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Corvette zr1 shift knob Videos

C5 Z06 walkaround, Car OCD First mod how to change shift knob

My recently acquired 03 C5 Z06.

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HELL YEAH MAN!!!!! Congrats my friend!!!! That is a bad ass car bro damn :) I need to get a video up of my Dmax you will like it.
Thanks man. Yeah make a new video! You're into youtube for like a week then you disapear for 6 months.I just like to talk about cars. I hardly drive this thing It's just a really expensive comic book. I'm just happy to have it.Hope the family is doing good man.
awesome, im looking for my c5 right now. is the ride quality noticibly stiffer in the zo6 over a base c5?
Stiffer ride but I'm not complaining. Overall a lot faster and my C5 had headers intake and exhaust. This just has an intake and exhaust. Feels more solid too.C5s are awesome. Find anything good?
So we put a type player in so u can lesson to your mp3 player ?? So many after markets that will simplify that to a memory stick plug and play with out all the mess of wires with better sound quality ... everyone has there own I respect that just giving my two cents great video bro nice car I use to own a 85 year model I regret selling her to this day !!!
I just like how stock radios look. I hate how this aftermarket deck sticks out and just doesn't blend well with the interior. Looks tacked on.There's a guy in Vegas who modifies older stock radios and puts in a MPS player plug but it's $300I ordered a stock cassette player for $100. Should be a plug in installation since it's the factory stereo. If I ever get tired of it I can always order the $300 unit with the built in MP3 ports.Buy another Corvette, it's a car you have to own especially if you're a fan. I'm happy just having one. 
Freaking Awesome man! Kinda makes me miss my 84 Supra.
I know you'll get something bad ass again someday. It's good for you man just to have something to look forward to on your days off and something you're proud of. 
Glad you love it man :) She's a keeper for sure and for sure you'll be the old man hitting it with mist and shine every day esp in black. Do I even wanna know how much she set you back? How's the vette market out there, in a year or so I might just come out to commiefornia and rescue a C5 for my own. I agree a sweet car is much more gooder better therapy then a fucking shrink ever could be. I'd just like a nice good condition base model with either a rag top or T-tops. I know it'll be blastphamy but I think I'd like an automatic. I just dig the idea of a cruiser more then a high performance sports car. Even a C5 with a slushbox is still faster then 95% of the cars you'll see :)
yeap I'm thinking in a year or so and I am pondering going south to get it and making a road trip out of it.
It's ok man, as long as you get one!
yep that's what I want right there just it'll be some time before I get one.
If you just want to cruise a convertible is the way to go. I'm at the stage of my life where I don't need the most powerful car. Honestly 13 seconds in the quarter mile is the right amount of power for the street. 300-350 horsepower.This car will go sideways if you floor it doing a 1-2 shift just like that video you sent me of the 2 Corvettes racing. This car is awesome but not a beginners car. Turn off traction control and you'll wrap it around a tree.This is a great example of Commiefornia Corvette in your price range, The coupe is awesome because of the removable roof I had my roof off all the time just to enjoy life.//www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?zip=92154&endYear=2015&listingType=used&listingTypes=used&transmissionCode=AUT&maxPrice=15000&transmissionCodes=AUT&mmt=%5BCHEV%5BCORV%5B%5D%5D%5B%5D%5D&modelCode1=CORV&sortBy=mileageASC&showcaseOwnerId=66944&makeCode1=CHEV&startYear=1998&searchRadius=500&listingId=356261460&Log=0
Not to bad yeah I have the number about 15k in my head tops so we'll see where I'm sitting a year from now. But yeah driving a 10 speed all day every day often times in stop and go, yeah I honestly want no part of a manual anymore plus I have to many bad habits from driving a non syncronized transmission in a semi like not slipping the clutch out right in a car and not using the clutch. I'd literally rip apart a car transmission with how I drive a manual anymore. Sides the speed isn't everything for me anymore it's just what I'd enjoy driving and I do like just being able to hop in a car and not think sometimes ya know?
I'll give you a pass on getting an Automatic since you drive  manual for a living.I have it all figured out man. I'm going to drive my car 30 miles a week. Thats less then 1500 miles a year. It'll take me 20 years to hit 100,000 miles.There were 3 C5s within 200 miles of me with 200,000+ miles on them so even when I hit 100,000 there's tons of life left.C5 Market is awesome in California. You can pick up one with 100,000 miles on it for under $12000Lots of these people enjoyed it and drove the car a lot. Lots of them are older so they maintain them at the stealership and keep the records.I paid $22,000 for mine. It was this or a brand new Kia Rio
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