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Fender jaguar bass active passive Videos

Fender American Standard Jaguar Bass

SPECS Model Name: American Standard Jaguar® Bass, Rosewood Fingerboard, Olympic White Model Number: 0194700705 Series: American Standard ...

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Does it works without battery?
+Kadhir Alvarado Yes, imagine only passive. But passive and battery removed works ok?
Not for active. Passive yes. Active needs battery power.
Whats is the cost?
Depends where ya go. Around 1200-1500
Oh man, do these things sound nice. Fender did not market these very well. Just heard about them.
Heck yes! I highly recommend this bass! For everyone
the scroll nobs are bass and treble no volume and tone
I said tone selection on the tone knobs.
Would you recommend this bass guitar
Some companies let Ya finance it. Zzsounds.com will for sure. //youtu.be/qO_iNt41Qpo
Thanks I'm definitely gonna save up for this :)
Highly recommend this bass! It's the best of both world of a precision and jazz setup. You can play any style with this bass.

Fender Bass Jazz project almost done!

So, I completely redid my fender jaguar bass. It's now passive with a stacknob jazz setup, seymour duncan pickups, a babicz fullcontact bridge, and a hipshot ...

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sounds great man!
Thanks man!

Big Ear NYC Woodcutter Bass Demo

A quick run-through of the Big Ear NYC Woodcutter. This is one of the best straightforward Rat clones I've ever played through. I'm using Fender USA Jaguar ...

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it is really nice. I want to a/b it with the MXR Bass dist.

Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass V - Sound Review

Check out my facebook page: www.facebook.com/fs.photos Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass V Sound Review: All lame riffs served the comparability to get a ...

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Nice review and good job playing the same thing so we could actually hear the exact differences in tonality at different settings!! Your bass sounds very nice. The only thing that has kept me away from 5 string Fenders is that i haven't played one where i didn't think the B string felt to wooly and not taught enough. I can hear that with your bass on your demo as well. Everything else sounds awesome!
Killer tone and playing! I think the older, '95-'08 American Deluxes are far and away better than the new, post-2010 lineup, which IMO takes a step back from being "Modern" Jazz & Precision Basses (the P/DC models that had the Dual Coil humbucker to fill in the P-Bass tone with J-Bass mids) to a somewhat odd mixture of old & new school.
Don't like the slap tone. Fender obviously used a 60s style pickup routing. I prefer the 70s routing where the treble PUP is a 1/2" closer to the bridge. The 70s routing has a funkier tone with more cut. The Marcus Miller signature bass is a perfect example of that sound.
good video, check out my channel! great stuff good explanation nice approach I like it very helpful Sounds good! You have talent! Very inspiring. Keep up the great work. I like your sound. Nice job. Nice Cool Very cool
finally someone understands that a bass review is not talking what bass you had before and where you play it and what your grandma sent you last Christmas, good job THANKS!
Sounds absolutly fantastic. This is the Fender sound tahat is the reason I and many others choose to play these wonderful basses. And awesome playing too!
Very good review! Thanks for letting get a taste of that bass before I purchase. You've got some serious talent also.
have you tried the Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass (Natural 5-String)? if you have how much of a difference is it?
those fenders are nice I think they are 34 scale.Wish they were 35 scale that B would ring tighter
that great is your bass As is the price of that bass guitar $ $ $ $ $ $???
Finally someone uses the B string on a five string bass review!
And that folks, is how a bass/sound demo is done. Nice job.
You selling this? I really would enjoy owning that c:
de donde eres y te puedo dar una aproximacion
como cuanto valdrá un bajo de estos???
As is the bass price of this model?
What amp are you using? Great demo!!!!
Comprehensive review. Nice job bro
Starting 0:38 - for sure :)
en mi pais 2.000 dolares
geile Mütze :-)
MarloweDK lick? :)

Active to Passive: Part 1

This 2 part video documents the conversion of an Ibanez ART with active pickups being adapted to take passive pickups. Join The Discussion At: ...

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Actives are the worst. Buying emgs was a big mistake!!
+James S sweet i don't really care for them because they are kinda muddy
+Human_Ghost69 I already got the invader and im more than happy with it
+James S hey if you like output but not compressed sounds, try out the Seymour Duncan Black Winter's
+Guillaume Lortie Thanks for the tip. Its just emgs are not for me. Im getting an invader and am going to see how that works out
+James S before changing them, try a 24V batterie in them, you might be surprised how clean, open and uncompressed they will sound
Don't see what all the fuss is about over Active pickups..I just installed some Zakk Wylde active EMG 81/85 pickups in my Les Paul and it screams! And you know what? It plays cleans great as well!...maybe you active haters are just using bad amps? I run mine through a Line 6 Valve 212 Tube Amp.
+Amr Hammam (Amir) You know, It's a good idea to plug out the jack from the guitar after playing. Otherwise it will drain the battery ludicrously fast. ;)
+Amr Hammam Yeah, you lose ALL output when the battery is dead/not there. I tried it out on my high gain channel - it sounded like a light crunch. Defs need the battery.I'd probably check out the 57/66 set in person if you can, YouTube and music reveiwers tend to make pickups sound way too similar in demos usually. 
+flagmuffin1221 I'll check them out, thanks! This sounds pretty cool.I have to switch my battery every month or so. Of course it plays even if I don't switch the battery, but the sound  is just weak and...meehhh. 
+Amr Hammam I've literally swapped my battery like...3 times in the 3 years of owning my active guitar? Not that unreliable. Also, you don't exactly buy actives to mess with blues or jazz. Clean jazz and blues, it's actually pretty good. They're not worse than passives, they just have a different clean sound, brighter sort of. The EMG 57/66 set is apparently the bridge between passive and active, and I'm actually looking at getting some soon. You should check them out as well.
Give it a couple of months. I used to worship active pickups and I would've done anything to get some active pickups. Got my first active pups (EMGs 81 and 85) and I couldn't contain myself from the excitement. After a few months, I was so over them. I absolutely hate them. First of all, they're completely unreliable because, well, they run on batteries. You have no idea how many times I would be playing and I find the sound gradually dying because of the battery. But that's just a battery, no big deal, right? Just swap it out for a new one. Well it gets annoying after the first three times.Also, the versatility. God, how limited they are. Active pups are metal machines. As long as you're playing some heavy stuff, they're great. But when you try to experiment with the "softer" stuff, they're a nightmare.

Jaguar Bass MIJ

Jaguar Bass, MIJ, demoing sounds in passive (first) and active (second) mode. Played through a guitar amp since I have no bass amp, miked with a Shure 57.
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