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Philadelphia news woman missing Videos

Jerrica Laguins Missing Teen Mom, Toddler Vanish After Boarding Subway

Jon Karl Hammers Josh Earnest: Is Obama ‘Toxic’ for Campaigning Senate Democrats?

ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl used his Q&A time to press the White House flack Josh Earnest on whether President Barack Obama disappeared from the ...

10 Year Old Little Girl Nearly Abducted In Philadelphia: 7/17/12

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Hi there! My goodness, you have gone through so much over the last 6 months. Are you feeling better and able to get around OK? Misha is doing great and still acts like a puppy at times. Me, not so good as I have a tear in the tendon in my shoulder. I'll know Tuesday if I have to have surgery. My precious son was rear-ended on Saturday & his back & neck are very sore. Hopefully over the next few days he will get an MRI. His car is totaled, & I am so thankful he is still here with me.
I agree wholeheartedly with JusticeP! Wow, I think they said she was within a block of her home! So many predators out there! Glad for the video cameras - that might help catch him. Thankful for the "happy" ending.
Hey Patty how are you and Misha. Spent 6 months in the hospital recovering from a spinal cord injury, its been fun. Just thought I would drop by and say hey ,.... let you know I am still here :D
A ten year old left alone outside?! What were the parents thinking? A ten year old is definitely not mature enough to take care of herself and a toddler.
When will parents learn, you just can't let your children walk anywhere alone! As a Mother this video is petrifying to me.
Good for her!! Now hope they find this guy.

Man Missing, Dog Returns Home With Bloody Leash

Six killed and more feared dead as train derails near Philadelphia Telegraph

A Woman Accused His Neighbor of Something Evil, But He Doesn’t Believe Her

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This is a Great interview and great perspective by brother C you are so on point

New Protests Over Missing Mexicans

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