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Corvette zr1 vs viper srt10 drag race Videos

Corvette ZR1 vs. Porsche 911 GT2

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These guy are bias as hel* they ran 0-60 4.4 in the Z06, & not they have a video with cut clips left and right...& they run nearly a 12.1 in a ZR1. Just way too fishy considering the ZR1 looks to be only a car length back but just can't seem to reel him in even in a 1 mile drag race? hmm...wasn't this done already with several other cars to prove they no one took it easy...I think it was motor trend..and the ZR1 killed the GT2...something is fishy here.
The Corvette's higher terminal speed on the standing start first race (although the GT2 won) made its win on the rolling start second race a no brainer. It surprised me that the GT2 stayed as close as it did considering its lower power to weight ratio and turbo lag.
Prime surface or fucked up surface, Ranger would put down a much quicker time than any of these Europeon publications ever could.
@MaxwellReviresco those motherfuckers granny shifted 1st to 2nd and couldnt catch 3rd gear its fucking incredible!!!
motor trend proved this wrong, i love porsche,but come on these guys are tards motor trend says and shows it all!
That's bull shit the corvette is better it should of won they just didn't max out the speed of the corvette
0 to 60 in 3.8? they need a better driver
i agree! bias
Well done.

Corvette ZR1 vs Mercedes SL 65 AMG.mp4

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@taypuc31 it does, but it didn't! Maybe with a better set of tires, or in a better tarmac it could even get under those 3.4s
@brezneve No, they just need to launch it properly. Other videos and tests have no problem getting 3.4-3.7 on stock tires.
Fat ass German pimp mobile Vs the fantastic plastic...I'll have a McLaren please.
gaw it's like the guy is speaking german or something. SPEAK ENGLISH! LMAO :P
At the end there it's like the Vette gets louder as it gets farther away.
0-100km/h in 4.0? WTF? The ZR1 does it in 3.4s lol. Germans fail.
They should learn how to get a good launch.
ZR1 - 3.4 S 0-100 SL65 - 3.8 S 0-100
I would like one of each please.
I'd like both too :)

