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California state university northridge industrial engineering Videos

CSUN Music Industry Audition & Decision {sweetbee}

VLOG TIME!! Watch in HD for better quality :) Find out if I make it in! Tip: To be fully prepared for a university level audition, its best to get assistance from a ...

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enjoyed this video, csun is my number one pick! Super bummed you didn't make it in the program. Did they give you any further direction as to what you need to do if you were still interested in pursuing that department of study?
+Andres Gomez You're welcome! Feel free if you have any more questions! For sure! Good luck!
+sweetbee Thanks for the advice! Stay in touch maybe ill see you around if i get in!
+Andres Gomez I bet you will! Prepare now before the auditions in late January. It wont exactly say when until it gets closer to that time. Last year it was on January 31st or Feb. 14th. Don't worry you'll do fine! :P Like I said, prepare and asoget more info of the major online if possible. As you may need to take the placement tests (if you want to test higher). You got now till January :P Go for it!
+sweetbee Awesome! I've been really looking into this place. Hopefully you make it! I applied for Fall aswell have you heard anything as far as when the next auditions are? They haven't posted them on the site yet. I'm super nervous that I might not even get accepted into the university since I'm a non local transfer and the campus and music department is impacted
+Andres Gomez Thank you! Yeah hopefully I make it for the Fall, though next time to actually get the necessary help (like a voice coach) and pick an appropriate song...so theres hope :)
how was the process to get into the program? I transferring into CSUN next year but into the business department. Im really interested into switching into that program.
+Oscar Lopez You can audition in the beginning of the semester to be accepted in for the next. Unfortunately, the audition application for the Spring have passed. The next coming auditions are in January to be accepted into the Fall. Just keep checking on the CSUN Music website and click Audition for more info and updates. Theres an application process, then the audition date, and depending on the instrument you pick, that what you perform. Then theres an interview after your audition to see if you got accepted. After that, you have an essay to do, but then again it could depend. Thats all I know at this point. Hope this helps and good luck! :)


California State University - Northridge MSE 504 - Engineering Management.

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