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Pk working party Videos

PK Movie Success Party | Rajkumar Hirani Enjoyed working with Aamir Khan

Rajkumar Hirani speech at PK Movie Success Party. Click here to watch:- Bajrangi Bhaijaan Official Teaser Motion Poster : https://youtu.be/S03wfzPkIcc ...

Anushka Sharma at PK movie's success party hosted by Ranbir Kapoor.

Bollywood beauty Anushka Sharma at PK movie's success party hosted by Ranbir Kapoor at Silver Sands 73, Carter Road Mumbai. SUBSCRIBE to see more ...

Kangana Ranaut at PK movie's success party.

Kangana Ranaut attended the PK movie's success party. The outstanding success of PK in India and overseas has given a reason to the cast and crew of the ...

EA NHL 14 Launch Party with P.K. Subban

Girls on Games chat with Montreal Canadiens defensemen P.K. Subban about EA's latest edition to the NHL series, NHL 14. Accompanying blog post: ...

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Be honest Leah, how did you feel when you were interviewing PK. You looked really composed BUT HOW DID YOU REALLY FEEL? :)

Runescape Legacy PK Commentary | BAMF SPEC for Profit! | High Risk Bandos

I was hurting in the bank department after training herblore and invention so I thought i'd try to make some cash. You could say it went pretty well :) Thanks so ...

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love u
+Chainbody <3
nice man ! :)
+Hujoppi RS Thanks!
the pure at 5:25 was crunchy cube. good video btw :)
+Ye Its Dusty Thanks :)
Keep up legacy pkingp
+gavin belbin Will do!
I feel like legacy pking is more like the first one who gets his opponent to half HP wins.
It might be that now u have to safe up at 600 while before it was at 500
+driftershoot I cut out about twelve fights that ended in tabs, so i'd have to disagree with that :S
enjoyed the video! we should fight i am lvl 98 in wildy :)
+hoolipvper rs rsn?
0:00 What if it isn't Ryan here?
Almost 5000 :)
Ahh that's terrifying

mr m3n runescape darkbow party hat pk video

This is Mr M3n, 99 strength 99 range 99 mage I have been given permission from Mr M3n to upload this for him.

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this guy fucking sucks no wonder q p killed him in like 5 shots when i was 11 i could pk bettter then him. dont right so shitty long message saying oh u gay fag he is fucking good that means your fucking shit dont bother waisting your time replting i wont see any of the shit good/bad....
ATTENTION!! Need a fire cape?? Simple search "dthetank" on youtube for a trusted firecape. Cheap, Trusty and Quick, what more could you want? He even got mine for 500k highly trusty. Thanks.
@ro10bee get fucked so shit? its still classed as rs and ur the nerd take a fucking breath outside u dipshit the only one u smell is ur own gass ur fucking farty one
lol dude you blow.if you think the crappy graphics of this vid are gunna make people think that the mudskipper hat is a yellow phat you got another thing coming
man.. this was runescape in its prime.. and no its not a private server this was how it was in 07... uploaded in 07 and lost pkz.... wasent around then
why do ppl sit in wildy and click on a emote they cant do..and just sit there with the message saying you cannot do "goblin bow" then attack a player?
Why did you bother calling this vid "party hat pk video" if there are no clips of party hat pking in it..? All that's gonna do is lower the ratings:)
lmao im 16 and ill kick the shit out of u come to newcastle if u want, and im a boxer so u will be on ur ass in seconds
Borin music slow pking low hits with scimy speed up the vids we dont want to see all tis boring make it faster =]
lmfao! 1. fruggo is permantly gone. 2. you cant range from afar in frugoo. 3. wild didnt work well in frugoo.
Mysterios your such a fucken dipshit, if you were a real rs player you would know these were old graphics
Dude this is runescape dumbass, it was before pking was taking, all the HD Graphics, and was in 2007
@heyitsmechadwaren Or you're a fucking dumb ass that just started playing this year. Dumb ass idiot
ur sad this is old runescape...u havent played rs long at all..fuckin 10 year old shut the fuck up
and at the start he was pwining only lvl 82 ..wtf! he cant pwin highers?he fights whit small lvls
@morgangangful dumb fucking idiot level 50 in real runescape lolololol l2play old rs 10 year old.
Wow I have a shit account on rs but I started in 2006 fucking new fags thinking this is mopar
this is the old origional wildy, if you were there you would know, it brings memories lol =]
player-killing no longer a skill it is just a matter of sharks ice barrage and dclaws......
@HeyItsMeChadWarden rofl did u just start playing runescape? look at the date retard...
wtf? slipknot are sick stop hating on them u wasteman MCR is emo get ur facts right.
your a fucking spaz with your clicking and moving screen....get help u fucking bitch
I like how you immature kids like to swear because you think your so cool. grow up.
you dont know how to film first of all..... second of all.... title is false

Rajkumar Hirani & Anushka Sharma EXCLUSIVE Interview | PK Movie

Subscribe NOW To Our Network Channels :- ZoomDekho - //goo.gl/olJaiw Telly Talk India - //goo.gl/Q2pq7u Watch Anushka Sharma & Rajkumar ...

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i wish thr would b kareena or sonakshi instead of anushka......anushka is yuk....
bhai aap ramgarh ke sholay dekho
So, Anushka thought she was rejected, but the fact is the audition tape didn't reach him. And then when they met, she kept talking about Rockstar and he thought nobody wants to work with him. xD How cute was that!
Each time they tell a diffrent story..anushka told a different story..that the guy told her first bcs he cud rmember her..then she got tape from him which she showed to raju later..and raju completely turned the story..they keep making stories..though audition tape might be real bcs her lips were of before surgery..its soo confusing..!!

Makers Of Aamir Khan Starrer PK Working On The Sequel

Vidhu Vinod Chopra Accidentally Revealed There Is A 'PK' Sequel.

Runescape Pk Video: Some Amazing Hits! Great K0's!

hey guys, i hope you guys enjoy this. i worked very hard for like 3 days trying to put this together so a 'like' would be greatly appreciated for my hard work ...

User Comments

hey man nice video. jw do you do any give aways on rs cause i got hacked? but if ur doing giveaways be sure to let me know
by the way what song is the 1 from the beginning to the end lol
nice vid man :) - Hope regen from #fatkid_Sqaud
nice video m8, u had some good hits
can you make a vid how to pk ?
whats the song!!
Nice vids bro
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