Mustang GT .vs. Corvette ZR1

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@IsicanA7X Mustangs have won numerous road racing.Camaro has not won as many but it has won some as well. Anyone claiming Mustangs can't turn is a bench racer and a bad one at that. Go look at the FR500 Mustang. The ZR1: I HAVE been in one.Great car!! A Supercar without doubt. As stock it lacks traction during acceleration.Overwhelming torque and street tires will do that.Some excellent drivers can get a 10.x pass out of them but it's rare. Please save the bullshit and go to a race track.
@09erf8330 look up nurburgring production track times. the zr1 beats the ford gt by 13 seconds. its a little ass end heavy not great for a track only straight lines just like the mustang with the live rear axle. camaro still beats it in a straight line too just by .2 seconds bu take it to the track and the 2010 camaro eats the 2011 mustang all day. look it up. gt500 actually lost track time because its too much power and poor engineering. its called independent suspension ford!!!!!
How about a stock mustang VS a stock corvette, the mustang would lose. All day. Every day. Even a C5 or possibly even a C4 Vette would walk on the newer model mustangs(even the Shelby's). Now if you do some work to them then yes, a mustang can beat a corvette, which is the situation I' seeing here. Even if that vette had work done to it, if the stang has more power then there's your end result.
sORRY MATE i HAVE TO DISAGREE WITH YOU. Race what you got. All you chevy fans say is STOCK. fuck if you had option for STOCK ZR1 and tuned ZR1 which would you choose. lol or r u just mad the zr1 can only get 700 hp tuned. i know hennessey doesnt give you that 1000 hp option cuz the zr1 is a dumn cowboy car. the gt gave america the title in Le Mas what about the zr1? Nothing exactly.
@CheatinChad i have been to the race track. when i was in california i hit up Mazda Laguna Seca. Now i just go to firebird race way and bondurant for the tv show im being sponsored at. Drove a ZR1. its a beast at cornering and straight line. Mustangs are only good on the drag as camaros are good on drag and track.
Hol shit, yet more dumbasses on You tube.... The Mustang GT cannot, will not and could never beat a ZR1 in a drag race, well unless that GT is pussy tuned.... Get a clue!! I absolutetly cannot stand seeing shit like this!! Mustang GT, nice, but not even close to performing in a class with the likes of a ZR1.
505 hp the z06 has, the gt comes with what 300+ hp you cant compete a super car to some trash ass ford, now if this is really the zr1 638hp the gt isn't stock the zr1 would have burned it in the start unless that is some retarded driver in the beautiful vette.
@danielh35 Exactly...it's really funny seeing the ford fanboys try to say the Mustang is faster then the Vette...HA....and Obama is the best President in us history!! It really is bs, ZR-1 will mop the floor and do circles around any Mustang, period.
look at the numbers man the zr1 goes 0-60 in 3 seconds flat, ford gt 4.9, plus the zr1 handles way better then the 2 ton gt. and you show me a gt with a tuned 1000 hp engine and i'll show you and a car that couldn't even handle that much power
Hell, I just quoted what Jeremy Clarkson (On Top Gear) said about the ZR1. Plus its funny. The FORD GTX1 kicked the shit out of the ZR1 at THUNDERHILL by 6 seconds. The FORD GT is the better car. I cant say much about the MUSTANG GT.
you know zr1 and ford gt are no doubt a good match. Both are great cars. I love em. I wouldnt agree that the zr1 "spanks" the ford GT. For instance they both hit 60 at 3.3. How would you say a Zr1 "spanks" a ford GT?
I dont know what planet you live on but, the zr1 spanks on the ford gt, and im a ford gt fan...but the truth of the matter is that corvette is just too much...for the poor ford...not hating just saying the truth...
@krypekeeper those are the c-6 specs brother..get your shit right z06 is a whole different story.0-60 in 3.8 1/4 in 11.7.so your way off..theres a zo6 in town ran a 11.4 stock.depends on the driver dip shit.
yep coming from FORDGTMASTER somebody like u would talk shit..the zr1 a cowboy car more like a mans car..and zr1 has a bette lap time in the nurburgring.and has better handling better accelereation..
coming from a guy who likes ford gt agains would say they are better..ford gt stomped by z06...and it all depends on drivers...zr1 lot better car plus cheaper..gtx1 ugly ass mclaren f1 interior
your full of shit (disbig82) you say shelby does 3.9 from 0-60 ..not in 3's more like 4.5's.and the 1/4 hahaha not 11's it's more like 12.8.. this aint a corvette z06 we are talking about
There are modified mustangs all over the USA that would destroy a stock ZR1... Stock for Stock the Corvette will win in any performance category. Once modified all bets are off.
Ford GT : 5.4L Supercharged V8 550 HP @ 6000 RPM 500 Ft-Lb Torque @ 3750 RPM Weight: 3485 lbs 0-60: 3.6 sec 1/4 mile: 11.7 Nürburgring lap time: 7:40.6 Top Speed: 205 MPH
Ford Shelby Mustang GT500: 5.4L Supercharged V8 540 HP 510 Ft-Lb Torque Weight: 3800 lbs 0-60: 3.9 sec 1/4 mile: 11.9 sec Nürburgring lap time:Unknown Top Speed: 195 MPH
maybe to ppl who just like cars for their name.. but good luck ever owning a ford gt.. compared to a z06 or even the zr1.. affordability and power is a true muscle car...
@IsicanA7X Fors went BACK TO the stick axle because it's better for what the Mustang is intended for,Drag Racing, put down the copy of motor trend and go to a racetrack.

Nissan GT-R vs Corvette ZR1

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Biggest lies ever
GTR slow ZR1 FTW
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