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Greek salad dressing opa Videos

OPA Greek Yogurt Litehouse Dressings

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yay!! i just purchased the caesar one and I'm glad i did! I'm on a new healthy life style journey and blindly chose this dressing. Is it healthy? I'm doing some research but any help would be appreciated! =] thanks for the review! i also, found mine in the refrigerated section at my grocery store 
The plus side of this dressing is the lack of carbohydrate AND the lack of fat grams. With dressings, you usually have to go low fat OR low carb. Plus, it's delicious!
I bought the ranch version today. They didn't have the caesar. :(
Bummer. and I haven't found the Ranch yet...
I tweeted this out for you, Andrea. Litehouse deserves all the good publicity it can get for these amazing salad dressings!
I can't find those around me in mn. They sound yummy!
hopefully, they will be all over the country!

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Avi making an Opa Salad

Lights Resolve @ Opa Taverna in West Palm Beach (Polka Party Greek.)

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that boy's on something
bahaha. n00bz. XD

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A creamy dip using roasted eggplant, OPA by Litehouse Greek Yogurt Dressing, and garlic confit.

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also i would like to add that their is a slight mistake in what the presenter says, and i am sure im never word perfect either in speach or grammer, when he mentions where the chickens are from he calls them herds, yep its its his words not mine,
my grammer is awful and bieng blind is not an excuse
Kamila  Thank you for touching base with me.it did seem that the presenter had some resentment also about other associated mediterranean venues near him and he came across very uneducated when he chose to use phrases with mc donaldsisation in and i think the guys who work for him are great and lets hope he keeps serving his customers great food although presenting is not his fo paux and also not mine although i am to be abliged to comment due to the fact he his in the states and he is not respectful of others who are running business,s and some times the high hoarse you put your self on can also show how low you truly are.thats from my own background,and i have been low
Thanks for the feedback! It's his words so I'll just trust his words on this but I appreciate your feedback. This is one of my first edited full-trailer videos so I cannot get enough of constructive criticism too! The point about reading from notes is great, I will definitely be sure to avoid including that next time when I shoot. Thank you! 
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