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Mitsubishi evolution ams Videos

Mitsubishi Evolution 9 AMS Turbo Back Exhaust

First start up and short launch with the new AMS Turbo Back Exhaust. The rest of the car is stock.

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did the sound at the start up remain that way or did you notice a change as carbon built up eventually?
+RichieH023 care to explain what changed?years ago i heard Canon exhaust had a plastic wrap within the muffler that held the dampening material… when it melts.. the sound goes lower with carbon build up as well.
It did not stay that way. I will be posting a video of what it currently has and sounds like before it goes under major changes. Check back tonight for the updated video!


AMS EVO VIII Drag Car makes 1130 AWHP on VP Import and boost! The first evo to break 1100 awhp and the most powerful evo in the world!

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Wrong where?!? I was correct, and continue to be correct! Not sure what you think you read, or what you twisted in your head to make you think that; but it sure perpetuates the idea that you are, "rude, self-absorbed, ignorant, and full of shit". Your just an idiot with an opinion, firing from your hip, non-stop. And you can take your mundane racing-story and shove it; it says NOTHING about what THIS CONVERSATION was based on.... Which was your POINTLESS piss-poor attitude. Man-up or STFU
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When you are surrounded by keyboards racers that have never even made a pass down the strip but act like they are automotive gods you need to act the way I do, I have been building imports for over 11years and racing them just as long, most of you were still in middle school occassionally pissing your pants and such while I was racing..... I already shut that one idiot up after he did some research on what he SWORE WAS CORRECT and found out he was wrong, now he hides in the dark.
@revenge2269 Because, you can plant more weight on the tires that are propelling the car...The 1000+ awd eclipses would only bias 25% power to front tires upon launch and or more on launch and less down track once they were sprung forward ...good rwd drag cars have a spring propelled launch with suspension, stallconverters, and "spring forward" with all the weight on the drive wheels ...But AWD you can just dial in the amount of power between all four tires wich is a great setup!
@wapitiman100 AWD can dial in a spectacular launch but then they need to bias most or all power to rear once they get going ....that would be superior on the street, because RWD drag cars break loose on street and are seconds slower than they would be at the track...AWD on STREET will be more consistant with more varying road conditions... Factory stock muscle imports like the EVO or even domestics like the similar dodge neon SRT-4s and such , require a finess at the dragstrip.
I think a new style transmission and rear differential combined with larger tires would be AWESOME.... and like you said, the longer gears are a must. This car should be taken out once a month to get the times down where they should be; but the car gets raced twice a year, lol..... what a fan-bummer. How can ANYONE expect to dial in the driving of such a crazy car without driving it?????????? ..... Get on that 8.42 AMS!! How long has it been since the 8.42?? ..lol
@wapitiman100 why? the supra with the highest base HP had over 100,000$ put into it and has 1,600 hp at the crank with rear wheel drive, it does a burnout down the entire quarter mile. This car has far less than 100,000$ into it and has 1,100+ at the wheels (four of them, not two). this car ran a better drag time than that supra. watch less fast and furious, drive more.
please, try and make sense. any drag car needs a good launch, or else you wouldnt do any burnout whatsoever right before the race starts... do you even know what youre talking about? please, tell me why rwd is better than awd for dragging. sure burnouts are cool in front of kids on your street, but if you want to drag, dont go rwd just becase you were born in the 60s.
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Kinda funny that as this rude asshole was flaming us for wanting AMS to run their dragevo more, AMS's evo record finally fell..... to a evo being dialed in. It would be awesome if the 8.40.xxx re-ignites the race for quicker/faster times
No, considering the company we are talking about, and more importantly the time-frame I was talking about... Next time you want to look like a tough girl on youtube, ditch the piss poor attitude and bring more than childish trash talk.
@Kbeckpizza It has noting to do with being rude, maybe they dont have the fucking time to race it, maybe they are making changes..... honestly what difference does it make, its their car they can do what they want.
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@wiidROOR it doesnt matter, technically AMS would be making money off it using it as an advertisement to their company. If you're not making money of the music, u can use it but otherwise it is illegal
Not just 1130 HP, the AWD helps too, I seriously respect this car because they chose to keep a traditional manual transmission, that's how racing should be done, gotta have some coordination too! :)
so what? please, try to speak another language correctly.. lets se how fucking easy it is. stupid american piece of shit, crawl back from the hole you came from and kill yourself.
Do you know KATARAMENOS from greece?his evo 8 has an output 1523 HP with 3 bar turbo boost and can go 3,5 without any problem! the problem is there is no money to race it:P
You tube used to be heaps better before Google fucked it up. Someone needs to make a better version and fuck Google off all together so we can listen to what we like.
@eeeen321 What makes little sense? That racing 1000+hp cars is not only expensive but time consuming? Maybe it doesnt make sense to an idiot but to me its very clear.
Not a Mitsubishi lover, I personally own a Supra, but if I ever have the chance to get my hands in another high power car it will defenetly be a evo
This is a nice video for the deaf. When will you people stop putting copyrighted music over your videos. WE JUST WANT TO HEAR THE CARS ANYWAY!!!
why putting music over a dynotest. could someone please upload the video without metallica in it. just plain audio from the dyno run please.

Project Import: Mitsubishi EVO 9 w/ AMS block, FP Green turbo, Greddy Cams Tune

Project Import: Mitsubishi Evolution IX with AMS short block with balance shaft eliminator kit. Greddy Easy cams and stock valve train. first edition FPgreen turbo, ...

PPIHC Pikes Peak Kern/Kern NOS Energy AMS Performance Mitsubishi Evolution

I'm more of a stills guy. Here is Dave and Allison Kern in the NOS Energy AMS Performance Mitsubishi Evolution during practice on the middle section of the ...

Lancer Evolution IX AMS 850R 60-290

Mitsubishi Evolution IX AMS 850R 60-290.

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Mitsubishi Evolution X MAP open dump AMS exhaust

1st gear pull to redline (wastegate opens) then a 3k rpm rev, a 5k rpm rev, and a redline rev (wastegate opens)
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