries fought in WORLD war 2 not just the 8 commonly known ones. It's disgusting to have heroic deeds being so hard to find (I don't think my school taught about any commonwealth nations during the wars)
0:53 Please, please say that's Canada
+Belle Liberté It's was Canada. =^=
Canada would have been perfect for the "forget mike" verse
+Treeslawood yush I know right?!? but nuuuuu... we get all 5 of them and no canada to represent mike...
+Rachel Nguyen The 'Mike' verse ( starts @ 2:37 ) is perfect for Canada, but the creator forgot he existed (like everyone else does) and instead put the all 'five' of the allies there...
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