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Channel 12 milwaukee equestrian Videos

WISN TV 1979 Horse Race Promo

This television promo illustrates Channel 12 "catching up" in the ratings to the other local television stations in Milwaukee.

SlugFest 2004- Equestrian Rivalries

Wtf is this game? No seriously, I have no idea.... Subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAcJpPSxmkod_AYoAeOhM5w.

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Too much horsing around for me!
+Louis DePonceau I've got to hoof it to you that was a good pun!(I'm bad at this)

50 Shades of Grey-Fashion tips - Beauty Consultants Ava Tai , Arlene Tai

Dressing for a 50 Shades of Grey Theme Party is super sexy and fun. Watch this video for some of our picks to wear. Our goal for the channel is to provide our ...

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We enjoyed your clip!!

Gymkhana Play Day 2-23-13 helmet cam

Using the GoPro Hero 3 White edition, I give you five events I ran with my horse, Drummer. The camera's quality is AMAZING, unfortunately, when I went to edit it, ...
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