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Cleveland cavaliers kevin martin Videos

Kevin Martin scores 32 points in first half

//www.clutchfans.net Houston Rockets guard Kevin Martin scores 22 points in the first quarter and 32 total in the first half in Houston's win over the Cleveland ...

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@PoloRugbyBoyNigga he didn't get the minutes because he wasn't effective. i hate to say it, but with the exception of maybe five games, ab wasn't very good. he was wildly inconsistent. this season, kyle lowry was the better point guard. and yea, that probably had something to do with aaron's ankle, but you can't take anything away from kyle's game. and more importantly, our team was responding to kyle running the show, and no one can tell me otherwise. and dude, kmart is a defensive slouch.. lol
ROFL, do you actually look at the stats of the players you critique or just make random comparisons as it seems? Martin is one of the most efficient offensive players in the league, dude scores like 17 on 13 shots. Not only will he not need any more shots then he was getting, but he should be more open on those shots, and he scores a lot off ball; Hence there s no reason at all to expect his production to drop, barring injury, after he adjusts to the offense. Plus Lamb & 2 1st rounders? Hatin'.
Don't be fooled by this. I'm telling u now. Felt the same way when lakers got Jamison. I saw he averaged 17.2 points last year n had some 30 point games last year too but preseason has proven its only cause he was asked to shoot alot n carry cavs like kmart n Houston. Jamison: 17.2 ppg 40.4%, 5ppg in preseason. Kmart:17.1ppg 41.3%. Same players. Not enough shots, not enough points. Lucky we still have nash, Dwight, Kobe n pau though to carry load. Brace yourself ppl. Thunder are in trouble....
@ranchicken Well aren't we all high and mighty with our use of curse words. Just because I proved your ass wrong, you don't need to make fun of Kevin Martin being about 999,999,999 times better than you at basketball. T-Mac sucks now, he's not athletic anymore, that's what his game was based on. He's old and washed up. Kevin Martin scored 24 on Manu ginobli, 28 on Wilson Chandler, 26 on Kobe Bryant, 21 on Aaron Afflalo and 22 again on Kobe. Your a piece of shit who doesn't know shit. BITE ME.
@PoloRugbyBoyNigga aaron brooks was not the ab of last year... by any measure. when he came back from injury he struggled to fit into the offense and was ineffective for the most part with the ball in his hands. kyle lowry played his was into that starting spot when ab was gone, and continued to play so well that rick had no choice but to keep him there. and no matter how good kevin's offense is, it's undeniable that he's a liability on the defense end. adelman did all he could, mannn.
@ranchicken You are an absolute fool, he attempts 14.4 field goals per game and 9 free throws at which he shoots 91% from the stripe. He is more efficient than Kobe Bryant. Kevin Martin is 19th all time in True Shooting % and 22 all time in scoring efficiency. Are you stupid? I think its a bit early to say who is and isn't making the playoffs, the 8th spot is under .500. I don't really think you know very much about basketball. "Get some facts and come back and see me" - Jim Calhoun
@PoloRugbyBoyNigga who am i talking about? AARON BROOKS OF COURSE YOU RETARD why on earth would i be taking about k-mart hes playing great and you mentioned more than 2 name you dumbass(rick adelmen, kevin martin,Aaron Brooks, and kyle lowry) READ YOUR COMMENT GEEZE retards theses days AND ONE MORE THING LEARN HOW TO SPELL THAT COMMENT MAKES NO SENCE
@jameschmidt1 shut the fuck up jimmy what ever the fuck your name is houston is not making the playoffs and kevin martin is so garbage when he trys to shoot it looks like hes mentally disabled i give it on month and tracy mcgrady will be shitting on houstonwhen they play and kevin martin cant score withreal defence there playing the fukin cavs
@ranchicken excuse me your messing with probably the most underrated player the past 3 years. who cares if he shoots ugly becuase he makes every shot of it best shot selector and is quick as hell. hahahhaha funny becuase your on a video where he made 32 points in one half winning the game with 40 points.
Chupa essa varejão...........I think Varejão is the worst Brazilian guy on the NBA, Leandrinho,Splitter and the best, Nenê, oh yeah, these guys are the real Brazilian product.............eu não sei como Varejão ainda joga na NBA, não sei como ele não arregou e veio logo pra NBB........¬¬
@DontFearGrim why becuase of his shot form then fuck you its better to have a bad shot form and make em unlike those mindless and emocionless overrated players like Danny granger who has a good shot form but not even close to kevin martin's field goal fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@ranchicken LOL he takes like 30 shots or like 7 shot what a dumbass his field goal is way better than ball hog bryant he goes more for the free throw line than shooting so shut the fuck up. even if he did shot 30 shots hed make 25 of those shots biotch!!!!!!!!!!!
@ranchicken tmac wasnt doing shit for us when he was here. we just need yao and ab back because kmart dissappears in the 4th qtr. he dropped 30 pts on a terrible team like the cavs, who willingly bent over so that no ring king james could sodomize them
@dm319756 Every player on the rockets are on the trade block and plus they were supposedly trying to trade him to trade up in the draft. I hope they don't trade him because he is my favorite player and a top 10 scorer in the NBA.
@EverythingMagic101 Kyle Lowry, Luis Scola and Kevin Martin are untouchables. I don't want them to trade any of those 3 guys. Kevin Martin is a great scorer but they say his defense is bad. You can say that about Carmelo Anthony.
and one more thing, kyle lowry has proven him self as a solid point guard, AB was my favorite player but we needed change and that was bad news for AB at the Trade Deadline because he was playing like shit and we all knew it
He was my FAV rocket's..dude is a starter...but he probably end up in Chi-town watch lol. since they need a SG and him and ROSE/Boozer/Noah be a good line up..and im a rockets fan....he aint gon sit in the bench.
@PoloRugbyBoyNigga well u must not be watching the rockets games because hes playing horrible, kyle has evolved in to a beast, and if you say am wrong then get the fsROCKETS channel, thats why we traded his ass
only thing that really was suffering with him was his defense, only thing that kept me from going crazy over himm.... that being said tho I appreciated his offense and contributions for my team (rockets)
@ranchicken he did it on kobe and has done it on almost any players you rather might be a fool becuase he does good counter moves and thats why he makes a fool out of great defenders.
of coarse he can u dont get to the free throw line the 2nd most in the nba and avg. 25.5 ppg in the nba if u cant create ur own shot of the dribble (UNLESS UR A CENTER)
@jameschmidt1 i'm with you bro everybody has to help us so he can go to the all star game and go to the three point contest and skills challenge probably horse too.

