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Volkswagen cc kenya Videos

Daniel Baaru IC 2011 CC Application Kenya

This is my official video as part requirement for applying to IC 2011 CC.

Dirt 3 - The VW Touareg 2 is digging through Kenya Part2

The Passats Are Here

The government's cost cutting measures by disposing off high fuel consumption cars could finally be taking off with permanent secretaries and other accounting ...

DiRT3 - Kenya / Wundanyi Climb - Rally - VW Touareg (2/3)

Kenya acquires marine research vessel

For more news visit //www.ntv.co.ke Follow us on Twitter //www.twitter.com/ntvkenya Like our FaceBook page //www.facebook.com/NtvKenya ...

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Good move by Government.Creating jobs not only on land but also at sea.
no it doesnt

The Passat saga

//www.ntv.co.ke It is now emerging that the company that supplied Volkswagen Passat cars features in the countrys external debt register as having lent the ...

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Mercedes is a Mercedes is a Mercedes is a Mercedes is a Mercedes. Ministers know the image Mercedes creates is not comparable to VWs. Some could lose votes as a result of appearing in their constituencies without Mercedes. This is the truth as most indebted Ministers cannot afford S-Class Mercedes status symbol on their own.
Scandal or no scandal , those politicians should give back those fuel guzzlers...or have them fuel with money from their pockets. These are the very ploticians who refused to be taxed. Tax payers money is used to fuel those guzzlers they want to hold on. Uhuru came up with a good idea.
These ministers and MP's are very stupid. they knew that the VW's were ordered and they waited after contracts have been signed by CMC and the cars have been delivered to start payukaring. Too late, makosa imefanyika and turn in your mercedes. This whole deal was showdy!!
I have given up on Kenya.Every small issue is being politicised.These politicians are not there for the mwananchi who elected them.Their issues come first.WE NEED A BENEVOLENT DICTATOR IN KENYA ! PERIOD !
Good question. Why passat? and why cmc? There is more to this story and the Uhuru Kenyatta than meets the eye? of course saving gas is a good thing but why single sourcing without any output from others?
For people who don't pay taxes their preferences on what to drive is neither here nor there! Beggars don't pay taxes too and they get no luxury to choose! Take it or live it!
UK should explain, there is no food, no water, IDP's need money, so here we go again Passat Scandle, there is always stories with this politicians..........what next.
NTV ni 'Passat Scandal' toa hiyo! Lol. (We have enough problems with my buddy Uhuru OK? Let us make an effort to spell correctly!)
Right on the ball 333! Politicians know there is no life after politics! This is their chance the only one!
what will happen to the mercedes benz?
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