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Robert ford allelys Videos

Kidderminster carpets

old 1950's 16mm film about Kidderminster carpets England.

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Thank you for posting this. Have recently found out we have relatives who worked as weavers in Kidderminster!
The Music makes me think of old black and white " Carry On " films and "Norman Wisdom" movies.... :-)
That's my Dad at 16:37

Abnormal load bristol (via YouTube Capture.)

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Nice trucks and video

Kidderminster Ring Road

A (silent) tour of Kidderminster's ring road and a few associated roads. The tour starts off at Spennells island, continues up Worcester Road, around the ringroad, ...

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well the point is they are not bored and its not boring to watch. People are interested in their own history, We have other peoples history rammed down our throats. the news is all about london and the world. Social history is little recorded and this is an excellent piece of history. Just think what this video will be like looking back in a 100 years after you and me have left the planet. its gold dust a fragment of time recorded never to happen again. do more. Cheers Rob
I'm still amused people are still bored enough to watch this. I've pulled all my other 'driving' videos (recorded in a phase I went through about five years ago), but have only kept this one up due to the fact it inexplicably continues to get hits - nearly 7,000 as of today. I'm now living 45 miles away so can't chronicle any changes.
2½ years after I uploaded this, I'm now living elsewhere and can't believe this has had over 5,000 views. Oh well, proof (if ever you needed it) that you lot have no taste :) I've only kept this video up because some of you are apparently fascinated by it enough to keep watching it...
Well done mate! Its been 5 years since i was in kiddy, i can show my wife what its like round the ring road! Can yo post a video off all the pubs in kiddy, like the Park gate, the land Oak, the Viaduct, the swan, watermill etc, bostin!!
Wow...that is well ace. I have moved from kiddy over 2 years ago after living there for nearly 3. It was very nice to "drive around" again! Well done for the initiative of making this video...it was a great idea!
I can remember driving along there^^. I've moved now, so everytime I watch this I listen to Highway to Hell from AC/DC, it fits perfectley and brings back memories.
I have to say that Kidderminster was a great place but the ring road is in the wrong place, it goes straight through the town and not around it like it should.
Simple - as I recorded ~15 minutes of footage, the video is double speed to squeeze it into YouTube's limits - and make it a little more exciting than reality :)
Thanks for this...it's a laugh...I moved to the US six years ago from little old Kiddy...just what I needed!!!
You should have dubbed a Ferrari soundtrack over it and done a Kiddy version of 'C'etait un rendez-vous' :o)
I'm looking at it because this is Robert Plant's hometown! John Bonham was from somewhere around there, too.
fantastic piece of history please keep it up. In 10 years we will all look back and wonder what happened.
Gosh, I remember those roadworks at the Crossroads near the hospital - they were awful come 5pm!
I drive most of this 2 or 3 times a year!! I used to live in Kiddy many moons ago!
i dont live far from there at all how you managed to even get tht speed god knows
nice video man you passed my uncles house in park street
Its a video of where I live x3 and its freaking shit D:
Probably the most gripping video ive ever seen
can i ask, what is the point of this video?
@Afterlife3369 fock you i live in kiddy
fantastic Video mate! (from Ben_Perry)
What the hell is this? Just Why?
Fuck Kiddy and Fuck Stourport

46100 high speed test run between Bewdley & Kidderminster

46100 "Royal Scot" on a 50mph test run between Bewdley & Kidderminster 15/10/15.

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I think Royal Scot shall be a good performer out on the mainline.
Wow, really enjoyed that, many thanks for the upload.
Just like a normal service on the SVR in the 80s!
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