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Mitsubishi evolution zero to 60 Videos

2008 mitsubishi lancer evo 0-60

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That was a really nice intro
Thanks man! I try my best

Forza 4: Mitsubishi Evo IX Brutal Acceleration [0-60 in 2.11 Seconds]

Here is another tuning project, it is not as fast as my RS2, but the acceleration is still pretty awesome, I dont know if I want to sell this set up.

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@Lowtryx Here is my Itemized respones: A) You're obviously an ignorant american; The only country to still measure in MILES, INCHES, POUNDS... Get on board with Planet Earth, guys. We're all hanging out here in 2011! B) 100 KPH is 60 miles per hour.... As most of you would know, if you simply look at the measurements on your North American made Automobile C) He clearly timed it from 0 and marked "2.10" at 100. Did you think he was cheating?
@crashedWire2004 Dont know really,the game decided it needs to be in dutch, and Turn 10 things that over here we use Nm... but we do use BHP.... but to be fair, I diddnt check how much Nm it has, probally enough xD
A-as far as i'm aware america uses both, england uses them so thats more than one country same with inches and pounds B- 100KPH is 62 MPH 96.5 KPH is 60 MPH c- well nothing to reply to about that one i guess :/
Yes people this is KMH but its still 0-60 MPH in 2.11 seconds... he stops the clock at 100 KMH which is the equivalent to 60 MPH... so stop whining...
@EvanThaBoer hey kerel als je je xbox op engels instelt dan is forza ook in het engels en je kan altijd bij de opties van newton naar pk gaan ;)
i ws looking forward to seeing it but u aint uploaded it yet :/ ive got a car that goes a similar 0-60 as well :D
how you make to take vedeos like that ... is like you connected the camara to your consol or to the tv
So funny how you guys keep saying "It's in Kilometers per hour!? I can't tell!? What is this!?"
I'm loving how difficult your finding it to stay in a straight line :P
@Lowtryx right, I got loads of these comments on my other videos too
Drag tuned Ferrari 599 GTO I got to 0-60 in 1.578.
Dodge Dart HEMI - 0-60 in 1.074 seconds :)
Ahhhh, if only my Xbox didnt red ring....
how many HP you are packing there??
this is def kilometers i cant tell
My bmw does it in 1.6
just made it hit 1.733
im sure this is in km
what car it is?

2015 Mitsubishi Evolution 0-60

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (//www.youtube.com/editor)

Mitsubishi EVO does a 2.99 0-60 sprint at TRAX carshow

Incredibly quick 60 mph sprint from this Evo at TRAX. Apologies for poor quality and also the expletive uttered after the run....
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