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Channel 12 milwaukee sports team Videos

Does Team KCCI make it out of Escape Chambers Des Moines?

See if they make it out! Escape Chambers is open Wednesdays through Sundays. Subscribe to KCCI on YouTube now for more: //bit.ly/QY3wuM Get more ...

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They are in the worthless room where things like cereal box prizes are displayed. I would trash that room just for fun.

Will Ferrell's Misadventures In Stadium Sports - CONAN on TBS

Whether it's World Cup Soccer or Major League Baseball, things don't go smoothly for Will.

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The thumbnail photo looks like Will is interacting with a contestant on The Price is Right. I can't be the only one who sees it...
+KidCooties Nope. Thought the same thing too
Not a very good Liverpool accent, Will. (: More Irish-ish. 
+RollOnToVictory And scottish thanks to Groundskeeper Willie
+Sae Rin when we hear British accents they all run together... heck, we can only differentiate Irish thanks to Lucky the Leprechaun (voiced by an American) and Scottish thanks to Mel Gibson (and Australian).
Kenny Dalgish... is Scottish.
the former manager was Scottish, so that might be why
Hahaha yea spot on :)
Its linkin park who knows how to blahblah blah blah. And conan blahblahblah.
Will Tanks On And Signs Autographs xD
'Socker' was one of the first forms of football played in Britain (a game involving both hands and feet, with the aim to get a ball from one village to another), before the formation of the Football Association and the original rules of Association Football (the full name of the sport) were written. When Football/Soccer came over to America, American Football was already in existence and it needed to have a different name, hense why one of the original names was used with a slight change to 'Soccer'. Soccer or Football, it is still a better than any of the American crap, how anyone can enjoy watching or playing a sport, such as American Football or Baseball, that stops every minute I don't know!
+Will IV Someone that says nothing significant happens during a soccer game does not have a good understanding of the game. What if in American football you only got 1 point per touch down like in soccer, you would end up with scores like 3.2 (the average touch downs per game being about 4.9), obviously not taking into account fieldgoals. So in your eyes would more happen if you awarded 5 points per goal, so we would have scores more like 15.5? As for strategies and formations, I don't think people in America, even those with an interest in soccer truly understand the complexities of tactics and strategies in professional soccer. These have to be applied to open and continuous play, having to change from defence to attack in seconds, while the game is still in play continuously for 90 minutes, without the ability to just change your entire team to fit a particular need. Having been in America for the World Cup this summer, the coverage is completely dumbed down to the point of embarresment for the American audience and I think this is why it has generally a negative opion and people don't understand the complexity of it.I do understand this point of view though, I have a very poor knowledge of Baseball and cant help think how easy it must be to hit a ball and run, im sure someone would be able to correct me though!
having spent the summer/fall in America i'll be honest and say it has grown on me a little since I made my comment. I don't have an attention disorder though, I just prefer games with open play. You wouldn't want to watch a movie that stops every 10 seconds with a 20 second gap inbetween!
+Kieran Pollard Why do you have an attention disorder? American Football has a play every 20 seconds. If you can't wait 20 seconds for a play there is something wrong with you.
As opposed to nothing of significance happening for most of soccer/futbol games? I actually enjoy watching it, but American Football is a fantastic sport as well. The strategies and formations involved are complex and ingenious. I can get into baseball as well, but generally don't watch it because there is no team for me to cheer for (same as soccer so I rarely watch it). I prefer American Football and Basketball and I'll watch the big games in other sports like World Series (baseball), Stanley Cup (hockey), or World Cup (futbol).
+nick gent you understand the irony of you commenting saying I wasted my time right?
you wasted even more of your life writing that than I did reading it. congratulations dick

Bob Costas Interview Part 2 09/12/12 - CONAN on TBS

Bob on 1970's streaking, legends Yogi Berra, Bob Uecker, and Milwaukee Brats. More CONAN @ //teamcoco.com/video.

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You don't see this part, but when Bob starts talking about the brats, somebody yells in the background and Bob says, "Wait, there's the birdman!" And FYI, he was talking about the Kelsey Grammer lookalike at the US Open he had just talked about earlier in the same interview
Oh thats why no guys besides the freaky ones hit on me? Better get that bag off my head i´quess :S
I could definitely eat 11 Bratwursts. but I'm german, so... there's not really a contest.
Or maybe you should stop running across baseball fields naked.
Or put it on... Kidding! :)
R.I.P. Yogi Berra
Milwaukee Baby

Max Sports Special - Milwaukee Wave Feature

Frank and Meathead talk to Troy Dusosky of the world champion Milwaukee Wave Soccer team in the exclusive interview.

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world champion Milwaukee Wave Soccer team ??? Spain are the world champs in indoor "football" US has to stop saying every time a side wins the national champs the are world champs
Spain is the world futsal champion, the american indoor soccer is a whole other sport.
What does Troy say when they ask about Michael King's age?
I am a brit i just like things to be right okey mate

NBA Live 16 - New Game Mode Reveal Announcement !!?? Crew / Blacktop Mode (PS4/Xbox One)

Helloooo Guys!!!! In this video I will be telling you guys about the breaking news that NBA Live is going to announce today. NBA Live could be announcing the ...

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Under Armour Elite 24 brooklyn bridge dumbo dumbo is a street not u lol
Thank you I really appreciate it. You really helped me out
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