Kevin Martin vs Cleveland Cavaliers 2013.11.04

[12.11.10] Kevin Martin - 40 Points Vs Cavaliers (Complete Highlights)

Kevin Martin scores 40 points vs the Cleveland Cavaliers on December 11, 2010.

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yea i just can't talk about his jump shot cuz my jumpshot is just like his jumpshot! :) Trust me, it works if you do this with your mind!
i saw this game and enjoyed it aswell as the 45 point game of his.His scoring ability is unique i like it.
Oh man This was the best birthdaypresent I got ever Thank you kevin martin You are one of the best
i tried his shooting form too! it works. its weird but its a very smooth way of shooting! :)
His shot is very unorthodox but it works
damn, his shooting form is weird as fuck
@Canonall but it goes in tho :/
Why does he shoot from the hip?

Cleveland Cavaliers Official 2012-2013 Intro HD

Check it out , Check it out..... Cleveland Cavaliers Official 2012-2013 Introduction in HD is here. Don't forget guys Subscribe for more Videos...... Tags : Dwyane ...

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There's a reason fans have faith. Kyrie, Dion, TT, Varejao and now Bynum, Bennett and Jarret Jack. Sorry like Jacj
как песня называется и кто её поёт?
Cavaliers jave the best intro of the NBA
nice intro!!!!!!!!! go cavs!!!!!!!!!
what is this song's name?
что за трек???
Go Varejao!!!!!!!!!!
MGK – Invincible
Great intro

[March 30, 2013] Ersan Ilyasova - 29 Points, 14 Rebounds Full Highlights vs Oklahoma City Thunder

Ersan Ilyasova had 29 points,14 rebounds in the loss to Oklahoma City Thunder 109-99 Enes Kanter, Utah Jazz, Ersan İlyasova, Derrick Favors, Al Jefforson, ...

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I hope bucks stays in this form, great game :)
karşısındakinin ıbaka oldugnu unutmayın !
both thumbs up !!! gr8 job
Ersan! You are my man! :)
n the zone ersan...
Ersanityyyyyyy !!!

Chicago Bulls vs Cleveland Cavaliers Highlights

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where is who that guy...... derick rose.

Kevin Martin's Nice And-One | Cavaliers vs Thunder | NBA 2012-13 Season Nov 11, 2012

like our Facebook page: //www.facebook.com/NBAFansHome Kevin Martin drives to the bucket, picks up the foul and gets the friendly roll on the shot.

NBA 2K15 Minnesota Timberwolves Vs Cleveland Cavaliers 24-12-2014

Game: NBA 2K15 Platform: PC Gamer: hkkane Gameplay Date: 23 December 2014 Walkthrough Part./ Note: Minnesota Timberwolves Vs Cleveland Cavaliers ...

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I like the graphics
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