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Fs mitsubishi evolution Videos

12η αναβαση κυμης ΠΑΤΣΟΥΡΕΑΣ Κωνσταντίνος (MITSUBISHI Evo IX FS/T)

12ή Ανάβαση Κύμης 2014 (το video παιζει καλύτερα σε 1080p ανάλυση και full screen!) Οδηγός : ΠΑΤΣΟΥΡΕΑΣ Κωνσταντίνος Νούμε...

LBP '08 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X MR

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im sorry but there is tons of better car creaters and im not saying your car is bad n all but you should be looking at the cars like covertaction makes or thewhippets or tunercarof1980 i respect your cars but from my point the look like those cool realistic big wheeled carton cars you see on some photos
hey whats ur psn? mines is TheDax714 i got little big planet, transformers wfc, midnight club LA and sonic the hedgehog 4 now . feel free to add me everyone im better then u think in transformers ;)
hey i really like ur car my psn is:Ayyood please send it to me and ill give you my special car deal?
Miley jone you sucks the car its soooo cool and you are yelaas
i think thats the fastest car in LBP hahah
HAHAHA Awesome!!! Looks Great!
That's F'in great!!!
make em faster haha

Rael || FS Evolution Lower 2015 || Classificação

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style! saludos !
hahahahha mesma musica de tu video :/
nossa, mt foda mano, no proximo video quero alguma parada com fx combo for me hahah mt foda!
Vou tentar !!!!! :3

Whiteline Mitsubishi EVO 8 Dutton 2004 winner

Evolution- an FS Film

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No Thank You For This Video! :) Ooh ok i am currently useing fs2004 untill i get my new graphicscard so fsx will run kool :D i am useing walk and follow and didnt no it was out for fsx!:O when i get thegraphics card i will make some fsx videos and with some good views thanks to you :) also one more thing what sony cybershot do you have isit the W300? thanks for your time DN :)
Ahh Ok Im A 14 Year Old Looking For A Good Camera Nothing To Big And Fancy But Good Quailty So I Can Get Some Heathrow Spotting Out There In HD :) Plus Itss Only £200 (H) (im english btw) Wen My FSX Is Running Kool We Shuld Go Online :) Thanks Once Again!
Thanks Vincent! JetlinerX of EFSFILMS did the repaint. The previous multiplayer videos should be up in the next couple of days, however Jerry and I are unsure about the next session since we are very busy right now.
Wow, this is amazing, DN!!! I love the aircraft repaints on the 737 at the beginning; how did you repaint the Learjet 45XR to your livery? This is fantastic!!! Lookin' forward to the next multiplayer!!
I know for a fact these kinda of videos take a great deal of time. You did a great job here my friend. Keep this up if you can. An instant 5 stars, I greatly enjoyed the entire video.
Thanks JG. It depends on which shots you are referring to, but it's a combination of recording from a second plane and using DBS Walk and Follow, EZdok Walk Camera, and NewBlue FX.
@Sidtan33 I was the one who made the textures for DN, if you would like a repaint, it'll cost around $2.50-$3.50. But I can put ANYTHING on there, and it'll look great!
this is nice, great graphs, great movement effects, great editing, great textures and quality view, really nice, nice work DN ... 1:55 is an amazing view
That's really cool! Don't worry about the next session; I am kind of busy right now with school too. :D PM me when you do decide though! Thanks!
this video is soo coool! 5* from me man :) could i ask what programe do you use to move a around the plane? your comp looks soo good :D
Ah...yes! That video is actually back up, along with the rest of the channel. You can find it in my favorites. Anyway, thanks! :)
Thanks halftime :D It depends on the shot, but I either recorded from a spot plane or used EZDok Walk Camera to move around.
@FSXTutorial Actually you didnt, so I would appreciate if you stopped taking credit for my work. Thanks bro.
DN one more thing how did you rewind so fast? wen i try in sony vegas i can only do it so far?
where did you get the scenery addons? to change the whole look of the airport and island?
nice video but how did you do the camera movements, that makes it look really good?
Thanks. I've considered it, however I do not believe I am ready for it yet :)
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