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Corvette zr1 silver Videos

ZR1- SUPERCHARGER (silver corvette)


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What song ?

silver corvette zr1

nice silver corvette zr1. with backround music.

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my favorite color and favorite car together thanks man

gtr r35 silver vs corvette zr1 rooling 100 km

طريق الملك gtr ثامر vs كورفيت zr1 دحدرة 100 كلم by.STREET DRAG RACE JEDDAH.

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تصويرك فاشل اسمحلي ورقبتي انعوجت ...

Silver State Classic Challenge ZR-1 Corvette (Sept

8 minute video clip of highlights from the 9/19/1999 SSCC open road race in central Nevada. The race is held on highway 318 between Hiko and Lund, NV.

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Engine: AO Engrg forced air intake. Ported intake manifold with AO Engrg insulators. Larger bore with JE pistons. Geoff Jeal cam shafts/profiles & chip. Jet Hot coated exhaust manifolds (no cats). B&B 3" exhaust. Suspension/brakes: Coil over suspension. AO Engrg dual calipers at each wheel. Misc: Engine is powdered coated black with red lettering. Larger aluminum radiator. Fuel Safe fuel cell. Halon fire system. Simpson 6-point restraints (belts come through seat as opposed to around sides).
Correct. The stock ZR-1 with the LT5 engine topped out just below 180 mph. GM sold this ZR-1 model between 1990 and 1996. The car in the video is modified and topped out at 200 mph. The new ZR-1 is light years ahead of the old Beast!
@redfive311: I go through the narrows at 110 to 120. These speeds are not pushing the car at all. I think speeds of 140 to 160 are reasonable because you can use the entire road width through the turns (i.e., straighten out the curves).
@TheDegree777 This video was taken in 99 what do you think
How fast were you going through the narrows?
This is beyond awesome.
Nice Run

Slick Corvette ZR1 at Cars and Coffee

A slick silver Corvette ZR1 leaving Cars and Coffee in Irvine, California.
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