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Fox 2 news detroit events Videos

Thank You Taryn Asher from Fox2 News!

BBB Secure ID Day @ Fox 2 Detroit

Interviewed by Fox 2 News

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LOL! I just did a search on YouTube and there you were. Sorry for my late reply. YouTube did not alert me to you replying to me. 
Hmm! My young and sweet LemonGirl is famous and on FOX 2 News also! Wow! I am impressed! :-)
Haha how did you find me?

Orange drink & kicking the can down the road: Charlie LeDuff at TEDxDetroit 2013

Charlie LeDuff is a newsman. He won a Pulitzer for his reporting New York Times. He's worked for The Detroit News and WJBK Fox 2. He's a polarizing figure ...

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was that a fart at 10:47
+Avenge Klaws had to be. Hilarious.


The 11th Republican presidential debate of the 2016 race will feature candidates Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich squaring off in Detroit ...

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Hey RUBIO,,,,,,,, IF YOU KNEW THE FIRST THING ABOUT SUPLY AND DEMAND!!! when the playing feild is fair and Trump does NOT HALF to compete with guys that hire NOTHIN but CHEAP ILLEGAL LABOR,,,,,,, THEN HE WILL NOT HALF TO ,,,,, You are the kind of guy that would like to play a team with NO OUTFEILDERS but you got them,,,,,,,,,,,,Trump WILL make the playing feild FAIR WITH THE DAMN WALL,,,,,,,,,,,,,You just don't GET IT!!!
Why doesn't someone ask Marco Rubio about his million dollar king pin cocaine dealing brother-in-law who was convicted in Cuba? Rubio comes from a terrible family background and I believe his mouth is dry due to the past cocaine abuse he has done himself
Get him OUTTA HERE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Get Him OUT!!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Get that guy OUTTA HERE!!!!!
You are HALF the debator TRUMP IS,,,,,,,,,,,,,RUBIO!!!

Pope Francis arrives in the United States

Pope Francis will arrive in the United States on Tuesday, Sept. 22 at 4:00 p.m. He'll be greated by President Barack Obama and the First Lady, Michelle Obama.

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+..to pope francis ...christians could not avoid same sex marriages in their countries ...they are cowards ,...only islam will save those countries from all sins ......
G8D Bless Our President Obama and as an American Jew I say: the current Pope is a breath of Fresh Air! Amen. YOM KIPPUR - YOM TOV!
God bless America Obama family's white house. and my wife malia Obama
Netanyahu and Putin... Obama and the Pope... interesting days indeed.
thanks Pope for coming to America

Strange things happened when Lee interviewed the stars of Strange Magic

Something strange happened Friday morning when Lee Thomas interviewed Evan Rachel Wood and Elijah Kelley. The final question Lee asked made them ...

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What's up wit dudes hands?
he has vitiligo search a day in the life of lee thomas if u want to find out more
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