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Durant oklahoma football Videos

Ardmore vs Durant at homecoming 2011 in class 5A high school football.

Ardmore, OK Tigers run the ball against Durant, Oklahoma Lions at homecoming Class 5A high school football southern oklahoma Filmed 10.7.2011 at Nobel ...

2009 0918 Durant vs Hugo

Oklahoma High School Football. 9/18/2009 - Durant defeats Hugo 34-0 led by senior QB Daryn Alves.

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my dad went to durant and was one of the best players that ever went through there
Hopefully he goes to Texas Tech as a qb

OK State Student Plays Flag Football with Kevin Durant

Oklahoma State University student talks to SportCenter about playing flag football with Oklahoma City Thunder Star Kevin Durant.

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KD is such a stud.

Kevin Durant throwing passes at UK Football Practice

Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant throws a pass to Russell Westbrook at Kentucky football practice.

Kevin Durant plays Flag football

Kevin Durant tweeted that he was looking for a flag football game due to boredom from the NBA lockout. He found the game at the inter mural football fields of ...

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Bro's got arms twice as long as anyone else...The lockout may be the greatest thing to ever happen to flag football!!! #lockoutprobs
@snjacob Yeah he says "Yeah I can play a little bit."

Kevin Durant flag football interception

Pass intended for Kevin Durant gets picked off in an intramural game at Oklahoma State.

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@9757mac Are you retarded? I'll fix your mistakes for you... or at least try. "The ball was TOO high so maybe he couldn't catch it. The fans neet to shut up because Kevin did't have to play. He is also good at two sports. Why..." I'm sorry but I can't comprehend wtf you're trying to say. May I suggest taking a basic English class at a community college? If you're still in High School, at least pull your head out of your butt-hole and attempt to type/talk like a normal person.
the ball was to high so maybe that he didnt catch it and the fan need to shut up kevin didnt have to do it also he good at 2 sport and the fan not that y the fan watching still of playing
dang both of you need to shutup calm down

Kevin Durant flag football

End of the game at Oklahoma State.

Russell Westbrook Goes OFF!!! 2 CRAZY Windmills In All Star Game!

Here are the top ten plays from the US Fleet Basketball Charity Game featuring Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Michael ...

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LeBron is better than Durant tie between rose and Westbrook
+Dawon Jordan look up kd vs lebron kd burns him 1 on 1
Westbrook>>>>>>>>>>Current D Rose.
Why Russell has never competed in a slam dunk contest is unbeknownst to me
He said it before, he's a in game dunker. He says it wouldn't have the same feel as a game did.
I know they not trying defensively as normal but how Beasley drop 58pts if he cant even average 15pts a game in the NBA
Because he's a NBA player!
+Reimar Cruzyeah i remember that one season with the timberwolves where he was straight killin it. he definitely has the potential to be a top scorer in the league
he didnt have that much playing team with the heat...but dude can straight up score
If Kobe played, he would have scored 80 points
That's Rose not Kobe
he would have torn his ACL at 15 points
Niggas its all about Westbrook and LeBron and Kevin daurant
+Kenny Brown and james harden
It has been and always will be about them.
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