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University pittsburgh med ctr Videos

2016 WPSSTS: Commitment Announcement - University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Toward a therapy for cystic fibrosis

Through the serendipity of science, Pitt Center for Vaccine Research co-director Ron Montelaro, Ph.D., stumbled upon a promising new antibiotic for the ...

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Congratulation, Ronnie.

Making Comparisons so Patients Can Make Better Decisions

Sally Morton, Ph.D., director of the University of Pittsburgh Comparative Effectiveness Research Center, explains that the center makes the patient the focus of ...

University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute 30th Anniversary - Radiation Oncology

Over the past 30 years, the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute has used the latest radiation oncology to help treat patients.

Why is the Univ. of Pittsburgh Medical Center Investing in Data Management?

Sarah Gates, VP of Research at the International Institute for Analytics, discusses what the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is doing with data ...

Pitt's Live Like Lou Center on KD/PG Sunday Edition

(Video courtesy of KDKA) KDKA-TV News Anchor Stacy Smith and John Allison, Associate Editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, take a special look at ALS, ...

27K UPMC workers hit by data breach, 788 by fraud

By: WJAC Web Staff and The Associated Press PITTSBURGH -- University of Pittsburgh Medical Center official said the personal information of 27000 of its ...
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