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Northridge university nursing Videos

The Northridge Nursing Home Evp's Volume 1..wmv

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@JoGurlzStuff yeah i sit on the toilet and ask them the questions "Pants up" because the bathroom is so quiet..u can hear a pin drop in there lol, thanx for the comment!
That hector one is scary as hell.
HOly cow that is amazing!

The Northridge Nursing Home Evp's Volume 2..wmv

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its late here bob but that makes me want to cry, ahh your taking him or her with you right? lol ahh just like one calling me a nurse after death, my dad died in a nursing home/rehab and he couldn't take the hurt one more time, changing his cath, told us they were animals. sounds like one of them doesn't want to stay there, might follow you anyway. Breaks my heart. Brings memories seeing live patients wanting to go leave with visitors. Do you think you'll be able to not have at least one follow?

California State University Northridge. - Matadors Night 2015

Nurses Week University Health Care

University Health Care Nurse rock! At the hospital, Moran Eye Center, Huntsman Cancer Hospital, UNI, Orthopaedic Center, Community Clinics.

Northridge changes summer school program

Northridge is trying out a new summer school program that uses college students as teachers.

Northridge Place

Northridge Chiropractor Patient Walks Well After Hip Fracture

//northridgechiropractor.com 818-341-LIFE (5433) Patient fractured his hip 6 weeks ago and has had to use a walker. He demonstrates walking on his own ...

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i have DHS, can i do squats? thanks
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