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The catbird seat introduction Videos

Civil War Musical 26 - Greenback

Allow me to introduce myself: Mr. Autolycus fell at your "here at last" service, gentlemen. boys, you look to be a good, honest intelligent set of men. Now these ...

DSI Pro 2 - Arturia MicroBrute - Moog Voyager - Eventide H9 : Performance Setup

A compact, computer-less performance setup that can create a wide variety of new (and old) sounds. The Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 is the heart of the setup.

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Wow that's baller.. What are your thoughts on pairing the moog sub 37 w the pro 2 or is that more of the same thing? I have the moog , but no effects and no digital type sounds , or should I do the Juno-106? I'm making future house and deadmau5 or feed me type electro , and also need strings, pads, leads 
+Yoga Flame EDM The Sub 37 would be great there in place of the MicroBrute. Any analog monosynth with CV in would work.
Can you do remake instrumental covers?
+ega0117 When it comes to choosing between learning someone else's song or making one of my own, I almost always choose making one of my own.
Great sounds! You are a good technician! Will you use these sounds in a song?? would be nice! I use the Prophet 12 and the yamaha mx 49 for my songs. I thought about connect the P 12 with the PRO 2, and use the sequencer! Do you think it works? Is this possible?
+experimentalsynth thanks for the answer, interesting thought, with the pedal input.  some guys wrote I can do it with midi.  have to  think again?    happy new year to you.
Thanks, I'll probably use these sounds and techniques in a song somewhere down the line. I haven't done a lot of sequencing of external gear with the Pro 2 sequencer yet. One fun thing I know you can do though is run Pro 2 CV's into the P12 via the P12 expression pedal input.  You can route it to a number of things in the P12.

The devil and Abbe May with introduction by Lucifer

Online Marketing Insights - PPC-Trends 2014

Mit der neuen Video-Podcast-Serie „Online Marketing Insights" nimmt uns Mischa Rürup (COO intelliAd Media) mit in spannende Gespräche mit Experten aus ...

Flying back seat in the Rutan Boomerang

Burt's amazing Boomerang over Tehachapi, CA September 2011.

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What an amazing plane!! Who will be the next Burt Rutan and Mike Melvill? Unfortunately I missed that incredible time when you could built your own dream, I mean a Long Ez. Thank you for sharing the video.

Darlingside - My Love

Introduced with, "This is a song about how love is reasonably painful."

Obimama Mei Tai Adjustment for Newborn

How to use an SS2 Obimama (or other toddler-width mei tai) with a newborn by tying the seat.

CSULB COE Lecture - Cyber Security and You

Your data is at risk and you need to protect it. Our growing dependence on information technology has given rise to the need for greater protection of digital ...

Awakening Through The Heart Brittany 2015 Review

A snap shot of the sacred journey through Bretagne, with Nancy Valentine Smith and over lighted by many beings including Mary Magdalene, Yeshua, ...

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A beautiful work of art on earth! Thank you Nancy and Mark. Noelene
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