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Dealer volkswagen tg mures Videos

2008 Volkswagen Passat VR6 (Dealer Deals Towlot.com.)


Para más información puedes comunicarte al 52637008 El vehículo se encuentra en la plaza de México, D.F. Para ver la disponibilidad de este vehículo visitar: ...

2003 Volkswagen EuroVan #63178X in St Paul Minneapolis, MN - SOLD

2007 Volkswagen Rabbit stock BASS

I don't usually listen to rap but I was driving the rabbit and had my iPod on shuffle when this came on and I was really surprised by the punch this system packs!

User Comments

It's funny how most foreign cars have better made speakers. I don't know if this applies to all but my dad's Plymouth Acclaim had P.O.S cone speakers, my mom's Dodge Grand Caravan had speakers that looked like they were made out of paper. I changed them all out a while ago but recently my uncle wanted to upgrade his 09 Nissan Versa Speakers and imo they looked more tough and better made. Same thing with my friends 325I
@Jakeman21642 I think my GTI has the same system (at least I know it's 10 speakers), it's amazing for a stock system! I've actually had it on full volume for multiple songs before with no distortion at all. Sometimes I have to hit the speaker covers back in to place though, the bass can make them loose!
@integraz32lover I'm pretty sure it does. The camera kinda just quieted instead of picking up the bass! At one point I looked at the sunroof and it was shaking! Those old systems also cannot match the clarity of this 10 speaker system without at least having the treble all the way up!
@TechTipsForYou The camera barely picked up the bass coming out of this car! The 10 speaker stereo system in here is just epic!
As usual, this didn't show up on my page! Sounds alright and at least nothing rattles in it.
@Jakeman21642 yeah none the less,its a great system
it has no shit on my Maxima/I30 or my Buick

VW Kaffer 1960 (Fülöp Imre.)

Expo Tuning Florencio Varela (Cruce) Volkswagen color negro (28-08-2011.)

Volkswagen Passat 2.0 Tdi 110Pk BlueTrendline Navi Executive Trekhaak

2008 Volkswagen Passat Used Cars Hollywood FL

//www.miamiautoworldllc.com This 2008 Volkswagen Passat is available from Miami Auto World LLC. For details, call us at 954-534-9580.

2003 Volkswagen EuroVan Used Cars Sea Tac WA

//www.autocenterdepartment.com This 2003 Volkswagen EuroVan is available from AutoCenter Department. For details, call us at 253-200-1893.
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