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Corvette zr1 oem tires Videos

Stock corvette ZR1 (C6) on Nurburgring GT6

Stock Corvette ZR1 (C6) on Nurburgring Stock Sport Hard tires Manual Sequential shift Using Logitech g27.

Stock ZR1 with Drag Radials Pulls the Front Tires (Stock ZR1 Wheelie.)

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This is the second time this has happened at MIR where a Stock Zr1 pulled the front wheels up, the first time is on YouTube just search "Fartpipe ZR1". Great drivers plus a great track prep will get you this.
Quite a few good drivers at MIR with a lot of seat time in their corvettes, plus the excellent track prep and air density make for great 1/4 mile times.
+ooozycoot Actually it does say wheelie look in the description "Published on Mar 15, 2013 Stock ZR1 Wheelie"
yes, drag radials helped a little bit. a good driver with 100% stock ZR1 can achieve under 11s as well.
Does it say Corvette does Wheelie? No, I didn't think so. Your a moron, don't speak.
Well stock this car is the truth with a low ten second pass . Damn is all I can say .
Actually it has happened more than just two times :>
Almost 135 mph all stock? I m mot sure.
What in the hell are you talking about?
Yeah 10.84 is a little fast for stock.
Big MPH for the time, lot more left.
ZR1s are fucking badass. Nuff said.
thats a clutch dump not a wheelie
10.84?? and thats stock!?
That I record
....and bogs
Damn nice

C6 ZR1 -- racerns 10.85 Bone-Stock & Stock Tires

2009 ZR1 driven by "racerns" and owned by "ZO6Jeff" runs 10.85 129.89. Car is bone-stock on stock-tires. Density Altitude at the time was about negative 350 ...

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+altimgamr Yes stock, prove that it's not lying troll.
+sniper1334 And he  has a argument for everything  about a Vette and GTR even though he say he dont like Vette's.....but for me and i'm sure you think the same way if you don't like something you dont was time looking at it over and over again and again
+BillieBadass00Yeah, I know. He will tell you the sky is green when it's blue if it means bashing a Corvette.
Dude he will not believe you even if he was at the track the day racerns ran 10.85 you wasting you time

C6 ZR1 "racerns" 11.05 Bone-Stock on Stock Tires

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factory 10 second car, someone will hit 10's eventually, slicks? i bet those would knock a few 10ths off also.
@BlackZLS1 yes it had been done same car C6 ZR1 10.73 Bone-Stock on DRs (Drag Radials)
Drag radials would do the trick. I wanna see a drag radial only Zr1 make a pass.
You're seeing the traction compound, VHT that they spray on the track.
You can actually hear it spinning the wheels as it shifts to 4th.
Not really a Vette fan, but damn that's a fast time.
the 60 must have been in the 1.70's
that guy is a real driver

C6 ZR1 "zosix427" PR 11.24 Bone-Stock on Stock Tires

2009 ZR1 owned and driven by "zosix427" sets a personal record of 11.24 128.32. the car is bone-stock on the stock tires. DA was about 200 feet. Pass was run ...

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STOCK MY ASS !!! every video on your channel is Stock this ,stock that all vettes ans ALL running low to mid 10's....on this video what was that little puff of smoke on lauch...AND no it's not from the tires !!! I suspect a little 50 horse dry shot !!!!1
nice run ,very nice car,it spins all 4 gears.

2010 ZR1 Bone Stock on 20" Invos Street Tires at Crandall

2010 ZR1 Bone Stock on 20" Invos Street Tires at Crandall This is same pass from 2 views. Used the Launch Control Mode w/ the no-lift shifts.

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Damn that's some nasty wheel hop right there bro! Did you happen to launch with LC on? If so.....please don't do it again or you can kiss your rear good bye!
Really not bad at all for street tires Is that camera faceing backwards or does it just clear the roof and vid front view?

2010 Corvette ZR1 Motorsport Ranch Driver's Edge March 24, 2012

bone stock '10 ZR1 on almost corded sport cups. Car felt loose overall due to the tires, but still a decent session. I got a new external mic for the GoPro2 and ...

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Oh hey quickagc, i have a grand sport, and by far the best thing you can do is remove the a5 fuse in the fuse box to leave the butterfly valves open on the exhaust. look it up if you don't know already, its sick and an easy upgrade, or you can get that mild to wild switch which would go in the same place.
Sony ECM-DS30P Electret Condenser Digital Microphone is mic I used. I also got a 25' cable and then ran it out the hatch and taped it to the right of the license plate area with painters tape. It worked perfectly. Nice meeting you too, 4wheelnfool. I may be there in April at Apex, Vette 550.
Nice! What mic? I'm doing the helmet cam like you now but there's a lot of wind noise. So...where did you buy the mic and exactly where did you put it???? Wish I could have been there last weekend! I think APEX is doing the 1.7 in April.
awesome vid man! they just got a stock zr1 with drag radials to go a 10.44 1/4 mile. car is in the nines with bolt on and a tune...thats a veyron eater right there. now people are gunna go look up a veyrons 1/4 mile times haha.
Wow even with more horsepower, I didn't think the ZR1 would be faster than the C5R on a track.
Dude....quikagc.....dat exhaust tone....thats enough for me alone.
Awesome vid man!!! What a nasty soundin car!!! Love it!!
you should just some slicks for track days
Pure sound ! thx for sharing.
What external mic did you use?
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