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Mitsubishi evo quarter panel Videos


Fitting a BMW 1M rear quarter panel on TEAM SUNSET

Quick Question - Funky Quarter Panel Situation...

Need some help on this passenger quarter wheel arch...

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guide coat won't tell you much on that, soft blocks won't help much, but 1-2" round blocks will with a // \\ sand stroke. You can use tape to get that transition line into the quarter.Just run a round block along the tape but don't do too long you'll create grooves, then // \\, last do // \\ with no tape to smooth it in. Use guide coat and hand feel. Rub your hands real fast over it with your eyes closed and feel right under your knuckels under your fingers
It would be so easy to help if I was there to show you lol. I"m not good with words but you have some good advice already. I usually take a soft block and fold it in half, and sand with the fold. Like I said, It would be easy if I could show you lol. I wouldn't mess around with a tape line.get the shape right with 80 grit. Sometimes I'll take spray guide coat or bomb can primer to spray it so I can see how its looking.
@gregmporter Thanks for getting me mentally prepared for 2 more sessions of primer! Kind of takes the pressure off when you think about it that way. Very good suggestion sir, on the hose. I think I will use a tig welding rod instead, so it holds the shape, then transfer to paper. Agreed on starting with courser grit... Thanks Dr. Porter! Hope you are well....
Wish I could offer something helpful but I've only done this one time and I did NOT stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night! This is exactly the area I had the most difficulty with on my Iroc. All I can say is I just kept at it and eventually got it right. I wish my priming came out as nice as yours! Good luck - you're almost there!
Saw Milo use a great trick this week, he rolled up a sheet of fine grit paper into a thick sturdy tube, (so it was like a sand paper cigar)....then used it to sand in a curve ...he rolled a whole sheet so that it was firm enough not to deform much when he leaned on it under sanding pressure..... might work buddy..!
Here's how I usually shape those: get some insulation that goes around your waterlines for the house (the one with the double sided tape) They sell it in a variety of diameters for just pennies, get the size you need, roll some sandpaper around it and you're set to go.
@slowsrt We are practically neighbors, so come on over, LOL! Good thought on folding the soft block. Kind of like making a half a peanut butter sandwich? OK, yea, good suggestion on spraying some bomb can primer to get the look of it. Will pickup a can... Thanks Matt!
@ncautoman57 OK that's a thought. My issue is that once I cut the surface fo the primer, I can't tell if the wavyness is still there. ONly on a fresh prime does it visibly show up. Thanks for the comment!
Dura block has a nice round flexible block or take a red scuff pad, roll it up tight and tape it with 2' tape. Makes a nice block that works good for areas like that. The guide coat idea is great.
garden hose or fuel hose. Bend it to shape and put paper on it. You may need to start with coarse grit to shape it. Just plan on priming that section 2 more times. You are right to fix it now.
You got plenty of good suggestions in the comments gary. I just want to say your right to tackle this now cause if you dont u will regret it later on. Good job i am always watchin.
@zz3astro LOL, and here I thought you were a real pro tuner! but its all because you stayed a holiday inn express. Oh yes, we will keep after it! Thanks for the support...
Interesting topic, good question and very different and interesting replies, loving the vid as much as reading the comments! youtube garage gang at it's best!

Paintless Dent Repair- Five Star Dent Removal

Sharp dent on the quarter panel of a Mitsubishi Lancer we did for one of our body shops. Call us today if you need our services 954-818-5555.

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Mitsubishi Evo rally car takes flight, the Evo was at least 4 to 5 feet vertical.

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what was your break in procedure on your evo? i've heard different things every where just wondering what is your opinion..thanks!
I was just nice to the engine for 3k miles. 
whats the price of these?
They were a little over 200 with shipping. I say expensive because that's 200 for just 2 plastic pieces. 
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