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Milk stout shop Videos

Beers With Blair 2015

Homebrew Store Run!

I decided to make a run to my local homebrew shop. I go to this shop pretty much every time I need brewing ingredients. Brew It Yourself carries everything I ...

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Looking forward to the keg breakdown video, I have been home brewing for almost 2 years and I would like to get more serious, that is a next step that I'd like to take and I've heard that it is much more simple than bottling. I live in Ottawa, Canada btw. Cheers!
Right on! Yeah, I plan on doing a kegerator breakdown video soon. I have a new camera coming in soon and I'm pretty excited about using it for future videos. Cheers from Houston, Texas!
Looks like an awesome local homebrew store! Closest to me is 3.5 hours away; they are great but definitely not the caliber of yours.
It's a great store and about 20 minutes from my house. I have another brew store that I plan on filming that is new and right by my house pretty much. Cheers!

Cypress Grape and Grain! Homebrew Store Overview

Hello, all! So I decided to do a walk-through of a great new homebrew store that is about 10 minutes from my house. I enjoyed shooting this video, thoroughly.

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Awesome James thanks for sharing your local supplier with us! Henry seems like a very down to earth guy, if I lived in your area I would be checking this place out for sure, everything is very well organized and he seems like the type of guy you can stand around and chat with for a good while. Cheers! Awesome video quality with the new camera btw, and the built in mic sounds very good, no need for an external microphone.
Yeah, I really like going to this store and Henry is pretty outgoing and hosts get togethers at his store for brew clubs, etc. I agree about the camera as well. I have been very happy with this camera. Cheers, Ryan!
Damn, wish there was a brew shop like that in my city. Thanks for showing us around.
Yeah, it is definitely quite nice having one so close to my home. Cheers, Shaun!
Great time at your homebrew shop. Cheers
Cheers, Strat!

England's Oldest Sweet Shop

Established 1827 in Pateley Bridge High Street North Yorkshire.

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These little shops look like the kind you see on old biscuit tins. Very cute and I'm sure very charming. I love the heritage in the UK. I'm an Aussie and have visited many times. England is lovely.
Pately Bridge...Officially the weirdest place in england, has anyone seen "league of gentlemen"
i went a while ago and want to go again. lol i got like 40 quids worth
yep i am one of them!
dont diss patley !
yay first 1 2 fav
echo echo lol

A Gourmet Soap Shop Review

Soap review for Patrica of A Gourmet Soap Shop. Please check her out and show some support :0) Patricia Westervelt www.agsoaps.com.

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Oh my goodness Candy, nobody on Youtube wants to see my hair, lol. I might throw a quick picture of it in my next video so you can see it though. I change up a lot too. New hair style every few months. I'm restless like that.
Hi Kia :D Your hair sounds sooo pretty!! I use everybody's soaps as shampoo all the time, yours too :D I LOVE y'alls soaps on my hair , my scalp feels soo good and Reena's scalp doesn't itch. Awesome review :)
Hi Kia! Show us the hair, show us the hair! Just permed mine for my birthday! I bore easily so I needed to make a change. I may go back to natural hair this summer. Who knows. I'm weird like that.
My hair is hardly what I would call "pretty", lol but I'm learning to accept it and love it :0) Yeah, I use EVERYbody's soap from head to toe girl! Thanks for watching. xx
great review!!! You guys are so sweet to do this for her. I've seen a couple more and all the videos are great. That lather is awesome!!!!
Hey Dani girl! It was nice to see you back on here with some videos. I miss all you guys. The community isn't the same without you :0)
Aww, thanks babe...I have been away but hopefuly I'll be able to be around a bit more. xoxo
Awesome review girly! I love her soaps! =)

Beer Store Adventure Half Time

Lets all go to the candy shop!

