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Pittsburgh university tbilisi Videos

Killer Cure - Video about Phage Therapy ,Tbilisi , Georgia

Video about George Eliava institute of Bacteriophage , Tbilisi,Georgia.

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@MrHHMMHH Oh yeah,I agree. The tragic part is Pharmatek hasn't and doesn't want to develop new classes of antibiotics either. There's no profits in it, therefore, many millions of people will die needless horrible deaths in the next two or three decades from antibiotic resistance. Of course if your first goal is to get a return on your investment, not lose it, it makes no sense to invest in novel antibiotics. Don't count on "free market medicine" to take care of this one.
There are so many levels of ignorance and irony in this one. I'm not ashamed about the level of rage I feel about this issue. The only plausible solution is government funding for AB research through the NSF for example. Yet we as Americans are more concerned about "terrorists" and would rather our government invest in new "smart weapons" to slaughter people in other countries. Instead of investing in new "dumb drugs" that can and will save our loved ones .
had to leave the richest country in the world for treatment .. Cmon now with that fucking braggarts bullshit... let's get down to business and go directly to the Healing process Part now... shyt!!..... America alwas the number one Fuck outta here with that crap....
Theres another very interesting film about phagen (although in german) with a similar outcome for a health refugee from the supposedly wealthy west... watch?v=_mm3GlUnGFk
There is another interesting film about phage therapy in german (watch?v=VnnEwWl6QBk) or in french version (watch?v=_mm3GlUnGFk)
It's never going to be legal in the USA unless the citizens rise up and make the government do something.
Amazing. Thank US pharmaceutical lobbies for stonewalling this lifesaving therapy.
há..hei éh!!

TEDxTbilisi - Revaz Adamia - Applied Aspects of Bacteriophages

Scientist, diplomat and politician Revaz Adamia describes the use of Bacteriophages in medicine and his institute's journey through the Soviet collapse to the ...

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That is just totally amazing. My son suffers from Cystic Fibrosis and is always fighting bacteria like Staph, Pseudomonas, Stenotrophomonas and C.Diff. The difference this could make to all people with CF would be truly amazing.
Hi Matthew, I am in Australia and have been in contact with phage therapy centre in Georgia. Thanks for your comment :-)
You should contact the Eliava Institute directly at their website, www.eliava-institute.org and I know they will find a way to help him. You can also contact the Phage Biotics foundation at www.phagebiotics.org to get information on how to get help here in the US (assuming that is where you are).

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