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Good doctor final episode review Videos

REVIEW: Doctor Who Series 6, episode 7 - 'A Good Man Goes to War' | Amy McLean

My thoughts on the series 6 half-way finale of Doctor Who. Please feel free to leave comments etc. Amy x Website: www.mcleanamy.co.uk Twitter: ...

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Interesting review. It was nice to see what another viewer thought of the episode. Regarding the timelord part of Melody/River. I believe the explanation is that during conception the baby was exposed to the extremely unpredictable energy of the time vortex. It has nothing to do with the Doctor himself. So there is nothing, um, taboo, about that situation. :) Are we going to lose River? Well, we have to eventually. As she gets younger there will need to be a differect actor. I'd say more but...
Lorna from the Gamma Forests... A lot of ppl thought the Silurian Maid-Jenny was the real doctors daughter coming back. Refreshing to hear someone say they liked River-I do too, shes my favorite puzzle as well. The Silurian said maybe since River/Melody was conceived on the tardis the time rifts infused or changed her DNA just like it had evolved the real Time Lords DNA but in a really Sped Up was. Plus he has said Amy was special sooo many times so..dunno?-GOOD REVIEW I hope we dot lose river!
I loved this episode. I don't think that this will be the last of river song I think she will be in at least a one more series. I didn't put together song and melody either until you said it too. The reason I think she'll be in more episodes is because even though river is coming to her later years we have all the years of her when the doctor first met her. I can't wait for the second half of the series. I think Steven Moffat has planned this since river's entrance into Doctor Who. GENIUS!
Fantastic review. I've watched the latest episode four times, it grows on me each time. I have a million questions too. One thing from series 5 is bugging me still. The Dr said he came back for Amy for a reason. Did we find out what that reason was, apart from her being involved in adventures so far. I think River must kill the Doctor but every theory I have ends with the baby regenerating? River is my fav character too, she's almost delivering every line perfect, love the 1800s scene!
In series 5, they already tell you that the Doctor and River are going to get married. Amy was talking to the Doctor (the first time Amy meets River. Sorry I don't remember the episode) and he tells her that River is his wife. I just think it's crazy that most people fail to remember that. My best friend didn't, i don't think you did either by the way you talk in your reviews. That SCREAMED in my head every time I saw Doctor and River together! Ugh! Intense.
@charlottexemily There's still more to learn about River. The Doctor pretty much confirmed they have a romantic relationship in the future (You an I...we...*kissing noises*). She's Rory and Amy's daughter, but she also has some sort of romantic relationship with the doctor, as we've seen with all the kissing, flirting etc. What we don't yet know is, what is that relationship (wife?) and also the large question mark over River knowing the Doctor's name.
i don't think we'll lose River after this season, because we will have to see a lot more of her for her to get to the stage of closeness she shares with the Doctor. the Doctor definitely had kids. Jenny for one is still alive, but there have been quite a few references to him having children in the new series. also, we know it for a fact, because his first companion EVER was his granddaughter, Susan.
Amy, River IS Amy's child. They explained that Time Lord's began by being exposed to temporal vortex. Since River was conceived on Rory and Amy's wedding night (which took place whilst traveling in the Tardis), she was exposed to that same temporal energy giving her time lord abilities. Hence that is why she (as a child was regenerating at the end of the season's 2-parter) Understand?
I think the whole River saga was planned by the Moff before he took over from RTD. She has met a few regenerations as she states in Time of Angles, so she can't leave (unless they don't show us her adventures any more). The fact that she is part Time-Lady means the Doctor can meet past regenerations (not future as she's already dead) of her when Alex Kingston decides to leave.
@SmintsGirl Only unopinionated critics google things first. That'd be a stupid thing to do. I good FACTS (dates, times, etc, things that one cannot share an opinion on). This is called opinion, and if I don't understand something then the show needs to work on explaining things. And yes I did know it was because she was conceived in the TARDIS, that wasn't my direct question.
@WillowCreekPictures Also, exciting news that a whole new series has been commissioned for Matt Smith as the Doctor for 14 more episodes on top of the remaining six probably 2012 7 +7 plus a Christmas Special 2011 has been announced. Very exciting. Moffat has a plan, I hope River is in it and I suspect lots of developments will come out from now until then. Very exciting!
Your reviews are pretty good but when you don't get really obvious things i'm sitting at my computer like "ARHGGH" ... The reason river is a bit time lordy is because when she was conceived the tardis was going through the vortex and it had an effect. There's loads of other little things you failed to get but i cba going through them all. Try using google before you post!

Wreck-It Ralph reviewed by Mark Kermode

Mark Kermode reviews Disney's latest CGI animated adventure Wreck-It Ralph. A video-game villain decides to change his ways and become a hero. Please tell ...

