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Oklahoma football wins Videos

Oklahoma Sooners 2012 Top Plays: Secondary Seals Win at TCU

Top Sooner Football plays from 2012: Oklahoma's Tony Jefferson and Julian Wilson combine on the coverage to break up a potential touchdown and secure the ...

Oklahoma Sooners: Greatest Wins of the 2000s

Sooners fans are voting for the 10 greatest Oklahoma wins of the 2000s at SoonerSports.com.

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You are funny nork21. Gator colors are Blue and orange(don't know where you got the green)???? And thanks for the extra National Championship, we actually have 3, 96', 06', 08'. We have been celebrating the NC for a while now thank you. Not sure what comment you are referring to but I've always given tons of respect to the OU program. 7 NC's in great. Even though 3 were in the 50's and 2 in the 70's. You have 1 National Championship in the last 23 years. We have 3 NC's in the last 12. Not bad.
ok florida is lookin up to miami and fsu because those two programs have been more dominate in the last forty sum years than uf has been in the last 10 years, so get a grip. plus the title game this year was really screwed up our best runningback was hurt and half the calls in the game were complete and total bull crap, and Tebow wasn't impressive at all to me our defense out did him except om like two drives...if OU plays UF again in a title game I'll put money on OU beaten the snot out of UF
Thanks for the extra National Title taybar. Florida actually has 3 National Championships in football. 3 in 12 years. OU has a great history no doubt, you should be very proud of that history, I know I would. When you win 2 NC's in 3 years, you've done something pretty special. Florida has a much tougher schedule than does OU. Florida sos was ranked 5th last year(thats Strength of Schedule). So, yes Florida is a "powerhouse" program regardless of your opinion. Striving to be like Oklahoma.
ok, who's the winningest program since 2000, 1980, 1970, 1960, 1950, & World War II? huh answer me that question. Florida is not a powerhouse program yet they've won 4 titles one in the 70's, one in the 90's and two in the past 4 years. OU one three in the 50's 2 in the 70's two in the 80's and the one in 2001. not only that every time they won one they redefined the game. would Florida stand up to a red october schedule like OU had in 2000? Florida hasn't done anything special lately
How do you get that UF is looking up to FSU and Miami. Miami has 1 NC in 17 years. FSU has 2 NC's. We have 3 in the last 12. We have a recent Heisman trophy winner. We are the winningest team in College football since 1990. I think your comments are falling short buddy. BTW: love your use of "gaytors" its so clever and funny. very original. YOu are saying that UF is "gay" wow that is truly funny. Thats the 1st time I've seen that. Did you make that up?????? soooooo funny.
"Stoops feeling well deserved heat." "Fire Venables." ad287, I hope you're kidding. 100wins in a little over 9 seasons, 5 conference championships, 1 national championship, 2 more national championship games, 1 Heisman winner, and a Heisman runner-up. Not to mention the character and integrity this coaching staff brings to the football program. Stoops will be at Oklahoma as long as he wants to be at Oklahoma. Anyway, good video. BOOMER SOONER!!!
Now I know you are on crack. Florida State sucked until Bowden got there in 76'. Florida beat them 9 years in a row from 68'-76', and 6 yrs in row from 81'-86', FSU's best streak is 4 yrs in a row. UM was pretty bad until the late 70's also. Do some research. Florida is the winningest program in college football since 1990. thats 19 years, "last 10 years" we won a NC in 1996, 12 years ago. Gators have been dominanant since 1990, look it up.
i hate how you gayters keep bragging about how yall are better then OU.. but y dont u think about how we got 7 national championships and yall only got 4.. it takes EXCELLENCE to win seven NCs.. and i dont see how anyone would like Florida all there is is a bunch of old ppl... and u gayters uniforms are sooo fuckin ugly.. blue orange green and white.. wow those r some matches colors.. go celebrate your Nc but we'll be back...
ad287 and rserlo, you guys are a bunch of idiots. Oklahoma hasn't lost anything. Bob Stoops has done a better job than anybody in the last 10 years. he won't feel any heat at all. Firing venables would only make them worse. You two guys probably were 5th string backups on your high school teams. Shut up and go away.
good video....we better do some great things this year or Stoops is gonna start feeling some well deserved heat. We lost our swagger years ago, and somebody better figure out how to get it back quick. Firing Venables would be a terrific start. Are you reading this Bob?.....Boomer Sooner!
Hey nork, whats up with using "gayters" does that mean the Gators are gay. Wow, how original. You are soooo funny. I wish I could use Choklahoma, Okla-mobile-homa, Okla-homo, I"m sure there are some more. I'm just not as clever as you are. Very childish and stupid.
@OUfootballAuthority yeah, I totally agree. bama is a classy program. and I respected saban and the lsu program before miles got there. les miles is a douche and completely ruined lsu's reputation for me, but I still respect saban. good coach.

Oklahoma Wins The 2014 Sugar Bowl

They were a 17 point underdog with something to prove about the strength of the Big 12...mission accomplished for Bob Stoops' Sooners.

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love this recap! best thing is no-nonsense attitude of Sooners Striker and Grissom after the win; not giving up anything but not taking too much out of it either. great starting point for next season.

O.U. 17 Clemson 37 - No Balance. No Win

The Oklahoma Sooners were outscored 21 to 0 in the 2nd half and see their quest for the national championship game end in Miami thanks to a 37 to 17 loss to ...

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hey the OUSOONER56 you made me an OU fan tonight, classy breakdown, good luck this year bro!
Hey +TheOuSooner56 are there any other YouTubers that post about big 12 football and there teams? There's only two I know of and its you and onikuno so can u help me out here?
+TheOusooner56 oh alright thank you
as far as the our particular formats, I don't think so
Bama stomped a mudhole in MSU. Never thought it would be that bad. You post I'll watch, I like your shows.
+TheOusooner56 Thanks For the Middies! Best year ever! Reynolds should have gotten a shot at the Heisman! But After watching McCaffery play for Stanford yesterday, WOW! He should have also! 
thanks as always Navy Thomas. And congrats to the Midshipmen for one heck of a year.
Well both my teams are out, so guess this years CFB will be boring. Guess I will have to be for Clemson.
guess I'll pull for them, too. to say OU lost to the eventual Nat'l Champion

Kansas State Wildcats at Oklahoma Sooners - 1990 - Football

Second year head coach Bill Snyder brought his Wildcats into Norman to take on 2nd year head coach Gary Gibbs in 1990. Snyder's team would finish with 5 ...

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Easily one of the worst sports programs of all time. So bad that some HS players actually chose to go to D-IAA (now FCS) schools rather than KSU. Before Bill Snyder that is. Some coaches are great recruiters. Some are great thinkers. Snyder is just a great coach who develops programs rather than teams. I'm a Sooner through-and-through but I have nothing but respect and admiration for the man.
Bill Snyder still has grey hair. I'm a KSU alum, but too young to remember the dark years. Strange to see how bad things were at one time.
Yes. Cale is his younger brother.
Dang it Dewell lol

Clemson Wins Orange Bowl 37-17 Over Oklahoma

The Clemson Tigers used speed offense and opportunistic defense to win The Orange Bowl 37-17 over the Oklahoma Sooners. Now they await the winner of ...
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