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Bryan college station tx movie theaters Videos

Dawn Over Zero 1 Live at Grand Stafford Theater on September 6, 2014

September 6, 2014 at Grand Stafford Theater in Bryan/College Station, Texas.

Watercrest At Bryan Bryan TX 77802

//www.localedge.com/b22710933/Watercrest+At+Bryan?type= Aggieland's best retirement community Luxury Apartment homes Excellent on-site ...

Jay White & The Blues Commanders - Knocking On Heavens Door Live at Grand Stafford on June 5, 2015

June 5, 2015 at Grand Stafford Theater in Bryan/College Station, Texas.

IMAX Theater Opens in Bryan

The Bryan Premiere Cinema played its very first IMAX movie today, bringing the popular movie experience to the area.

Horror Top Movies Of All Time ||| MOVIES COMING SOON TO THEATERS

Horror Top Movies Of All Time ||| MOVIES COMING SOON TO THEATERS Thank You All for watching. If you like the video please don't forget to Like, Comment, ...

Man calling himself the Joker kills 12, injures 59

Updated at 5:26 p.m. ET: A graduate student with dyed red or orange hair who told police he was the Joker opened fire in a theater showing the premiere of the ...

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people like feel that they can just kill people when they want ,or when they get mad ,its time to send these type of people a message ,I dont know about you ,but if I get a hold of one of them ,after they have killed someone for no reason ,I beat the holy hell out of him ,then turn him over to the police ,send these ass a message ,if you want to kill us then we will beat the hell out of you,if thiers a crowd of you guys who was able to take him down ,make him wish he wasnt born
this is part of obamas plans to bring in more laws with regards to guns... cus usa (secret services) dont want usa citizens to be a treat to usa nwo plans... cus the biggest treat to illuminati is the usa citizens... the us citizens can put a spanner in the works... so illuminati a, want to keep them ignorant via entertainment and also also to take usa citizens freedom away from them... its the very thing usa was not supposed to do... as its against first amendment...
One of those damn annoying videos. Dislike for the event, like for the quality. I did both, as I am Chuck Norris. Don't question it.
If he were a 12 year old Black , he would be dead on the scene . Only the white devil gets sympathy FROM the newsman .
And what this guy and guys like him deserve if they dont get the chair is a good beaten every inch of his life
the government did this,just like 911,just like jfk hitler's ideas are coming to play in this country.
This guy is so messed up and there is no reason to ever do that... omg he deserves the death pentaly.
How did he get, THREE weapons into a theatre? Like did he have a bag or something, baggy clothing?
Dnyomite must be a welfare black privilage nigger ha ha
How did he get all these weapons into the movie theater?
This is Really sad. Thank you for posting this.
this is so stupid who the fuck is that crazy
thank you for posting this i dont have a tv
So he wasn't crazy? and he did it for fun?
he won't get out, he might get the chair.
People like the shooter make me sick.
thats what you call a sick genious
Someone call Batman we need him
These comments are so idiotic.

More Yoot Tower Theater Clips

This is never before seen "theater movies" from the Japanese version of Yoot Tower you never played! This is all in Japanese, sorry, don't have translations.

User Comments

Thanks for uploading these, didn't realize the Japanese version had more cutscenes. It's really surprising that there are sequels to some of the previous cutscenes. I wonder what the exchange of dialogue is at 0:58.
I'm guessing, based on the context, if you saw the previous film, the guy who got punched is mourning his dead friend (the guy in yellow). Upon discovering he is alive, he is surprised, he gets angry and returns the punch.
D/L links anytime soon?
+Pseudo3D awesome, thanks!
Yes. Check the description.
The "1st Contact" one in the English version was always my favourite. But the nose one is just too funny.
+Pseudo3D Good observation
If you notice, he has a bandage on his forehead where the spoon aliens hit him...
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