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Got milk miley cyrus Videos

Miley Cyrus Got Milk? Video

Warning: This video is only for educational and promotional purposes only. I do NOT own the Copyright. For video info check go to the official site ...

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on what? u sure it's the right comment u reply to? =] It's nothing to be jelous of. She's got no brain,no taste,she takes almost nude pics of herself,she *somehow* manages to look dumb in every pictre I see of her and the list could go on. Don't just assume that YOUR standards are the same as everyone's. Peace.Don't let this bitch-in-the-making*she has yet to go to jail* start a fight between us,nothing person.
you know the straight forward she acts like her age *gets slamed for a slut* acts like a young actor* slamed for beign a slut * does a cover shot for a model Mag * slamed for being not so pure white as everyone wanted * Give me a break thiers nothing wrong with the way shes acting or behaving have you studied or watched your teen daughter mite be a eye opener for you
ppftt,then do like miley cyrus,if u like her so mouch and post revealing pictures of yourself on myspace and show us how 'pretty' u really are!Please PM me with the link.Bad joke!I forgot my laughter in my other jeans!*in case you can't tell,it's a bad joke,for a worse joke,so u understand*
This is so wrong xD I mean, how bad is it that a teenage "Role Model" for young children is posing provocatively that she looks like she's got jizz on her face? I bet it's no accident.
curled lips.. is that ad suppose to be seducting us.. LoL.. jokes.. don't get hot.. like.. the milks saying.. ooh,i taste good drink me.. LoL.. stupid comment i know(:
wow they photoshopped the hell outta that picture,not hate'n but u can see how BIG she was before the picture was taking.let her be her normal size
i know she tries to act all sexy and bad! I HATE IT! and did you see how she... posed... badly? EW! i hate her shes a slutttttttttt
i hate miley i hate miley i hate miley i hate miley i hate miley i hati hate miley e miley i hate miley i hate miley i hate miley
no not cute she looks like she just woke up and whats up with the damn lip thing she does trying to look sexy not working
god it's making me sick.... sorry 'bout that but i'm a girl and to me this is just .. quite gross not hot :-/ sorry
i have the poster because in my school theirs a poster and i no one of the cafiteria ladys spo she gave it to me
my school has 4 of these posters in the cafeteria. one of them is miley cyrus and we still keep them up!

Miley Cyrus's GOT MILK? interview

This is Miley Cyrus's got Milk interview...how does Miley Cyrus stay healthy? FIND OUT!

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Haaa dudee me too! It's also in my cafeteria along with Alex Rodriquez, Ryan Sheckler. And some other wierdoss.
oh i have that poster in my cafeteria at school and i have one in my room ok peace!

Miley Cyrus Got Milk

This is posted for promotional purposes only. No copyright infringement whatsoever is intended. Miley Cyrus does an Ad for Body By Milk and saying that Milk is ...

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Omg ma expo teacher said the same thing!
i lubb milk!
i like milk

Miley Cyrus - 7 Things / Got Milk? Ad

Miley's new song from the album "Breakout" ! Download Link: //www.sendspace.com/file/k3rinl Lyrics: I probably shouldn't say this But at times I get so ...

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K... this is what i think it sort of means... instead of Your friends.. put ur fans.. because of all the fans that hate her... and the when you act like them part is changed to when you favor them... somthing like that.
I'm just gonna throw it out there that it IS ad. short for advertisement. Not addition. If there was a picture of miley with a calculator, then it might be add. In this case, its ad.
i agree i don't like her but her music i don't hate its a fun song i love playing it on the guitar gets me pumped lol and the lyrics are cute and yeah totally about nick;D
ACUALLY!, you really acually don't know if its about NICK it could be about someone eles, so don't make rumors up, 'cause your not completely sure.
I love this song but I don't really like Miley and I don't hate her either! XD It would really sound cool if Paramore did a cover of this song!!
"And when yuu mean it, I'll believe it If you text it, I'll delete it" i luv that part it's so true! my fav part of the song!
i know!! they're all like NICk i'm like dudee therere aree so many people she's probably gone out with besides nick haha.
"The 7 Things I hate about you" Hmmm..."10 things I hate about you"...? -kinda like the movie's poem- Hm :/
seriously. she's probably had a lot of boyfriends since nick and before him. it might not be about him.
i can understand why you probably don't like her, and her musix is amzing!!! but i still love herr (:
this is a picture of a miley cyrus AD. i ADD up numbers. those words are used correctly. now shuddup.
I love this song! I can't wait to get her album when it comes out. When does it come out again?

miley cyrus got milk

this is videos of miley talking about got milk and her campain and hannah montana movie pics.

miley's got milk ad

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im sorry but i know its milk but on the other one i saw it says BODY by MILK. but it looks like BODY MILK ;D and then well look what it looks like around her face..... someones 'bodymilk' ;D o.O jeez. surely she would think she'd get sick comments from this.
they put that on my school cafeteria wall it looks werid when ur eating!
looks like jizzzzzz
cool got milk rocks
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