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Corvette zr1 tikt triple x Videos

2013 Shelby vs 2014 Corvette C7 Procharged

Shelby 10.71 @ 130 Vette 11.01 @ 127 Ticket didn't have trap speed for some reason :S.

porno whit a corvette XXX mercedes

crash off a corvette/mercedes.

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something for a bumpersticker: 'my hood ornament* is a mercedes' *) motorkapembleem

All Corvette Show

Video I made (using iMovie) of the pics I took at the XXX Root Beer all Corvette show 8/26/12 in Issaquah, WA.

04 Cobra Terminator E85 Dyno Stock motor,Stock cams

Tuned by Brent at Dyno Tuned Performance, 3.4L whipple (3.5" pulley), 1 7/8" Kooks LT, 3" Offroad X, Magnaflow high flow mufflers, Loud mouth tips.

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@snailsnail43 I am running the FORE triple 355lph pumps and 105lb injectors. Car was put on a better dyne and made 774HP and 731ftlb's TQ my other video is titled "N8's E85 Whipple Cobra "The Corn Fed Beast"
soo you still driving it on the streets with slicks or you get drs for it for street fun lol
Size pumps and injectors you running ?
How much boost

Lust Fire, classic XXX movie preview

When Harry is bored with his life, he is visited by Lust, who offers a contract - his soul in exchange for 5 sins of sexual passion. All of a sudden, the sexy women ...
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