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Taken is about a man who will find you. Lifted is a short from 6 years ago (recent, according to Kermode) shown before Ratatouille. Directed by Gary Rydstrom, who did loads of Pixar's sound design, so it's very sound design heavy (prominently features the Wilhelm scream). Rydstrom also did the sound design on Wreck-It Ralph. The circle is complete. P.S. Don't watch Lifted on youtube. A few versions with all sound replaced with bad, user-made stuff. It's on Ratatouille & Pixar Shorts Vol.1 DVDs.
Everything about this movie screams "We know nothing about video games but lets cash in on their popularity". Sarah Silverman doing one of the voices says everything about how little they understand -especially considering most video games have excellent experienced and POPULAR voice actors, who'd even be cheaper to get- this is just another example of hollywood inviting it's best friends to the next money-making project.
It's all about fitting 'equal' screen time with each other more or less which would be difficult to do on a film like this, but yes it would be nice if ralph's friends ie: the villains. Came in to lend a hand and be heroes. I remember that on 'who framed roger rabbit' that the only way warner and diseny lended their characters on screen was to agree that be both on at the same time.
Yes, thats a common complaint. Some have said there should have been a big climax with all the famous characters working with Ralph and so on. I for one liked the film but dont understand why they got the rights to these characters but dont use them to their full potential besides drawing in viewers under slightly false pretences by featuring them heavily in promotion.
Love that Mark enjoyed it despite being a self-confessed "non gamer".As someone who grew up from Pong through to Far Cry 3 (maybe "grew up" is too strong a term! lol) the lovely nostalgic touches made it even more enjoyable (I for example really laughed at the "!" from Metal Gear Solid being in the "lost & found" at Tapper`s bar) P.S. Firstttttt!
I don't quite understand, what movies or games are being 'misinterpreted' here? None of the four main characters' games actually exist. Are you angry at the depiction of Q-bert? Pacman? Pong? As for your other comment, that Sarah Silverman has an annoying voice is the POINT. She is supposed to be an annoying brat who does not fit into the game.
I was so bored by this freaking movie. Almost everyone i know loved it and i'm an avid computer gamer, but the story was simple and predictable and the characters were dull (even had the annoying kid sidekick like in every one of these films.) Maybe I need to see it again, but I honestly found it so tiresome I can't be arsed.
I can't believe more people aren't angry at this disgraceful mess of a movie. Kermode, if someone made a big video game foolishly misinterpreting your favourite movies for no reason other than movies are currently part of popular culture, would you be as angry and disgusted at that video game as I am of this movie?
I took my little brother to this film expecting me to enjoy it because of the reference to all of the retro games and him to enjoy it because the characters 'jump' from game to game. Instead we spent the majority of the movie in a candyland.
These references and humorous jokes look amazingly unfunny, speaking as someone squarely within the target audience for this type of video game movie. But then, I did not care for Monsters Inc (one of only a few Pixar films I did not like).
What's the short film 'Taken'? that Mark's referring to? Just been to the BFI screening tonight of Wreck-It Ralph followed by a Q&A with Rich Moore and Sarah Silverman. Thoroughly enjoyed the film and met Rich after who was charming!
I really did love the movie. Then again I spend half my live playing video games so I can kinda relate to it lol.. the other half is spent watching movies. No idea how I fit work in there....

Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes to War (2011) Review

Happy Friday Everyone! Matthew here and its my turn to review my favourite Matt Smith episode from his tenure and its none other than, A Good Man Goes to ...

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this is the episode that I remember the most from Matt Smith's era although (sorry if I offend you ) but I really hate this story my favourite from the Matt Smith era is Amy's choice as for me it is an episode that keeps me on the edge of my seat
Brilliant review Matthew! This episode is one of 11s best definitely. There's only one flaw and that is the companions bit. Great video! 
Yeah I too think that UNIT and some of the companions should have showed up.
I agree, A good man goes to war is one of my favorites of the new series.

The Good Doctor's concise opinion on Sucker Punch

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@TheInfinityParadox Thank god Goyer and J. Nolan are writing the script, because that's where Snyder massively falters. I'm a massive Cavill and Adams fan so I'll be so disappointed if Snyder messes it up. . .
I saw this today, and I wholeheartedly agree with Doctor K's review. I wanted to like it, but I was bored stiff throughout. And Christopher Nolan asked Zack Snyder to direct "The Man of Steel"....
@ThatIzzyGirl I suppose all we can do is hope that people like Chris Nolan will keep Snyder in check, and not go too OTT with The Man of Steel.
after Ben Affleck, Tony Scott, and Darren Aronofsky.
Kermode, You can go fuck yourself.
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