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Tdu2 volkswagen dealer hawaii Videos

TDU2 Alle 10 Wracks auf Hawaii 2 [HD]

WICHTIG: Bald gibt's wahrscheinlich wieder neue Videos. YAY! Dieses mal werden die mega langweiligen Szenen einfach gecuttet, da ich verstehe, wie ...

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Heyy kannst du auch ein tut zum Bereich 3 auf Hawaii machen ? Deine Hilfe hat mir jetzt schon 4 Bonus karren gegeben. :-)
Es tut mir so leid, dass ich erst jetzt antworte... Aber spätestens im Herbst geht's auf jeden Fall weiter! :)
Thx bro :D

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Hawaii cruisen German Pagani Zonda TriColore FullHD

hier ein kleiner einblick was ich so für zwischendurch hochlade und ich hoffe ihr habt spass dran das zu gucken wie das level design aussieht und ja ! viel spass ...

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hab mir fast schon gedacht dasde was aufnimmst weilsde so oft test drive unlimitet gezockt hast xD :D

Test Drive Unlimited 2 PS3 - Trip to Hawaii

Like this video? Don't forget to click thumbs up button. Test Drive Unlimited 2 PS3 - Trip to Hawaii MotoGamesTV.

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Goodbye, Ibiza. Hello, Honolulu! Miami, Ryan, Chris, Adam, Andrew, Stuart, Tess, and the player are going to Hawaii. There is a LOT of street racing in Honolulu. Imagine what would happen if Tess and the other seven characters cross paths with John Tanner and Tobias Jones from the Driver video games, and detectives of the Honolulu Police Department Elite Crimes Division, to bust them. Tess, her father, and all of her friends in the game will be wanted by the H.P.D., and the FBI for illegal street racing. Solar Crown would then be interrupted by the HPD, with Tanner and Jones, modeled from Driver: San Francisco, and driving a 2010 Dodge Charger, arriving on the scene, and arresting them. Thanks to the player, who is revealed to be an undercover cop. It would be cool. 
@YOUdumbFAKA yes, you can drive around randomly, but you first have to pass the first license test if you don't want him to almost spam your phone from calling you telling you to get to the Classic License School.
whenever you need to go to Hawaii expel me from the game and then I have to play it all over again from the beginning. When the plane takes off appears bug does anyone know what it actually does
@MotoGamesTV ... ähm it is the same.. only the grafic is a little bit better.. And dont compair the psp or ps2 one... These two have an other map than the pc and 360 version ^^
1 - I will be grateful if you would show how the mode of car customization and multiplayer game. 2 - The car does not suffer damage when hitting? 3 - Thanks!
THis game is on my want list, BTW, That plane broke about a dozen FAA rules and regs,i should know because my father flies for US Airways for a living. :)
@19DaRiO95 I like the game, i LOVE cars and just cruisin' around with them. But i don't like the graphics, thats maybe cuz i played GT5 before this ;p
@YOUdumbFAKA yes, they have free roam in this game, I would say so since half the roads aren't even ever raced on in the whole game, its huge
@W12People i didnt play the first one and i love the 2nd one. i honestly dont have a problem with the steering that everyone is talking about
@CAPCadetAwesome I'm sorry which rules did the fictional aeroplane that took off from the fictional airport on the fictional island break?
did he just hit a telephone pole at 280k/m and a car head on at 300k/m? LOL! If only we could do that in real life and walk away
siema czy Bugatti Veyron super sport to bedzie kosztował asz tyle bo mam cale dlc a gre dziś proszę odpowiedz dziś
That's Dillingham right? 747's can't land there, The runway is way too short. ... The voice acting is terrible. Aff
@Kminatz If you like cars like they are before they are tuned and don't like pedestrians that you can run over :P
when i go in the airport and take the flight the loads then shows the sea and sky forever and does not work
@woleksy1997 Nie każda karta będzie działać z Maciem, ale wydaje mi się, że Hauppauge HD PVR działa.
is there something like tempomat in the game ? (that car goes whit same speed, not to speed up all time)
Grasz na kierownicy czy na padzie?? Bo planuje zakup tego TDU ale nie wiem czy dobrze się gra na padzie
Every car in that game is a twitchy torque steering mess no matter what aids you use. TDU 1 was better.
Do I have to complete the Ibiza Cup plus be Level 10 to go to Hawaii or do I just have to be Level 10?
@zoophobe1 Yes u can u can go to hawiia for free and back to ibzia for free so u can keep going there
1:26...its thee solar crown lady, the one who lets you drive the california at the start of the game
What are the required stuff to do to get to Hawaii. Also Can I just stay on Hawaii and drive around?
who is that guy?? have this game a story?? or just race around and buy cars and houses like first?
@zunia1 PlayStation Store, All Games, Racing Games, Test Drive Unlimited 2 i tam będzie, za 4zł.
@narox i think u need to do three of the championships .. or four.. idk, but u need to do some..
Did you turn off the damage or isn't there any damage? And btw is this game fun driving around?
the guy let you drive his brand new Pagani and 30 seconds later you smash it into a pole! lol!

TDU2 Special: Zugang zu 3/4 Flughäfen [HD][German]

In diesem Video zeige ich euch wie in folgende Flughäfen kommt: ''Ibiza 2'' , ''Hawaii 1/2'' und einen der zwei Flughäfen auf ''Hawaii 4'' - Vielleicht mache ich ...

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Schwachsinn, um in den von dir als dritten gezeigten Flughafen zu kommen muss man nicht den Spyker nehmen, mit dem Q7 und dem Mercedes geht das genauso. Man muss bloß die richtige Stelle finden.
Ok, ich habs bloß mit dem Spyker geschafft^^
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