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Simon warner leeds university Videos

The Mona Lisa of rock'n'roll? Peter Blake, the Beatles and the Making of the Sgt. Pepper Sleeve

Simon Warner talked on the making of the artwork for the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's sleeve, and its interesting connections to the University.

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The camera person screwed this bad! Sorry but horrible.

Get Lucky [Cover] by The Rebel Sounds @ VW Festival 2013, Leeds, UK

Get Lucky - Daft Punk "The ultimate party band" blending funky classics like Stevie Wonder into our own versions of "old school 90's dance classics" like "let me ...

Gareth Meredith - Black Chandelier (Biffy Clyro acoustic cover)

Mother! Mother! It's all black, mother!

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Oh I kind of stuffed up the sound mixing on that last 40 seconds, didn't I? Ah well, like I can be arsed to do it again.
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