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Volkswagen cc rough idle Videos

Rough idle/misfire on a 118tsi.

Rough idle/misfire on my 118tsi. Only happens at startup when the engine is cold. Once warm, the roughness goes away.

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I think i have the same issue - picked up a 2011 118 tsi 1.4 manual & it sounds rough when cold but smoothes out as soon as it warms up... Also i notice that when the car is in second gear & the accelerator is pressed down fully, there is a vibrating? sound only for a second or less that comes up... but is does not happen after the car has run for half hr or so. Does anyone else have this?
Very common problem, almost every "old" tsi118 had it. Solution is very simple: there is a software update of ECU, your dealer can do it in 1 hour. Ask for the "24s4 service campaign". Bye!
I've been told by a VW mechanic that this is completely normal. It intentionally over fuels when cold to warm the cat up as quick as possible.
You can see the engine moving, but not the sound. The exhaust end is more noticable. Disappears when the engine is warmed up.
ah, ok. Strange.. I had exactly that problem on my 04/2009 Scirocco and the update solved perfectly
Yeah. It was supposed to, but I think it's happened since the update! Odd eh?
@aptivo Old? Mines a 2010 build and it's already had the upgrade!

1600 DP rough idle

My VW 1600dp idles like crap!!!!!! rebuilt, rebushed Solex 34 PICT 3, New SVDA dizzy, cap, and rotor, new wires and plugs still idles like popcorn.

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dude that would sound great with a stinger

Seat ibiza 2001 rough idle? Help?

Engine will start everytime but will then rpm will drop to about 500 and will stall/cut out... keep getting a few error codes.. fuel trim.

Gti rough idle problem

Rough idle with misfires... no idea think its an intake hose? Vacuum leak...

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the tubes under the intake might be popped out. the hard tube that goes down on the right on the intake. mine is doing the same thing. I pushed it back in and works fine
Had the same thing, could be: Vacuum leak Defective water pump PCV valve Or... a bum sensor.
did you ever figure out what it was? mine is doing the exact same thing (mk4 gti 1.8t)
my guess is a bad sensor had a similar issue but not as extremem on a mk II
What was your conclusion??


The idle sound is bigger and bigger.
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