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Cfc hot cars Videos

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that's my brother!!!!!!!! i love him

1995 Jaguar XJ6(Saved CFC Vehicle)

i saved this car at a junkyard that was doing a cleanout i got it cheap for 20.00 bucks and i just want to say happy birthday to my ex feaince gabrielle.

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thats fucking bullshit i am so pissed about it!!! and the title to this one was never marked right before they could kill this one the program ended leaving this one as a left over that went to the salavge yard with a cup size of scilicate in the motor never seized or anything the title isnt destroyed on this one ITS LOST!!! and wont drive it till i figure out how to get the title for this jag
already the abs shorted out so i have no brake basically and the engine runs like poo and the exaust is cut so that made it worse so if i put the jag in drive it goes flying down my driveway at like 12mph and scares me shitless come to findout my throttle is stuck some idiot had broke the pin to control that.
@1993MercuryCougarXR7 Im talking about the glovebox I have the dual airbags but no glovebox and to date out of the 3 95 xj6's i've seen none had the glovebox so i assumed they didnt have gloveboxes for the 1995 model year
im scared to even get in because now the damn thing wont stay in park so the hand brake is un use and the car is stripped going under some major repairs i want to put a supercharged XJR motor in there if i can find one
i dont give a flying fuck about that CFC program its a damn shame that this jag went thru that program and had to be saved by a jaguar owner and lover(me) what a damn waste of a car thats going to go back to use again.
If the motor still turns, might as well try putting oil in it and see what happens..... Silicate is supposed to harden in the oil galleries... but if engine didn't get hot enough.... Nothing to lose.
Dual airbags in Jags became standard in 1994 which got carried over to 95' and Jaguar back then said it was a new manditory feature that was need to meet the usa vehicle safety requirements.
Maybe you should use some plastic over the sunroof or put some on the seats..When my car is parked outside & it rains, I put plastic on the seat..it only leaks on the drivers side.. :(
Yes, in 1993 they('94 models) became standard with dual airbags like Rolls-Royce and Bentley did with their own 1994 models. Side impact airbags came in 1997 for the '98 X308.
@wiigamer136 depends on condition $1,000 on up jags dont keep there value as most cars dont. even a bentley shouldnt remain with there original price.
I didn't get a chance to do it because of the crappy weather southern california has been getting and i havent charged the battery sence i got it.

GTA 5: Cliff Fall Scene (Parody from 'Hot Rod')

A parody of Rod Kimble's cliff fall scene from the movie 'Hot Rod' Grand Theft Auto V Grand Theft Auto 5 GTA V GTA 5 Grand Theft Auto V Single Player Grand ...

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Hahaha awesome! Too bad you can't dance in GTA V.
You did a parody of a parody?

Hot Babe Car Wash

My 3 year old Nora, a " Hot Young Blonde Babe " washes my 1972 Honda z600 micro muscle car.

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Little kids love washing things with soap suds. I was at a party where one of the attractions was a plastic toy car which would hold one child. They loved gathering around and washing it.
its great to have children. that's the only time a human being enjoys helping parents and cleaning...
Haha I need to get my son doing that for me!! he's only 13 months old never to late to start!
She'll be breaking all the boy's hearts, in about thirteen years from now!
get that boy a scrubby ! you got plenty of cars to practice on
What we have here is a failure to communicate!
Enjoy, that won't last too long.
child labor lol

VWビートルのパトカー【Hot Wheels】Police car of VW beetle

This is a police car that was made to remodel the Beetle. It is a fictional police car appeared in Japanese anime. This is a minicar, which was developed in ...

Summer Day (Original Song)

Summer Day (A story of childhood lost) Original Song by Johnny Z. accompanied by Eliza on the comb. C F C All along the green tree line ...

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This song is a lament I too share. When I was younger there were tree forts all around and signs of young and adventurous life abounded outside. No longer, save a few young souls considered "odd" these days. Mostly everyone is talking about their latest video games or vegetating on some drug a doctor prescribed because if you have vital and natural energy as a child these days they call it a problem, like hypertension or something worse. I call it a global conspiracy against freedom Rolland
Now the road is loud with screaming cars And the lights to bright to see the stars All the kids they are flying high From Ritalin not their climb Great song Johnny man I love your lyrics here ..Childhood is just not as innocent as it once was ..and I wish people would stop drugging normal kids up with Ritalin Rocket
@karlmahlmann Hi Karl thanks for diving into my songs!. That instrument is a Martin Backpacker guitar.. I just drove through rural Ontario Canada and found some really nice folks that live there own way so I might need to write a new song from that perspective...
Dang Johnny, this is a great song!!! then I was staring at the guitar trying to figure if it was infact a Martin, then I read danny's comment and thought -dough!- Man this is a great song and tune! Congrats!
Thanks John I appreciate the view and comment. It is a sad thing that fewer and fewer kids are going to have those memories of wonder and fun running as human population gets so monstrously huge!
Hey Johnny. This is so great!! And so true. Now we have every material thing imaginable, but no one just enjoys life and plays anymore. So sad eh? This is a wonderful song buddy
That is a Martin Back-Packer Guitar! Anne I appreciate you spending time on my song and I am really glad that you liked it!!
Rocket you know how things change. These words come from the truth. I am happy to see that you heard my song! Thanks!
HAHA it is my traveling guitar I thought I would try it out for a song! Thanks for watching Becky!
Great original Johnny...neat seeing you play the cool little guitar too:) Nice lyrics buddy! *****
Not much these days... more of a "have a scotch and cigar and look at the woods" type guy ;-)

Project CARS PS4 Time Attack Spa Francorchamps Pagani Zonda R

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