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Pittsburgh university pbs Videos

Teresa Heinz and Michelle Obama in Pittsburgh

You should be with us in 2012, join now: //my.barackobama.com/theinzvid Speaking at Carnegie Mellon University, the wives of Senator John Kerry and ...

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Speaking of not being around enough, masterpuppetzz, and with all due respect to a 23 year old...and I, too, was rather self-righteous at 23--there is no socialist running. Both he and Clinton are talking about reforms to social security and more universal health insurance, if you call that socialist. Unregulated capitalism has been tried, already. Way long term, many of us think it intelligent to imagine world government and economics that transcend capitalism. For now this is the best system.
it is scary to think that for the first time in American History there is a legitimate chance that a Socialist has a real chance to be president of this great country. It is because of my peers who are not informed and are ignorant to history, and the political and economic system that has turned this country into the greatest country on earth. And because of this ignorance, the socialist (hell, communist) that is obama might be the next president because he sounds "cool" and gives us "hope".
I think Michelle is a great speaker, even better than Barack. However, her speaking style is ver preachy and her feistiness can come off as too aggressive and less humble and conciliatory tha her husband's. This is something she needs to correct. I saw a speech (video) she gave in Colorado that built up into an amazing and inexorable crescendo of logic and spirit but still maintained a tone and class that gave her words the kind of aspirational dignity the country looks for in a First Lady.
I think if people in a country do some things as a group, it doesn't mean they are socialists. In the Netherlands everybody pays 90 euro pro month for complete healthcare coverage (in other European countries and in your neighbourhoodland Canada is a simular system). That has nothing to do with socialist or not -socialists. It's a shame that the USA isn't capable to put up a good healthcare system and I hope Obama or Clinton will achieve this. Many europeans are still America minded.
Obama's not a socialist. People said that about Franklin Roosevelt as he took our country out of the Great Depression. You're correct if you're implying that Obama will redistribute wealth, but if you understand economics, that's exactly what Bush is doing right now. The wealthiest corporations are receiving what amounts to welfare while the middle class suffers. Ironically, Obama comes off as a dreamer when in reality he's a pragmatist. His "dreams" are simply reasonable solutions.
Count up all the time Barack has invested in different ways to help the common man -- years in community organizing, years in civil rights law, years in state the state legislature -- that, to me, adds up at a lotta years. ... Makin' stuff happen for people like you and me. This man's going to be a great President. Many people like us in Pennsylvania, in North Carolina, and in Indiana can now see that. Clearly.
Obama needs to take Michelle EVERYWHERE! See this is what we need for the undecideds to hear. His track record in the Ill Senate. What he accomplished in a house divided. He needs to talk about his accomplishments there because 39% of the people not voting for him say it's because of his inexperience. Hogwash! They've bought into the HRC campaign slogans. You've changed lives BHO talk about it.
The Clintons worked in a divided legislature while in office. Since Bill Clinton relinquished his presidency though, they haven't been quite so effective in that same legislature. The Clintons sorta succeeded because they had the presidency (Democrats initially had Congress when they got elected, then lost it). Obama succeeded spectacularly in a more hostile environment starting from scratch.
In this campaign....One spouse is an actual former President looking more and more UNpresidential with each passing day... While Obama's WIFE takes the stage... with more honesty and more passion than either of the Clintons. Barack over Hillary? No doubt. And I think Michelle could give her a run for her money if she were inclined to do so. She got game.
Michelle Obama is tuff, sum say she is bitter, but she is just masculine in a feminine way. luk how broad shouldered she is, she is buff. Her & Teresa Heinz r a 1derful team. Both tuff women. Michelle O. luks like shes gonna box w/ sum1. I think she is tuffer than Barack, she should run 4 Pres. she could beat up d competition.
It would be easy for opponents of Barack to criticize his wife for supporting him in the way that she does. They might say: "she's bound to talk like that - she's his wife". The fact is though she speaks the truth about this great politician. Of the best leaders in American history, Barack Obama. Here's to you Mr. President.
I'm a former VISTA (community organizer), Vietnam Era Navy Vet, longtime working journalist and publisher and I endorse and support Obama for President! For much the same reason that my governor Bill Richardson supports him. Because he is right for our country now. We need a reuniter, not another freakin' dictator.
There are so many reasons to support Obama but my #1 reason is to see Michelle Obama become First Lady. Barack and Michelle are both ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. Knowing that they are doing so well in this campaign makes me love my country even more and give me faith in my fellow citizens.
Michelle we're SO proud of you in your hometown Chicago! You are doing a great job as a speaker and you're going to be a wonderful First Lady! And I'm gonna enjoy seeing pictures of President & Mrs. Obama's beautiful little daughters playing in the White House garden.
I can only imagine what his kids would say if they had a say in the campaign. "Vote for your daddy or we won't get a puppy!" lol But seriously, it seems that good speaking runs in the family. I'm sure his kids will receive the gene as well. OBAMA 08!
I adored Teresa when she told a reporter to "shove it!". She didn't apologize later either. haha. Keepin' it real. She was more interesting to me than dull Laura Bush. Anyway, thank God for Michelle and Barack!!!! :)
Both of these women are amazing. Teresa Heinz Kerry would have made a great first lady and I know Michelle will. If you base your vote alone on who the candidates married, Obama would win hands-down.
I think she's very articulate and down to earth. I feel like I can relate to her more than Senator Clinton. She isn't talking from an ivory tower. I am glad also Obama shares that quality.
just like this administration did tell you the truth about iraq war. The economy is in bad shape(everyone can see/feel it) but they are telling you that everything is ok. Great!!
Damn I am not being funny but michelle's hot...no that I want Obama to be president but I really want Michelle to be White house mama...oh Yes We Can
~::~ Michelle Obama Is Super "Fired~Up And Ready To Be A Great First Lady!" ~::~ Barack Obama For President! Barack Is Our Only HOPE! ~::~
I'm one of those old 67 yr old lady's that is supposed to be for Hillary. No way Obama all the way for me, and my sister too who is 60
I like especially the last two words by Michelle, when she says "no one". She is so strong speaking of her husband. Obama 08!
Wow wow and wow. Seriously, forget Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama 2016. How eloquent, passionate and confident is she??!!

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I'm definitely going to use the information in this talk in my life

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