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Volfenhag car subwoofers Videos

Volfenhag Subwoofers 3

The third video is finally up :D! I carpeted the box and got rid of the two seperate amps and two seperate capacitors They now have a 20 farad power acoustik ...

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lol shows how much you really know! who said I spent ALOT of money ? And also...Alot of factors come into play not one sub is better than the other. but for christ sake can a volfenhagen take 10K burts.?lol dont think so.can it take 2500rms real world power?( sundown,matts,stetsom.soundigital?) no hardly.and who in the sam hell use's capacitors anymore unless its a SQ car.and i know with those subs its a SLS (sounds like shit!)
Fuck ports in a box.. That takes out alot of the bass. And u dnt need a 4000 watt amp.. U should go with probably a 1 or 2 ohm amp pushing 800 watts ur subs would last longer. That amp is polly a 5 ohm amp soo its not continusly pusshn 4000. Thats a weak ass system. I can make two 10 bang harder than that.. That is weak
If you have your cam right next to the subs you shouldn't hear shit but bass or air movement.... I hear a lot of treble. Shitty subs for sure! Just because you have excursion (and those are maxing out, I can hear the clip) doesn't mean you have bass. Stop recording you shitty subs:)
i got these exact same subs they slam man and jhob theyre made to move that much they are high excursion subs. so shut up. and dude why are u using plywood enclosure? that distorts the sound alot your best off with 3/4" MDF thats the only thing ima hate on your enclosure lol
hey im thinkin about getting the same cap. i have a 2000 watt hifonics amp and my alternator is fucked but i dont want to wire up a second battery so i need a really good cap. do your lights still dim and would you recomend it?
It looks like it wont because its so small but the bamf amps suprised the hell out of me. Im going to have 2 of those for my new system and since they dont have fans i am going to dress them up with one.
those fuckn subs wont last that long with that much power u stupid ass.. I garente the voice coils are fried in those subs... They are alrite subs but not top of the line
@christaylor1234 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO so u the same fag from the other video.. ROFL both of them suck DICK so u dont have to suck mine, even tho i kno ull love to tho
man imma get 4 0f dem hoz runem with 2 of the 1600 watt amps 2 caps then ima wire dem bithces frum 4ohms to 2 ohms when i get my paper str8 yall will c d vid
im not hating on u dude im trying to help u out.. Lol thosd volfenhaggs wont lastthat long. Look how much they jump. Thats to much power..
garbage subs and how hard is it to break a cd in a little port like that maybe u should get a real box with real ports
u shouldnt put that shit in front of the hole, it will suck wateva u put over it. therefore stuffing up ur speaker
volfenhag zx8300 do you recoment it? somebody sell me this amp for 100 dollars,,,, need it for voice 4 speakers
Yea i picked up one of those bamf amps and the bass is great but the shitty amp cuts out when you bump hard
like it man and i love volfenhag they beat good and sound good i waz pushing 2500 watts a sub in my system
love the song Pain - Hollywood Undead... they make alot of good music.. didnt exspect you to play that
nah but you shouldnt but amps on top of each other but nah dope i wish i had subs and shit in my room
tooshort if u were spend so much money on subs u should have got ground zeros their better than dc
i thought your capacitator was a capcell until I read the description. that things sick.
@christaylor1234 Lol that reply and the song represents that you are a homosexual.
I felt like testing out my new amp. Plus my car was broke down at the time.
They are just Fine :D and sound great too! I love the HATE BRING MORE!!! :)
@budsmoker4life420 :D I love Hollywood Undead.. I like a variety of music

Volfenhag Subwoofers

2 Step(remix) is playing on my subs for you to view.. Enjoy! Bad comment discouraged! In this video I had no capacitors with two zx-8400 amps. ! amp per sub.

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i had 4 of these they thump i won 2nd in a comp got medal to prove so dont let any1 say there no good BUT i lost my wire diagram anybody who has these woofers have that paper still? lol...
I do!

JL Audio 1000/1 vs Volfenhag 12'' Sub

I was feenin for some car audio stunts and thought to myself "hey, i should cook some sub today". So that's what I did. Hope you enjoy!

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BEST DISCOUNT tiny.cc\v8nqs Product Description Volfenhag Zx7190 BRAND NEW VOLFENHAG ZX-7190 2.400 WATT 2 CHANNEL BRIDGE ABLE CAR STEREO AMPLIFIER WITH THE LATEST FEATURESFeatures:Max Power: 2,400 watts Channels: 2 Channels Built in top mounted turbo fan Built in full high pass and low pass crossovers Bass Frequency: 30Hz - 100Hz Variable Bass Boost: 0 - 18 dB Frequency Response: 20 ... For more details please copy the Amazon link below in your browser: tiny.cc\v8nqs
@bigballa97 Yea xxx are good and so is fi. There are so many good subs and amps out there. It all depend what you wan and how much you have. I personally have a jl 500/1 with i want to up grade to either a memphis or kicker 1000.1 d class. My subs are some cheap audiopipe, but i dont have a big demand a bass. As long you can hear me coming that is all i care about.
man those amps sound sooo fuckin good man. best soundin amps every if u got one ur lucky. i got cheat ass brands but im saving up for one of these
@XPSYCHOCAREBEAR he isnt rich that sub cost maybe 45 dollars and he probably has a cheap ass sony xplod amp pushing it so he is actually poor
pues no mames q sub tan chafas esos volfen.se me hace q son de los mas baratos q hay. fueron de los buenos y la neta no te la creo
@delvinmacmillen18 yeah btw dont buy sonys either they suck cock ima get some kickers in a perfab until i got enough for re xxx's
@caliberjo I have a 1000/1 slash series pushing three with half way gain and half way bass boost and it does it's job flawlessly
Lol..he showed the amp in the beginning of the video.. smh people are beyond retarded nowadays
Where is the amp ??? Is someone lying about owning a jl audio slash series amp huh huh ????
@bigballa97 Hell no, go buy sony. And if you have more cash, go buy kickers or memphis
My brother had 2 in his grand prix and it would make the rear view mirror fall off
i got the vols but cant get to work how many watts u usin
@XPSYCHOCAREBEAR chill, that was a 5 dollar subwoofer lol
Haha, Ive wasted $20 on worse things than this
fucking rich faggot, just wasting money......
would that amp push 2 W3's 12 inch?
are volfenhag anygood?
they shure are buddy
You mean kill it!
umm?? smoke?

