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Fender jaguar glasgow Videos

Jackson JS 1X Rhoads Minion Snow White - sound check at guitarguitar Glasgow - 1st March 2016

Jackson JS 1X Rhoads Minion Snow White - sound check at guitarguitar Glasgow - 1st March 2016 Product Overview Great things come in small packages!

Fender Live: Waters Performs "I Feel Everything"

Emerging from the ashes of folk band Port O'Brien, the Van Pierszalowski-led alt-rock outfit Waters has rightfully garnered a ton of praise for latest album "What's ...

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I hate when people bash on bands like this. I admit, when I was a teenager, I thought all bands that weren't like Tool or Dream Theater were shit bands that played retarded music for sheep. Now I've matured a bit, and as a professional musician (guitarist/lead singer) I know first hand how much hard work, effort, obsession, and talent that goes into a band achieving this level of success. Sure it isn't something I'd go out and buy, but I can APPRECIATE what they are doing and would NEVER bash or thumbs down their video. I SUPPORT MUSICIANS. Bashing bands reveals your immaturity and shows the world that you are not a gigging musician, you are narrow-minded, and probably have little empathy for people in general. Sorry for the rant, I just get tired of people bashing bands who've worked their butts off to achieve what they have. It's just a shame that the music community doesn't show support for each other and doesn't appreciate or show respect. You know these band members read these comments...
+Hollis Prince I completely agree. I was a huge Tool fan when I was in high school, and there's something about that band that makes people extremely pretentious. Then I started listening to the Beatles, and my musical tastes opened up.Also, I see some people complaining about the "types" of artists Fender is giving attention to, which tend to be indie, singer-songwriter types. In my opinion, I think Fender should be praised for this. They're targeting working musicians who literally have to play concerts just to pay their bills. The members of this band "Waters" don't make six figures. Conversely, look at Gibson right now. You're spending 4 grand to get a Les Paul Standard. Are there cheaper Gibsons? Yes. But anyone who's picked one up will tell you that the quality control is terrible on them. An American Standard strat is roughly $1500. Is that a lot of money? Yes, it is. But it's a lot more attainable for a working musician who is literally going to buy it once and use it for the rest of their life. Plus, if you can't afford that, you can check out something in the Mexican range.Long story short: Kudos to Fender.
I think the Bashers are not happy about the calibre of the bands that fender is promoting. They don't match the expectations of the average fender fan. This song here however is ok, by the time I heard it till the end, it was kinda catchy. The appearance and presentation of the band is alright too I guess. The calibre of the previous 'well known' and defining artists of the fender brand,of course, will never be matched and probably never will. so the Bashers here will probably have to learn to settle anyway.
+Hollis Prince Yes, preach brother.
There ain't a scale big enough to measure how much I hate this. I hate everything about it. and I hate that Fender has such a close relationship with this band, and I use the word band very lightly. Let me be clear... I HATE it. They don't even have minimal talent. It's shit, nothing more and it pisses me off cause you just know they got their gear free. I've purchased 8 Fender guitars over the years and 4 Fender amps (all great) but I don't even get a half assed deal, these kids get free stuff. Little shits!!!
+Mud Wiser damn 8 guitars and 4 fender amps, that must mean you can play like a god. Just shut up.
Sounds like a Grouplove B-side
+Darrien Day THANK YOU! at least someone gets it!
haha! That's a good way to put it
OMG this is horrible.
I'm not a fan either
+Mark Lugg hahaha
+godfatherNYC Fuckin' hipster music!

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