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Hot shot cars chch Videos

Hot Shots- Marcus Armstrong

Some say he's only 13 years old... And that you might find him at racetracks all over the world... All we know is... he's Marcus Armstrong and he's a racing driver!

Somali Man Shot by Christchurch Police

A Somalian shot by police this morning after a kidnapping and stabbing rampage in Christchurch was known to police. The 27-year-old, wielding two large ...

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Now you really are cracking me up when you claim to be Dutch because I have been married for over 30 years to a Dutch woman and have alot of time for their strong community. The point is you obviously you have not kept in contact with home as my wifes family have, and when they go home they find that there is starting to become major issues around migrants entering holland claiming refugee status and then getting priority housing ahead of the Dutch. Racism is alive and well in Holland, ironic ah
@Msclaritygreen,I have insulted all white woman in the misguided belief that your were white in fact after going on your page I see that you are a scumbag muslim somalia.As it is my relations that built the infrastructure in NZ which is the reason you pigs all come here then I have the right to tell you and your kind to fuck off home to your third world toilet. You can take with you the scumbag muslim woman that stabbed the pilots and the pigfucker who stabbed the woman and man in chch.BYE SLAG
I don't have to answer your questions because you are an ignorant uneducated racist. However I was born in NZ and have no doubt lived here much longer than you have. And where does multiculturalism work? New Zealand, that's where. Everybody in this country is an immigrant, even maori. Who cares about muslim countries? What straw are you grasping at here? We're discussing NZ and your lack of intellegence. Hey and it is the liberal greenies that allowed you to marry your boyfriend in civil union
I do get your point. The point you are missing is that shootings and pane hijackings are rare in NZ and therefore make front page news. In the UK murder and violet crime are common place, and not reported. Displaying a link between the two, both cut people with knives, both have severe mental issues, both are Somalian refugees is reporting a fact. Do not for a second believe all NZers are now coming down on refugees/ somalians. We're not that interested in doing that here. The UK however..BNP?
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You also need to answer these questions you were so sure you were older than me so r u?. You also never made comment on what I have had to say that is because your parents more than likely draw down on a benefit that I pay and you weren't born when we started to have problems with overstayers so you don't have a right to pass comment on something you know nothing about but I sure as hell do, My forebears going back to first settlers have never been on a benefit until retirement unlike yours.
Nationality in your case I am talking about your country or parents country of origin where you share your traditions and culture. I am sure your parents can at least remember where they originally came from before going into a refugee camp. This camp would no doubt be in fact your place of birth so you are deluding yourself about being a KIWI and need to face up to the fact that you are born of scumbag refugee parents.As I said winding an IDIOT like you up is far to easy, I love this shit.
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Here you are! New Zealand at all it's fucked up grace and glory! Sometimes I regret I even hold ya passport. You are best at three things - bullshitting the whole world you are the fortress of human rights, bullshitting the whole world you a safe haven for every nation, bullshitting the whole world you lead the way in erradication of all forms of discrimination, but essentially New Zealand is only good at one thing - BULLSHITTING THE WHOLE WORLD ABOUT ITSELF.
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BYE BYE, THE BOATS WAITING TO TAKE YOU AND YOUR REFUGEE BENEFIT BLUDGING FAMILY BACK TO THE THIRD WORLD TOILET YOU CAME FROM. As to saying you were born in New Zealand what a crock of shit, how easy is it to say you were born here when you are unable to answer simple questions that a child who was born here could answer. I love this shit I can wind you up all day long and thensome, because I am a KIWI not a freeloading refugee like you and your family.

Car Show - Burlington Ontario 2015

Car Show downtown Burlington July 11,2015 Featuring the Harvest Moon Band.

Porsche 928S, Ruapuna B-Track Hot Lap

An old video from 2007, with Hugo shooting video from the passenger seat, running on the B-Track at Ruapuna during one of the Track Days held by the Track ...

Christchurch Parkour Training // Jacob Barber

Chill day before cheer spending a few hours working on some lines and smashing them together in a quick edit. Shot Shaun for filming :)

User Comments

good cunt

Egyptian court overturns police officer's conviction for killing female protester ✔

Activist Shaimaa al-Sabbagh was shot in January 2015 as she went to Tahrir Square to lay wreaths for victims of 2011 uprising (❤‿❤)Read More.

Loud MuscleCar Exhausts! 2015 - Mainland Muscle Cars - Post race

Skope Classic 2015 held at Pike Pero Motorsport Park 6th-8th of February. Christchurch, New Zealand.

IHRA Southern Nationals Christchurch

Here are a handful of clips I shot using my EOS Camera from the IHRA event at Ruapuna Christchurch New Zealand. Weather was cloudy in the Morning but by ...

Marky's "Purple People Eater" 3 of 3

Marky of the shifters Car club so.cal and the PPE at the primer nationals car show 07 in Ventura CA. Congrats on the "best of show" trophy!

User Comments

this are amazing! love that crazy shit! I'm from Venezuela... but, I'm like built my own hot/rat rod! It's My dream... I'm see you car and others from Shifters in The History Channel in a few years... ESO ME INSPIRO!!!
that is the fastest ive seen a crowd gather around a custom car like this beautiful car and im thinking about naming my 27 T Coupe the Purple People Eater because it has a Purple Paint job and it is mean. great car
it sound like a 5 hose lawn more you are not kiding me im in the exaust biss this car needs flow mater glasspacs it sound shity but this is my opinion and thats not my car so long suckers!!!!!!!!!!
Cool with a capital 'K'... Saw your spot on Riding with Rossi today and being a retro head myself with an old girl of my own, I know I am not alone....Cheers from Down Under......
Good thing he lives in a warm climate. I knew a guy in college who had a carbed built v8.... the thing would not start in the cold until it was cranked for 5 mins.
Kid : "Mom. Why did that man got a car that is much smaller than him?" Mom : "Because they don't want to grow up, and they want to be a Toys R Us kid."
He's still working on it to get it ready for the track, they were saying that the engine was in a drag rail in the 50's that ran like 10 sec?
like a lawnmower? get some new speakers. sounds like a supercharged big block rat rod to me
I've been in love with this car since I was about 13. I'm 17 now, turning 18 in september.
Um, can you pan back to the girl in the green dress with her friend in the black dress.
Loud, dangerous, impractical...It's the coolest machine ever to terrorize the squares!
Looks like it would have a fairly good power-to-weight ratio. Where's the periscope?
that's not an engine attached to a car but it's a car attached to an engine :D
Ha, I love how the crowd migrates to the sound of this monster. lol Very cool
The People eater is bad ass, I love the sound of the cam lope & the blower.
Hahahahahaha look how he has to basically crawl in! Omg that is awesome
That's a small block Chebby, look at the spacing of the exhaust tubes.
If this car dont give u goose bumps in person you don't have a pulse
That is one of the top ten coolest cars built in the last decade!
@squints0080 i have a toyota :/ but it says rat rod on the back
toyota, dont be a cock sucker, this thing rules. end of story.
lawn more noise close your eyes then listen to it again
likely a pontiac . maybe 400 distributor in the back
i love the sound of a blown engine with open headers
why is the engine sitting up so high? looks stupid.
8 carbs and a blower? Who could not like that!!!
It might be a Buick nailhead V8 but I doubt it.
should see it run the track! awsome stuff axel
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