Volfenhag subs

03 cadillac escalade 2 12'' volfenhag dvc in a ported box. I have a Volfenhag 2400 watt amp for the subs. I have a 4 channel 500 watt alpine amp for the door ...

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you would think he would have gone with something decent since he has an escalade also, no volume knob unit thinks that having the sub control on the unit at -8 means anything when you can turn the gain on the amp up... I remember when escalades were expensive and it meant something to have chrome wheels and a system now with all this cheap shit, anyone can look like the are ballin but there are still those of us who know....
He doesn't know how to look the shit up from the looks of it. I agree I heard the coils bottoming out on the magnet. The box needs to be proportioned to the subs stats & the amp needs to be majorly adjusted subs are for low pass waves not highs. Never adjust the bass presets on the deck, you will get massive distortion, like you are in the video.
nice setup bro 5/5 stars. if u can can u drop a rating or 2 on my videos i only got 2 uploaded so far and they are worth watching. im running a logitech z-5500 sound system in my room and the video really shows off the capabilities of my system, so itd be awesome if u could drop a couple ratings and props on your system bro...............peace
I had two of those and yes they are freaking loud if you get a rock chip in your windshield dont turn it up or crack and the trunk on my car vibrated so my license plate fell off and for the price i was amazed at how hard they hit i have had pioneers kickers jl rockford fosgste and by fare the volfenhage hit the hardest
also, you shouldn't play songs like this since they go under your boxed port tuning, which can damage the subs. youll probably notice a burning rubber smell or wood smell if you do this too much. unless the box is tuned to 20-25hz
Wow i saw alot of places whereyou could improve, BUT, overall this was a nice set up< just saying all the nice shit you have aka, cadilac, touch screen head unit, you would have so much more bang but its all good
looks like you stabbed a hole in the surround on the right one. the easiest way i found to repair it is to get peel and stick bike tire patches at a bike shop. and put it on the backside of the cut.
@KKLANERO323 umm its a great amp but i wouldnt recomnd it its not one nor two ohm stable it says it two ohm but it gets HOT at two ohms but it dosent cut off at all. but its a volfenhag zx7190
Thanks for the props bro! check out my new mids and highs. in this vid is the original factory bose door speakers. Now i have the rockford fosgate components.
Actually, the slime patches would work better. There would be no need for drying, or setting up, nor sandwiching materials together. Just peel & stick...
Where those Ga tags i seen. I chill in shy town but volfenhag only seems to be hittin down south. Them fuk boys don't no wat they talkin 
Rich Boy driving with a $50,000 white escalade (I'm Jealous!!!) With your own music and everything oh and nice bass but still RICH BOYY
not gunna lie those hit like a pile of shit im not talking shit but looking that ur driving in a nice car get some better subs
With that stereo you have did you have to cancele the original 6 disc cd changer that comes with the suv? Thanks
yeah i know this is my old set up thou i have one 15'' t1 dual 4 ohm i should have some vids soon. thanks!!
The subwoofer to the right hurt? :/ a kinda hole in the top of the sub.. Btw, nice bass and sound ;)
mine was great. they sounded good and the are pretty good in quality if you have a good quality amp
you were just running an amp to the bose speakers? I wanna do the same but I dont wanna blow them
HAHAHA that escalade has so much more room in it Get a couple of 15s haha KICKER L7 ALL THE WAY
@twokrazy yeah it automaticly goes out. i mean it still turns on but yu can not use it ):
umm i dont remember this was my old setup i do remember that they are 2,500 watts maxx
@luckynmbr13 or for better yu can use 100% clear silicone its better than a PATCH.
sounds pretty good..are you using 4 gauge wiring for your power and ground wires?

The VOLFENHAG Beat of DEATH - Subwoofer Suicide

Play these on some Volfenhags for a little smoke show.

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must have been the way you hooked up your system because i played this song on my house surround system with a 6" sub for 2 hours and didnt even make the sub crackle or anything and as for volfenhag i had a pair of 12's and now i have a piar of rockford fosgate t1 12s and the volfenhags dont hit as hard but they are up there with them.
+Robert Wymer I think they were the zx-4722. the t1d412 is a 800rms sub and the zx-4722 are 600rms the same as a p3d412.
damn for real?? what kind of volfs? they had to be bad ass to fuck with a t1! I've only seen the ones with tiny rims.

Copy of 3 1000 watt DVC Volfenhag Subs and 4000 watt Lanzar Competition Amp

three volfenhag 12" DVC subs in sealed box with a Lanzar 4000 Claimed watt amplifier. 4awg power wire into dual 8awg.

User Comments

Multiple questions (sorry) But what gauge are your power wires, what fosfet is the capacitor and how do you keep it from overheating??
pruebe con unas canciones de DJ Billy E y Bass Outlaws !!!!
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