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Klystron working principle Videos


Magnetron //www.txcorp.com/vsim.

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what is going on???
+John Kennedy Magmatron* Kappa
+Jamukhablood they are showing a magnatron

Klystron Frequency Modulator.mov

This is another test of Nitroman's great C4D plug-in, ElectricFX. There is a scene in "Forbidden Planet" where they talk about repairing the critically needed ...

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ASR-9 Klystron Filament Current Problem

ASR-9 Filament current amplitude jitter and noise on AC squarewave.

7.1 - RT linear accelerators - energy generation

This video describes how radiotherapy linear accelerators accelerate electrons for use in beam generation. Includes: Microwave source - klystron Travelling ...


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Electronic Devices: Special diode - Varactor Diode

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Good video. I learned a lot from it. Thanks for sharing.
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