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Milk stout nitro Videos

The SECRET Behind Milk Stout Nitro...

Left Hand's Mark Sample finally reveals the secret behind Milk Stout Nitro.

User Comments

This was excellent. Rick Rolled by the Harlem Shake. And the man front, left in the skirt who pours his beer and then pours it on his head is responsible for the only time I had literally laughed out loud at a Harlem Shake video. Well done, crack open a couple Nitros to celebrate.
There's a cow! How appropriate. But, seriously, I want to know the science behind the Nitro. I am a nerd.
Wow! I can't believe that every secret is finally revealed in exacting detail!!!
At first I was all "Noooooooo not Left Hand!" And then I was like "Well done"
I just got harlem shaken. This was almost like a rick roll but better...
Haha damn it! You guys got me. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Fantastic! Great beer already, now I want more. Cheers!
I wonder if their Boss got all Donald Trump on them..
Did we just get Rick Rolled with the Harlem Shake?
I want to work there. Lol
Nice one :-)
Haha awesome.

Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro - Epic Beer Dude

This is a beer mail from Wingfan13, he was generous enough to send me a 12pack of my favorite and arguably the best Milk Stout on the planet!

User Comments

this beer is sold two minutes away from my house! and I take great advantage
+reptar Gwell, you got a point there! but i still want some milk stout on tap! LOL
well southern cal is alot nicer where I'm @ at least you can order the milk stout I can't order south cal to my door step. 
and I am completely jealous :) I really wish this was readily available in southern ca.

Milk Stout NITRO Beer Review

Its a hot summer day. Not the best Stout drinking weather, but I saw this at my local store and just had to try it. Uhm... YOLO? Anyway, I'm solo on this because ...

User Comments

Found this today at World Market in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I watched a video from the brewery and they did a straight 180 degree pour so that's what I did. I thought very nice, not as full feeling as a Guinness but nice waterfall. I keep tasting stir fried chicken with celery. Don't know why. Definite coffee flavor in your mouth when it is done. And I'm a coffee drinker so that's pretty good. Very tasty beer.
We can't get this beer in California but I've heard nothing but good things about it. I should be able to finally try it when I'm in Denver for GABF in October. I can certainly see this being a great beer no matter what temperature it is.
This is a delicious stout. I love russian imperial stouts and it is delicious. Very easy to drink even my friends who hate stouts enjoy it. Also try left hand's wake up dead.
this is one of my fav beers of all time .. the way to pour it is to get completely inverted .. you can check out the pour on my vid watch?v=kRWFzaxZb00
Sounds like a fantastic beer. Don't listed to the neh sayers. $11 / 6 pack of a good milk stout sound like a great price. And I love beers on nitro.
Gary what happened to your eye? I like Murphy's Stout in the can with the widget. Milk stout nitro is 6% abv. Will try it! THANKS!!!
I really have a hard time holding on to our homebrews. For you see, between the two of us, they don't take long to dissappear.
New York only recently started getting Left Hand Brewery. This beer has become a new staple to my fridge! Enjoy GABF!!!
Sorry. I've added this info in the description, - It is from Left Hand Brewery and the brewery is in Longmont CO.
Don'cha know. I remember you liked it but I didn't remember you scored it an A+. Its deserving don'cha know.
drinking one as I watch this, definitely agree with this, especially the "coating your mouth" part
great review! that is an awesome bottle opener, do you know of a place to buy one online? thanks!
The cascade would've been even better if you're poor was completely inverted
I had this on nitro tap at The Bier Abbey in Schenectady - good stuff.
come to Canada. A 6pk of Lagunitas Maximus is like 16-18 dollars :S
No, but getting ready for a batch. I'm looking for a Brown Ale kit.
fantastic brew! Glad you liked it so much, I gave it an A+.
Hey i was curious, what kind of bottle opener is that?
11 bucks for a six pack of good beer is a good deal

Pouring a Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro

Fermentedly Challenged took the test to see if Left Hand Brewing's new Milk Stout Nitro really does pour like a nitro tap. You be the judge.

User Comments

Hey Left Hand - normally I would enter your contest but I already earned tickets to next years GABF from volunteering last year. But thanks. Love this beer!
Dave you should upload a Nitro video via our Show Us Your Pour contest on Facebook! Winner gets tickets to GABF ;)
hey that's an incorrect pour of the Nitro Milk Stout! You've got to POUR HARD - don't pour it like a damn Michelob
You poured it wrong

Milk Stout Nitro von Left Hand Brewing im Spiegelau Stout Glas (Sehr lecker!)

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