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Detroit news affiliates Videos

Michigan McCain-Palin supporter says no treats for Obama kids on Halloween

A suburban Detroit woman has decided to scare up the vote among neighborhood children by just offering treats to John McCain supporters. Shirley Nagel of ...

WJBK Detroit: October 6, 1993: Eyewitness News: Michael Jordan retirement

Originally aired on Wednesday evening, October 6, 1993. WJBK was the CBS affiliate in Detroit, Michigan. In this clip, there is a promo for the Eyewitness News ...

WJBK Detroit November 25 1990

Originally aired Sunday evening, November 25, 1990. WJBK was the CBS affiliate in Detroit, Michigan. This clip contains a series of local promos and ...

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Were the credits here from a Motown 25 replay? 
No, it  was a Motown 30 special

ABC Detroit Affiliate: $2,700 Clinton Fundraiser Is A Lot Of Money

WXYZ-DET (ABC) - Detroit, MI.

1997 WXYZ Detroit Week in Review News Promo

A news promo that ran locally on WXYZ in Detroit during October 1997. WXYZ is the ABC affiliate in Detroit.

Patrick Schwerdtfeger interviewed on WDIV, the NBC affiliate in Detroit

//www.80shortcuts.com This video shows a brief television interview recorded at WDIV, the local NBC affiliate in Detroit. The interview was done in ...

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WTG Patrick - very impressive! Just like your awesome book, your interview was clear, crisp, concise and to the point. Thank for sharing the interview (and your personal early morning wake-up call).
Freakin' fantastic Patrick! Gosh I wish I had your skill set. You presented so perfectly and hit really key points! Glad you got your amazing book promoted and your event!
This is so great, Patrick! Right on!

WJBK Detroit June 3 1988: Pistons win the East

Originally broadcast on Friday evening, June 3, 1988 in Detroit, Michigan. WJBK was the local CBS affiliate and this is the opening moments of the news ...

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I remember Boston beat the Pistons in the Dome in game 4 to tie the series at 2-2 and a lot of Detroit fans were thinking oh no, here we go again. But Detroit won game 5 at the Garden and closed out the series against the aging and injury depleted Celtics in game 6.
@crawford371 I hear that. He's a big reason why my Lightning won the Stanley Cup in ought-four.
That's where Eli Zaret went to. He went crosstown from 'DIV to 'JBK.
there is not a solitary clip on youtube of the 88 east conf finals
do you have the rest of the newscast from june 3 1988?
Sorry, this is the spot where my tape ended.
I love these uploads.
4:12 RIP Mr.D
1:14 Who?

1986 WDIV News Promo: Elmore Leonard, Alan Trammell

Originally aired during the spring, summer and fall of 1986, this is a promo for News 4 at 5, 6 and 11 PM. WDIV was and is the NBC affiliate in Detroit, Michigan.

WJBK Detroit October 31 1985

Originally aired Thursday evening, October 31, 1985. WJBK was the CBS affiliate in Detroit, MI. Anchor Kathy Adams delivers the promo for the 11:00 news, ...

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Do you have any clips of CBS saturday morning cartoons from 1982-1986, which aired on WJBK? Do you have clips of the space bumpers that CBS used for its saturday morning lineup in the mid 80s, which was on WJBK? If so, could you air them? Thanks! Also, do you have WJBK's customized version of CBS' Great Moments, We've Got the Touch, and Reach for the Stars campaigns?
"Not Available In Canada?" AAAAARGH! Then again, JCPenney was never in Canada. The closest they had to Penney's was Eaton's. It was still possible to buy a TV at JCPenney in '85, either in a large full-service store or through the catalog. I'm not sure but I think General Electric made the sets for them.
Like if you are born on 31st October 1985 :D
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