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A while back Joe D got some beer sent to him from an online store... you might want to look into that, Have you noticed the more beers you try the harder it is to spend 10+ on a new beer? Ive been disappointed more then pleased but thats why I love watching your guys videos at least it gives me a heads up before I select,great video as always and looks like a fun way to spend a rainy day
I personally enjoy more authentic IPA over one brewed in Ohio, eg Hoppin Frog. I'd always go for an authentic IPA which is brewed in England. English IPA was popular from 1840s. It wasn't until c. 1900 that USA started to try and emulate English IPA. Caledonian Brewery Deuchars IPA and Hopdaemon Brewery Skrimshander IPA are both highly acclaimed, though I haven't tried either of these
Been to Half Time too many times! Just a short ride over the Newburgh/Beacon bridge for me! Never left the place without spending at least $200.00 ! This place scares my wife!!!-lol-!!! It's not the cheapest place to buy beer but they do have everything you're looking for! besides the workers are the best! very helpful and really knowledgeable and generous with the glasses!
If you get a chance come to the Michigan Summer Beer Festival July 24. Ive been attending for the last 12 years. Founder's, Shorts, Dragonmead,Kuhnhenns,and over 35 other Brewpubs from Michgan are there, Great time, great beers.Being a hophead I try samples of all the IPA's.Michigan makes the best. BTY,I enjoy all the Imasofat videos.
Hello Imasofats! too bad you didn't find the beers you wanted, but it's still an impressing place, i think. btw. the beers mentioned as beers from Poland are german beers.. oh and before i go, let me tell you that i also like 'Conan the Barbarian' Of course i have the special remastered edition =] subscribed.. Joe from Germany
If you want Pliny you'll have to go to Pennsylvania. It's not distributed to New York. I think Bruz40 shot a video at this exact same store! Yeah the only problem with that camera is that it cannot shoot things close up. This video would make a good PSA for why the 3-tier distribution system sucks! Great video as always!
Similarly, I'd go for more of an authentic Porter. Porter was popularised from 1720 in London, where it was brewed. It wasn't until c. 100 years later that American brewers tried copying it, however due to high import costs of barley, other substitutes such as corn, sugar and licorice were used.
WOW!!! That is HUGE! Here we have communist run beer store in my province in Ontario so gov't unions decide for us what beers we are allowed to taste and which not. (No different than Cuba or N.Korea.) I'm so jelous of you guys over there!! You have this certain level of freedom.. unbelievable!!
We love your video and want to include it on our Half Time You Tube Channel. Would you be able to forward us the original file? Give us a call at the store and ask for either Alan or Jeff. Thanks. 845-462-5400
another good one- that store looks good, lots of singles too, hate to buy 6 of something you'll hate - make more like this, 7 minutes felt like 2 secs~!! got any dirty looks for havin a camera? i love you guys~~
Pliny the elder from Russian river brewing in santa rosa,Ca. was rated no.1 last year in Zymurgy magazine. Vinne Cilurzo is a true master of the IPA, I have been searching the Seattle area forever and no luck.
Ahh, another fruitless search for the elusive Pliny... I feel your pain. Did you end up getting that Hoppin Frog? Their IPA is on my to-do list, although around here they are a bit pricey.
Ya it does have a BevMo kind of look, except it's just for beer so you get to have 50% off sale on beer. Man, there are some great rare beers there. Like the one from Italy. Awesome!
great looking venue to purchase a hangover! i wanna go to the Germany aisle....or Poland!! gotta get some LOMZA!! PS: you gotta lay off the gum when you're recording!
wow I havent been there is a long time... I remember when I went to college in Danbury, CT I would drop the ladies off at walmart and shoot up there and go broke...
@dritb4.... Yes, we have tried the Bud Golden Wheat. The Mrs. liked it ok, but I really hated it. I think my rating was a 3? Sorry, do you like that one?
My my the UK section was big .. that may say something about us Brits.. Did you see if they sold any Ringwood beers? Great vid guys.. Chin, chin, Tim
@cramesfrakson Sorry for the distraction. Some how when I chew, I don't realize how loud it is. Am I the only one that experiences this phenomena?
I believe West Coast only on that Pliney The Elder. If you have friends out that way hit em up. I'm also trying to get one of these.

Anfoman vloguje - Beer Geek Shop w Lublinie!

Witam, Dzisiaj trochę luźnego pitu pitu oraz moje wrażenia z wizyty w Beer Geek Shopu w Lublinie. Pozdrawiam.

BUZZ wine beer shop @ 5th & Spring

Most wine stores come off a little stuffy. They approach their wine selection like a library. At 5th & Spring in Downtown LA, BUZZ wine beer shop does not abide ...

The Bottle Shop

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