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Working egg drop project Videos

Natasha's Egg Drop Project

Final Video of Egg Drop Project.

Egg drop project

Hi, The structure is made entirely of straw drinks. It also tried to use more nodes in it's structure ( the more nodes or joints, the more stability in truss). Altitude: ...

How to make an egg drop project work

Protect and egg for a school project.

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Stop shake in the camera you made me throw up
I'm her brother I'm 9 now she's 11

Paper Cone Egg Drop Analysis (PHYSICS EXPLAINED)

Analysis of egg drop project made only of paper, duct tape, and rubber bands. It survived the drop from a bell tower. Best egg drop design.

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We used this in my 8th grade physics class which let us use pretty much unlimited supplies so I won. However, this year in sociology we are doing the same thing but with social classes applied. Instead of unlimited supplies, we are given "money" based off of a random social class applied to us, so we have to try to "buy" supplies under a budget. I'm hoping I can apply this idea again. Mine worked fine without flaps, but I used like three layers of construction paper so it was very heavy and it was only dropped from the top of a ceiling. Nice video though :P

Matthew's Egg Drop Project

Egg Drop using toothpicks and hot glue from 3rd story. I cradled the egg with strips of unmelted hot glue and bulit around it to cushion its fall.

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in this project, we must use only toothpicks and hot glue. we are not allowed to use tapes, stapler, sponge, paper and anything. 10 straws and paper has different experiment but same concept that we need to protect the egg...
Nice job! Very good design. And kudos for actually testing it. I just built it and hoped it'd work on the due date. Hope it works when you drop it for Steen on Monday. -Jordan F.
Oh my gosh what's the blonde kids name at the beginning of the video that starts doing that crazy dance? He is gorgeous :)
Good one I did one too mine was a wheel of toothpicks. And I hope it works it seems good at home so hope it works great
i wish i cold use toothpicks!!! we could only use like 15 popsicle sticks and 50 rubberbands and an egg holder!!!!
his name is Sam Morey, i went to school with all these guys, if you don't believe me hes on twitter haha
"omg my hands are so shaky its like cloverfield" hahahaha lmao! thats fucking kik ass gangstah ;D
We're not allowed to cushion the egg's fall with the hot glue. Damn it. AWESOME DESIGN THOUGH! :)
How much did it weigh? btw if it was
"my hands are so shaky its like Cloverfield over here!" :)
did it work!?! hang on.. hang on.... it worked. WOO
Yay! I love the way the toothpick structure looks.
we only used 10 straws, papers and egg! it worked!
i mean great accidentally misspelled

Egg Drop Project

Our egg drop project.

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I made mine out of jell-o, and dropped from 35 feet... It worked haha and the bag exploded on everybody but I made 120 cause I made rainbow jell-o :) Yah we could have any wind resistant devices at all and a certain weight :/
Thank you for your time on showing me how to do the egg experiment. Now at least i think i'll get an A for my science thing on egg dropping experiment. Once again thank you, you saved me.
this thursday my school is havin the egg drop pretty lame if u ask me but jello, cotton. a box, and a parechute will work with buuble wrap but this will work too.
I'm not sure if we're supposed to make something for it to land in or drop down with it... Important questions that I should've asked already! Ughhh!
What are the things holding the egg up? And, how did you secure the pink things on the sides? Please help! Egg drop project due soon!
For my school project we got to do it the cheapest and smallest way in order to win a contest Lol 
I have to throw mine off of a football stadium. ( A pretty big one at that )
nice video we had a egg drop at r school today and i won because of this =)
@1stutubevid we have one at our school we have to drop it down 2 stories XD
Ha ha coffee can........The Shoe Failed Horribly Though...Poor Shoe
@TheMasterOfSoccer7 on mine you cant put a parachute
This was like 2 years ago... I cant remember... sorry
IT BARELLY BROKE, but the popcorn still good LOL nice
*throw egg off a skyscraper* Oh no it's dea- alive!
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