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Nfs 3 hot pursuit cars Videos

Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit - Menu Tour

Just me showing the various menu screens from EA's classic 1998 NFS title: Need for Speed 3 Hot Pursuit.

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LOVED this game growing up. THE BEST.
ikr this game WAS my childhood..... :)
Underground has no chance against this beautiful game. NFS III FOREVER!!!!!!!! 
Honestly, I don't either. I'm more of a Carbon/Most Wanted guy
+yousef lodhi i dont like underground
I had some for dinner no lie XD
Eat rice
+yousef lodhi and people want underground 3...
Now you made me chuckle again
I make you cry.
Oh you make me chuckle
You are wrong, underground series got outsold by the 2012 most wanted
Tell that to the 22 million people who bought Underground and Underground 2

Need For Speed 3 Hot Pursuit Secret Cars

Here are the secret police cars from NFS 3 HP. Thanks to RedPolarBearRanger for the codes. Music: Fireball Ministry - The Broken.

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The only mistake is the weels don't move
The PC version was a whole different world. Different rendering and setup. Things where coded differently.
+GoredonTheDestroyer Same here, the PC version had the cars with the wheels moving
+Arakmatzu Funny, because I remember the wheels moving on my version of the game. Maybe I was just crazy?
I guess... I think the developers had in mind that these needed to be low poly cars so they would not take so much memory. They probabily din't intend the gamer to look at them that closely and just leave them half made.

Need For Speed III Hot Pursuit Mod Cars

Car List: Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider://www.nfscars.net/file/view/hotpursuit/16567.aspx Alfa Romeu Tipo 33 ...

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all these cars cause the game to crash on them you can not beat the game
How do you setup mods?

#TBT - Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit - Lamborghini Diablo SV Gameplay

Throwback Thursday - Need for Speed III Hot Pursuit - 1998 Car: Lamborghini Diablo SV Circuit: Hometown Mode: Hot Pursuit PC: Intel Core i7 3770K ...

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Looks better than forza
holy shit, I still have this game to ps1 but I've sold the console a long time ago
not all ps3 have backwards compatibility
You can play ps1 Games on a ps3 console
the sounds remind me of gran turismo xD (i am a huge fan of GT btw)
+obscuresword Gran Turismo is still a milestone in the racing game historyFor me too still the best part :D
now THIS, was a good need for speed game
Next to Hot Pursuit 2 of course :P
Hm, sorki za głupie pytanie, ale cóż te czerwone i zielone światełka pod tylnym lusterkiem znaczą?
+Mateusz Walendziuk Radar: zielony - nie ma policji, czerwony policja jest w pobliżu; im więcej czerwonego tym jest bliżej.
Even this has night, rain and working lights *cough* assetto corsa *cough*
+TheMrDemonized lol

Need for Speed III Hot Pursuit (Redrock Ridge race)

Redrock Ridge race, 2 laps, class B cars. Turned out to be a rather close race. edit: This is the PC version.

