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Warner university tournament Videos

Beast of the East finals: Dylan Milonas of Blair defeats TC Warner of Cumberland Valley, 160lbs

Dylan Milonas of Blair defeated TC Warner of Cumberland Valley 5-3 to win the Beast of the East tournament at 160lbs. The annual tournament is held at the ...

University of Texas vs Texas A&M - Lone Star Cup 2012 (Championship)

On April 14, 2012, University of Texas at Austin beat University of Texas A&M 150-60 in the championships of the Lone Star Cup 2012, hosted by Austin.

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Each game has a "seeker floor" that lasts 5-8 minutes. During this time, the seekers are not allowed to leave the pitch to look for the snitch. This ensures that the rest of the game has time to play out. When the snitch comes back to the pitch or when the seeker floor has expired, there are typically two seekers and the snitch himself, accompanied by the snitch ref. In this game, all of the snitches from the tournament decided to "tease" the Texas seeker simply for some entertainment.
Not directly replying, but I thought your comment was a good segway. I'm tired of teams blaming their losses or lack of good performance on the fact that they are missing their "top players." By saying that, you're basically insulting the rest of the team and insinuating that they're nothing without these so-called "key players." Every team has injured players. A team is more than one person. If a team isn't good without their star player, maybe that team isn't good afterall?
I...I get the feeling you didn't read my most recent comment. I said the size of the bat, and the size of the ball. Hitting a rather small ball with a rather thin bat is difficult. And you know what, let's even drop the baseball part, and my analogy still stands. Dribbling in basketball makes basketball more difficult. Same with the no hands rule in soccer. The brooms make quidditch more difficult. People have tried playing without them, and it just doesn't work.
Either you're an idiot or clearly haven't played baseball. The bat doesn't "increase difficulty." You wouldn't be able to play baseball without the bat... it's what allows you to play the game. Without the bat baseball doesn't exist. You could still run around like a bunch of jackasses without the broom. You can't hit a ball without a baseball bat. And what are you talking about the size of the ball in baseball? It's the size of a tennis ball.
NERD ALERT!!!!! but seriously, this is embarrassing that y'all are trying to claim Quidditch as a legitimate sport here at the University of Texas. Grow some balls and play rugby, soccer, or hell, even ultimate frisbee is better than this shit... I sincerely doubt that even J.K. Rowling would be proud right now, hopefully she's at least seeing some money from you fucking H.P. queers!
Yeah, I wasn't suggesting A&M was doing that, just asking if that was the case. And it's one thing to miss a player or two, but it's another to miss, say, your entire starting line-up. At some point, you're not the team you were anymore. And an A&M player replied to me, so I know that this was not the case this time, just exhaustion.
Great job TEXAS! Ya'll have won 1st twice and 2nd once in the past three big tournaments: The first ever 50th annual LSU cup, the 3rd annual Texas A&M Classic and the Lone Star Cup. THERE IS NO DOUBT IN MY MIND THAT THIS SHOWS THAT TEXAS QUIDDITCH IS EASILY THE BEST TEAM IN THE SOUTH, IN THE US, AND IN THE WORLD. Hook 'em
i guess from a different angle, i could see your point with 11:40, but it just seems like (with this angle) that there was no initial contact from the side. it just looks like the guy got beat, and he just grabs him from behind. but agree to disagree. i agree with 13:15, the charge from behind.
We aren't blaming out loss on missing people. We were really only missing like two people from the team we had at the A&M Classic. We just didn't show up the first 5-10 minutes. We had just finished a hard fought game against LSU. Don't worry, we'll be ready for next semester!
Great game! Congrats to Texas on the win. Some A&M players really need to work on their tackling form though, at times it was pretty dangerous. Too many times they would go in with their head down and eventually someone is going to break their neck that way.
Sorry, it's just an opinion that quidditch players hear constantly, so we get rather short fuses about having to explain it over and over again. Like, we have good reasons for keeping the brooms. But yeah, sorry I got so short so quickly.
We had just played LSU literally 5 minutes before and we just weren't playing well. We didn't have our heads in the game and we were exhausted. Sometimes you just lose, but we put up a good fight and I'm proud of that.
That hit seems to be definitely in the rules. He grabbed and went to the ground mostly on the side. 13:15 is the kind of hit they want to prevent and that one should have been called.
Yeah! You know what's also stupid? Having to dribble in basketball. Let's get rid of that rule. I also hate when I'm playing baseball, and have to hit that ball with some stupid bat.
My favorite thing about this video: hearing a chorus of "Catch the snitch!" from the crowd, and looking down and realizing there's still a good 20 minutes left in the video xD
Pretty sure the field is meant to be bigger. Much more fun when its big too. And those polyurethane sticks are pretty dangerous to be running around with between your legs...
snitches get released at the start of the game. since this was a finals game the other snitches were decoys. also sometimes another snitch will act as a snitch ref
This is an awesome video by the way. A&M is such a talented team and this game was super intense! This makes me excited for future tournaments in the South!
Uhh, no. A bat is what ENABLES you to play baseball. It doesn't make it more difficult; it makes it possible. Have you ever seen a baseball game before?
God I started off laughing at this and all is participants but honestly its pretty entertaining once you see people actually getting hit. Kudos.
I... I get the feeling you don't understand physics. But yeah, let's drop it because you're right -- it was a dumbass analogy to begin with
Boy, this didn't seem to reflect A&M's usual showing as a team. What was different in this game? Were they missing a bunch of key players?
does anyone feel like the tackle at 11:40 is from behind? maybe the ref saw something different from his angle, but it looks illegal.
I am kind of new to this game, when do the snitches get released and why are there two snitches in this game?
Whatever, fling meaningless insults. It isn't going to make me enjoy my sport any less.
I CANNOT EVEN WAIT. I'm an incoming transfer class of '17. Count me in for tryouts :)
Why not? Both are things that make their respective sport more difficult to play.
Played it. Both the size of the ball and the size of the bat increase difficulty.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner

The actor Malcolm-Jamal Warner, in Charlotte, N.C., for the 2010 CIAA basketball tournament, made a stop at Johnson C. Smith University to meet with drama ...

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I guess he won't be working anytime soon, since he does not like Tyler Perry's shows. I know some of Tyler's work lack substance, however, what we fail to realize is it is entertainment, not thought provoking, but just a quick laugh. Sometimes that is what we need to forget about our problems. Did he notice Tyler is the only one who is hiring many of these black actresses. He is revived and kick started many careers.
Yep why can't Tyler just make a movie with great plot no stereo types loud ghetto mommas uncles gays weed bafoonery and rap.... Just a movie that tells people to "advance".
How can he criticize Tyler when he did "Malcolm and Eddie" tv series. Now that was just as bad as "Meet the Browns" and "House of Payne" maybe even worst.

Postgame Interview {02-27-14} - Lonnie Blow, Jr. (Virginia State head MBB coach)

VSU head men's basketball coach Lonnie Blow, Jr. recaps an 82-63 loss to Johnson C. Smith University on February 26th in the 2014 CIAA Tournament at the ...

Lax For TaTas Tournament

Unfinished Business: UTRGV Women's Basketball Set for WAC Tournament Championship Game Rematch

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