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The detroit news Videos

Julian Pavone featured front page of the Detroit News-Age 3

Julian Pavone was featured today on the front page of the Detroit News. See the interview for Julian's upcoming appearance on the Oprah Winfrew Show ...

Hoffa and the Detroit News (From the movie "Hoffa")

Renda Writer in The Detroit News


The dancing Santa Claus

Darius Stallworth takes to the street and dances in a Santa Claus suit.

User Comments

I love him.. I miss living over there in that area seeing him dancing in the winter and summer.
looks like that damn Crack Head from the movie Friday After Next....haaaaaa
he wants ta be thussessul. so do I, but I can't dance
He just wants to be susethful! CANTA BROTHA DREAM!?
Dancing tupac santa with a lisp. But talent indeed.
Fucc them haters, Just rock out, and do U.
...or just get on down.
Only in detroit.
dont get shot
Frank Ocean?
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