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Ohlone college theatre festival Videos

Ohlone Theatre Festival

Oompa Loompas Dance, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Scene, Seussical: CAT IN THE HAT WALKING ON A WOODEN BALL.

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@LeepThroughTheLens thanks you! we were entered in maxi musical, but then after the festival our director said she accidentally categorized us wrong haha.
I remember when they played the wrong for u guys it was funny but i think did good, interesting way on how you guys did the Veruca Salt song
@LeepThroughTheLens "lipsync?" As in why did we not sing? Not quite sure. Our director deemed it unnecessary lol.
@directorJC3 ahaha thanks we were kind of terrified when it happened. and thanks, she's really talented ^.^

Ohlone High School Theatre Festival

Illusion dance company piece.

Ohlone Theater Festival 2010- Super Mario

Ohlone Theater Festival 2010 Jefferson High School Performers: Kathrina Bermudez Shannel Bermudez Gaby David Reggie Deguzman Regie Galvez Yvan ...

Ohlone Theater Festival 2010- Lost Souls

Ohlone Theater Festival 2010 Jefferson High School 3rd Place Performers: Lizzie Chapman Ashley Ejanda Rossette Glover Gilvin Paniza Choreographer: Gilvin ...

Macbeth: Classic Dramatic Ens. Ohlone Theater Festival

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OMFG!!! Best thing ever. Whoever recorded this i love you!!!
@livesonthestage I love you too.
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