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My intake of the Al: Mulligan - Unpredictable. He can be a pain in the ass or a clean racer. Ace - I like this guy, quite a hilarious racer in my opinion. He seems to do well performance wise too. Lead Foot - My favorite of the Al, I don't know why, but he seems cool in every form. Ram Rod - The WORST opponent. This guy is mean, a honker and aggressive. Stay away from this mooser. Wild One-don't think much of him, but he's ok. Gotcha - Good. DB: A bit annoying, but he's ok.
I guess he used the Corvette because he wanted a challenge..beating the b-class is still pretty easy in a corvette, though. I love how the music is arranged in this game. It's divided into 3-5 themes for certain areas of the course. ANd those parts have three versions ranging from simple to full and complex, depending on your speed, position and number of laps driven.
@Choominator there is a patch and if that doesn't work you can download a pre-patched CD ISO from ThePirateBay and burn that to a CD and install. I did it last night in XP and it works awesome. Some say to put it in Win 95 compatibility mode, but it ran SUPER slow when I did that and ran perfect when I left it in standard mode. Maybe 7 will be different though.
The track design and sense of speed in the game was amazing. Oh, and all you kids out there, these were the old days, when racing game developers would actually compose their own music for their games, instead of just throwing money around to licence stuff.
@RonTaboga Indeed, the dynamic music was awe inspiring, I remember playing the game without the other racers just to listen to the damn music. Guess I'm reinstalling the game, if I manage to find a way to make it work on Windows 7 that is...
A 13 year old game... and still kicks HP2010's butt! No drifting, no nitrous, no weapons, no car smashing, spikes that actually work, a custom race mode (Single Race/Hot Pursuit), better soundtrack, free downloadable cars...
@ICET100 it needs a patch, look for the patched version at torrent sites or find the patch and patch a normal version yourself. If I can get it to run in XP on a Mac, you can damn sure get it to run in XP on a normal PC.
I just bought this game. I think Most wanted is a copy of this one. It has better graphics but the gameplay is not original no more. These first EA games were really good. They always make the best surroundings.
this is the best part of all nfs. other versions - specially underground, most wanted, carbon- isn't that good as this. althought ea was realased nfs3 almost 10 years ago it still have nice graphics
i miss the old days i still have this game but its in russian and not that i dont understand russian but it has no music and the cops aint talking -.- anyone know a full free download link? :)
OH MY GOD! i LOOOOOVE this game soooooo much! its my fav for the PS1, i know a glitch for the Red Rock track that makes you fly through the wall too bad that my disk doesnt read any more...X(
Gotcha and Ace always finish either first or second in the race, and Mulligan seems to be always in last place. then Leadfoot, Wild one, DB and Ram Rod ranks from 3rd to 6th.
Love it!!! Such great memories!!! I use this soundtrack in the newer game, and fits perfectly...Grabbed the tracks on galbadia hotel site of vg sountracks.
If you use an ISO or something, look up on Google "Need for Speed III for Vista." It makes it run prettier and it works on XP, Vista, and 7.
@SoulbringerWoWFFXI thepiratebay Tracker ( search it on google). Theres a torrent with lots of seeds, in less than an hour you will have it.
@kam5rk you were still playing with your lego when this was out, kid. it was a great game, we all had a great time with it back in the day
Who needs High end graphics when the story/gameplay is bull****. This is what gaming is about: About Fun and not about Graphics.
THE TAB FOR THIS SONG IS ON: ULTIMATE-GUITAR(dot)COM it's 100% accurate, just search for "snorkeling cactus weasels" good luck!
NOSTALGIA ja la vao uns anos que nao jogo isto. lembro-me quando era pequeno matava-me a jogar isto :) era demais ;D
@SoulbringerWoWFFXI emule or bittorrent it on piratebay, you can get pretty much any classic or new games on them
i was the best of the best in these nfs´s, until the underground n those shit games. you let mi down nfs =(
@dontbothertoreadthis type in "allcars" on any menu before a race. Alternatively, hi, it's called GAMEFAQS
gotta love the old need for speed games, before they went all "fast and furious" style trying to be cool
man i played this game as a 11 year old kid and i drove it better than you do on this vid... now im 20
nice man, you are a nice racer. i'm downloading the iso right now to play it on emulator. lol 5/5
The new hot pursuit coming this year sucks, criterion is making it, I wish it was eletronic arts
You're skills are too weak and an amateur. I can beat you in this anytime and anyone else in it.
@eddwiux durrr, bittorrent. PirateBay son! they have a version patched for XP/Vista/7 too!
Fantastic Music back in those NFS days! Way better than all EA TRAX Hip Hop Shit together.
The best racing game there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be! =)

Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit - Pursuit El Nino at Empire City

Everything is an unlockable here! I take out the El Nino police car against a full grid of El Nino racers on the Empire City track. The El Nino has great acceleration ...

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You should grab a glide wrapper like nGlide. It adds several effects (previously only available on voodoo cards) and lets you run the game at 1080p.
I remember this! I used to drive the el nino pursuit through empire city and pretend I was batman driving my batmobile :D
Well, i'm not the only one one with crazy imagination, is it me or the cop looks like a vampire in that long black coat?
Coincidentally, I picked up such a utility recently to play Monster Truck Madness 2. I might try it with this game, too.
Well Empire City is some kind of dystopic future city, so it does fit.
El Nino is too fast on Ps1 Version, except drifts
1:05 :))))

Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit. Ferrari 355 F1 at Lost Canyon. Game Play 53

Race Mode: Hot Pursuit Weather: Off Night Driving: Off Opponent: Lamborghini Countach Tags: (Please Ignore) Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit (1998) l Need ...

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Need for Speed III Hot Pursuit (Original 1998) Remake (CryEngine 3)

Русский ниже. Official site (more screens): //cryforspeed.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/cryforspeed/ Cry for Speed is a project of moving ...

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I randomy youtubed "Need For Speed 3 remake" and came up to this and I was like "HOLY SHIT Seriously??" wonderful job. Please all tracks and don't forget that epic music.
it would have been much better if EA would have made some engines so that we could have directly borrowed the models of the cars from there...
Looks great, but one thing is bugging me. The Diablo SV is missing the SV logo, which is the most memorable thing about the car.
too bad the website is down ;/
woooow looks great!
It's dead Jim!
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