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Canisius college fall 2015 exam schedule Videos

Canisius vs St. Joe's High School Football: 2011 season

Canisius and St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute are rivals in the Buffalo, NY private school Monsignor Martin Association. These are highlights from their week 3 ...

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I know people might not read this but I'm going to be a freshmen next year and I am a really great running back next year will be my 7th season I would really like to go to saint joes next year I don't Lmao who to contact tho. You can check out my page I have a few videos on my page from football I'm working on a really good highlight video I have about a 83 average someone let me know how to contact sait joes thanks so much.
@SuperFarina123 I am a in 10th grade at St. Joe's. It is an exellent school you will be both successful in academics and in sports as long as you work hard. To get into St. Joe's you will need to take the entrance exam. Go to sjci.com to get information to contact the school.
@SuperFarina123 without chad joes aint got shit...go to canisius, our football program is gonna be unstopable these next years.
mercer timmis is gone who u got. Nigel davis single handedly is better than anyone at canisius except for mercer
@TheUltimateDVGForce Ooo that hurt! Just keep playing your video games.
@sabresman31 look at the one talking sabresman31! faggot
st. joe's is for pussy's
canisus faggets

MSA 550 Final Exam

Midterm MSA 550

Tyrone Wheatley Jr. interviews Mr. James Gaines "Crusader Alumni Series"

Canisius "Class of 2015" Senior Tyrone Wheatley Jr. interviews Buffalo Bill, Mr. James Gaines for the "2015 Crusader Alumni Series!" Edited by Tyrone Wheatley ...

John Bennett Regatta

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i h8 u canisus CHS 4 ever

Citadel College Gezonde School

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Leuk hoor


Hey Shrey! This week was a big bowl of nothing besides our floors' mini Thanksgiving and the trip to the beach. Lol. Still a fun week though, because how can ...
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