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Milk stout oceanside Videos

Stone Americano Stout

FIND THE BEER: //find.stonebrewing.com The coffee notes in Stone Americano Stout are bold, rich and full of American swagger. We incorporated over 250 ...

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I thought this was EXCELLENT. I loved the true coffee/espresso taste without any sweetness. Really nice and roasty. Bi dry delicious taste. I hope you guys don't make this one disappear!
This beer goes down like silk so smooth.This beer is a A+ Stone make great beers.
I reviewed this last week and really liked it! Cheers Stone!
Sometimes it pays to be decidedly American hahaha! :)
i deliver my coffee through beer. cheers

Stone Imperial Russian Stout

Considered one of the foremost examples of this Old World style available in the American craft beer market, Stone Imperial Russian Stout is thick, rich and ...

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2014 STONE IMPERIAL RUSSIAN STOUT debuts in its 22-ounce singular glory TODAY. Whet your appetite for this standout annual release by finding out its origins and what makes it so special!
I loved 2013 and 2012 ed. Can't wait fort this!
Lookin' forward to it!
This is one of my all time favorites.   Just sayin'.
+Jessica Kunsman Definitely gonna be on the lookout for this as well.
+Kyle VanAuken

Modern Times Mount Remarkable: Oceanside

Stone "2010 Russian Imperial Stout", HBW #11, review #24

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$8 ! ! ! ! Damnit! I still gotta find me one of these. Well, this started as a really good beer review, then you started belching... LOL! Some damn fine beers in the frig. Have a fantastic bunch of days off. I still haven't bottled the Brown Ginger Cookie Ale... it has taken a really long time for the yeast to eat through the cookies. Happy New Year Josh!
HA HA yeah I was doin so well until that point! I couldn't believe I got that beer for $8 either, what a steal !!! My vacation finally ends after tomorrow and I didn't nearly get enough beer drank and reviewed. I look forward to hearing about and possibly drinking that ginger cookie ale. Cheers and Happy New Year to you and the rest of the family.
I actually have a review of the 2011 already recorded but it's just a matter of me taking the time to edit and post. this is one of many outstanding beers from stone brewing. i thought about doing a back to back of the 10, 11 and 12 to compare, that might be fun some day if i can get a hold of all three. thanks for watching, cheers!
Thanks man, I actually made out pretty good with the fishing during my vacation. The best day was a 6.1 pound rainbow trout and two 2.5 pound trout as well. What state are you in that you fish all the time?
After having this one for the first time in 2012 I started to cellar it. I want to do a vertical of this one of like 4 - 5 beers. Ah, dreams. Nice review Brother, spot on. CHEERS!!! DJ
Yeah, there's just too many good local beers to try and expand outside of San Diego county! I do my best though. Cheers and Happy New Year;'s to you and yours.
i like how you pick local beers to review! hahaha trying to get the local whole foods to do a tasting night with stone beers! cheers josh!
I am also a fan of Stone. And you are right this is truely the right time of year for the good stouts. Cheers Jean Claude.......
Yeah a vertical like that would be cool. That is video I would watch. CHEERS!!!! DJ
Seriously SJ, if you can get your hands on it, buy it! Happy New Year.
Stone beers are awesome!! Cheers
Agreed. Happy New Year, Cheers!
I adored this beer!
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